EAA Chapter 811


Chapter 811 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 4


This girl was astonishingly strong.

Who was the one that said she was a Xiantian Mid Rank martial practitioner? How could she have such a mighty grandeur with just a Xiantian Mid Rank’s might?



Her aura struck onto Lin Li’s body under the crowd’s focused gaze, making him retreat a couple steps back.

He looked flabbergasted at the magnificent girl under the gales as he commented, “Heaven Realm. You are also at the Heaven Realm!”


It was like a bolt out of the blue, strucking heavily on the crowd’s heart. The crowd was greatly stirred up as they looked at Mu Ru Yue in shock.

Did Lin Li just say that the girl’s might was at the Heaven Realm?


Must she be that shocking? How could she have such an alarming result in her cultivation at such a tender age?

“Were you the one that tweaked with our Teleportation Talismans?” Mu Ru Yue glanced at Lin Li’s gravely paled face. With an indifferent gaze, she continued, “Do you know that the type of people that I loathe the most in my life are those that do underhanded move?  Thus, I can only say sorry to you.”


The gales in the sky intensified, gradually forming into a sword before striking at Lin Li.

Lin Li’s expression changed drastically. A tyrannical aura struck onto the stage when the large sword was struck downwards, instantly creating a large crater on the arena stage.

Sand and dust filled the air, covering that fluttering white robes.

Lin Li looked coldly at the girl beneath him with a gloomy expression while he looked through the heavy sand and dust that permeated the sky. “I don’t have any other solution to deal with that girl. Her might is superior to mine even if we are both at the Heaven Realm. No! I must deal with this girl as soon as possible!”

‘It seems that I’ve only that solution now…’

Lin Li took in a deep breath, gradually closing his eyes. His body’s aura drastically increased several folds, a towering power was being emitted from him.

“Wu Yin, shall we stop him?”

In the restaurant, Qing Yue frowned tightly. With a tinge of cold glint that flickered past his eyes, he commented, “This person of the City of Chao’s manor is really too much. If such a talent has been killed, our heart will ache terribly! No matter if it is this girl or that youth. We must recruit them into our sect.”

“Let’s wait for a while more.” Wu Yun frowned tightly as he said, “We didn’t tell anyone that we come here so the people of the City’s manor similarly won’t know that we are here. Moreover, I’ve a gut feeling that the girl will definitely not die. We can always make our move when she can’t deal with him…”

Qing Yue didn’t say anything, but his gaze was focused on the snow-white figure on the stage…

“Little girl, if you’re willing to admit that you’re wrong, I’m willing to let you off this time.”

Lin Li, who was in the sky, looked down at the figure on the arena stage with an arrogant expression.

He had already forgotten his duty at this instant. He only remembered the debt he had to settle with Mu Ru Yue.

Yet, Lin Li didn’t in the slightest think whether he had done something wrong.

‘If such an unruly girl has been chosen by the Alchemy Sect and Martial Sect, it will definitely give rise to a calamity in the future. Since that’s the case, I should teach her a harsh lesson so that she can change her personality.’

Lin Li currently failed to think that he wouldn’t have provoked her wrath if he didn’t tweak with Mu Ru Yue’s team’s Teleportation Talismans.

Moreover, if Liang Wen didn’t think of killing and denigrating them, why would Qiancheng Yan cripple him?

Everything had a cause and outcome, but Lin Li didn’t in the slightest analysed the issue. He just knew that he wanted revenge against Mu Ru Yue and also due to her not complying to him. Thus, he wanted to take advantage of being an elder to teach this extremely presumptuous girl a harsh lesson!

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  1. Lin Li’s arrogance knows no boundaries. He still wants to use the excuse of an elder teaching an extremely presumptuous girl a harsh lesson just for the sake of revenge. I guess he will learn the harsh lesson for his arrogance and payback for what he did wrong.

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