EAA Chapter 818


Chapter 818  – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 1

“Won! She really won!”

Lin Li initially had a great cultivation. Moreover, he had even used a secret art to increase his might. Yet, he was still defeated by a twenty-year-old girl…

Mu Ru Yue slowly walked out of the arena stage under the crowd’s shock gazes. She lifted her head to survey the crowd the moment she walked down from the ruined arena stage. She then asked with a slight smirk, “Is there anyone that still wants to challenge me?”

The crowd instantly became silent as they looked in shock at the girl that had just walked off the arena stage.


Wouldn’t it be equivalent to be seeking death by battling against them? Who could still have the guts to challenge her.

A group of cavalries rode briskly over the instant Mu Ru Yue walked down the arena stage, instantly surrounding the entire martial stage.

Following that, a middle-aged man with a stern expression walked out from behind the cavalries.

“It is the City Lord!”

An exclamation was shouted out from somewhere within the crowd. Everyone then raised their heads to look at the middle-aged man.

“Yue Er.”

Shu Ning frowned as she moved in a flash to stand before Mu Ru Yue’s body, protecting Mu Ru Yue behind her, while she looked coldly at the middle-aged man. A trace of apprehensiveness was expressed in her eyes.

The City Lord glanced at Lin Li that was lying motionlessly on the ground. But he didn’t say anything and just looked at Mu Ru Yue before he said, “This Lord has already heard what had happened here. Lin Li had misused his authority for his personal benefits. He deserves to die. The competition will still be continuing. However, there is a need to build another arena stage since the current arena stage is in ruins.

“This lord had also seen this girl’s might. She shall be the champion of this competition unless someone can defeat her. Following this, you will be fighting for the top ten positions in this competition.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t expect that it would be so easy to obtain the championship. But she had some lingering fears when she thought about the previous crisis.

Shu Ning and the rest relaxed. They originally thought that the City Lord would avenge for Lin Li. Yet, the matter was actually resolved so easily…

“Everyone shall be dismissed for now.”

The City Lord coldly surveyed the crowd before he said in an indifferent tone, “I will notify all of you for the day of the competition…”


The crowd had all left the plaza. Nonetheless, that previous alarming sword move still greatly startled them. It would be hard for them to forget that sight for the rest of their lives and eternity…

Jin Kai’s gaze was still focused on Shu Ning. His heart once again seemed to have been ripped apart by a hand when he saw Shu Ning’s cold expression.

‘Is this girl really that merciless?’

He smiled bitterly before closing his eyes in slight sorrow…

“Yue Er, let’s go.” Shu Ning frowned slightly. She didn’t even glance at Jin Kai after that incident. It was as though the man was non-existent in her point of view…

An Xi and Qiancheng Yan had gathered in Mu Ru Yue’s room in the relay station. They were happily discussing a few topics. Yet, an elderly voice was heard from outside the room.

“This should be the place.”

The room’s door was suddenly pushed open while he said that, successfully stopping everyone from chatting… 

The elder that entered the room had a snow-white beard with a benevolent smile on his elderly face. He surveyed the four of them once he had briskly entered the room.

“Who are you?”

An Xi frowned her pretty long, shapely eyebrows with wariness expressed on her adorable babyface.

Hehe! Little girl, you don’t need to fear me. I’m not a bad person.” A cordial smile was expressed on the elder’s face.

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  1. I spent approximately 2 weeks to finish reading until now. Awww I can’t wait to read moreeee <3
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    I bet it would be bittersweet <3

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          3. Well it’s not bad. The storyline was well written but the gameplay kinda repetitive. Good night to you too

  3. I’m not a bad guy? How many people have say that both directly and indirectly with motives behind it? What more this person appearing after Mu Ru Yue is the champion.

  4. Haha yes, even when I went to a holiday previously, I still kept reading this novel during my free time XD

    Btw miki, may I know how frequent you do update this novel? Gotta sort out my schedule as class is starting next week ? I might need to do binge reading later on haha

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      Usually one chapter daily or I try to as I’m busy with my academics at times but I will compensate those chapters that I missed ASAP.

      1. Oh that’s so cool!
        Again, thank you for your hardwork.
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        p/s : I agree with what the other reader had said. When I read the teaser at the end of each chapter, I like that you put in the humourous sense in there. Always inserting “Miki” ?

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          I’m glad you enjoyed it hehe~ It was a whim of mine *blushes* I go too far in some of the teasers when I had a little too much fun haha but it is just for fun so~ all it well xD

  5. @Miki your translation kinda funny with additional drama of your own. Hahahaha. I really enjoy every second of it. Thanks for your hardwork.

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