EAA Chapter 819


Chapter 819 – Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 2

Yet, his smile seemed to be from a queer uncle trying to abduct innocent children.

An Xi didn’t in the slightest believe him as she used a doubtful gaze to stare at the elderly man. It made the elder suspect whether if there were words saying that he was a bad person on his face.

“Little girl, this old man really isn’t a bad person.” The elder pointed to his benevolent-looking face as he explained, “Look at this! This old man’s face should be a face of a good person.”

An Xi pouted as she rebuked, “A bad person will never say that he is bad.”


The elder was instantly speechless. He then sighed faintly as he looked aggrieved at An Xi. That gaze of him sent a chill running through An Xi’s body, making her subconsciously hide behind Mu Ru Yue.

“An Xi.” Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly. She looked indifferently at the elder before asking, “Why have you come here for?”

‘This elder is an expert. He is at least stronger than me…’

“Hehe! This lady knows how to see people. You know that this old man isn’t a bad person.” The elder chuckled before introducing himself, “Please let me introduce myself. I am Qing Yue from the Alchemy Sect.”

‘Alchemy Sect?’

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow before asking with a fake smile, “Why has the person of the Alchemy Sect come to find us, ordinary people?”


The elder took in a deep breath, suppressing the impulse to bash this little girl up.

‘If she was ordinary, how could the other talents live?’

“Little girl, I admire this boy’s and your innate talents. I want to recruit you both as my disciples. What do you think?” The elder smiled as he continued with pride, “I’m not lying. My position in the Alchemy Sect is second to the Sect Master’s. If you become my disciples, I can promise that nobody in this Eastern Island will dare to bully you.”

Qiancheng Yan, who was initially sitting quietly by Mu Ru Yue’s side, became stirred up upon hearing what the elder said.


He stood up from his seat.

“I refuse!”

The elder was stunned for the moment as he looked at Qiancheng Yan, puzzled, before persuading, “Boy, you should think carefully. Our status as the Alchemy Sect is rather high in this place. If you disagree, you might regret in the future.”

Qiancheng Yan bit his lip before glancing at Mu Ru Yue and explained, “I, Qiancheng Yan, just need her as my master in my life! I won’t become anyone’s disciple except her’s!”

‘Even if it is a recruitment from the remarkably powerful Alchemy Sect…’

“Hehe! This will be easy to resolve. The two of you can enter my Alchemy Sect.” The elder smiled as he shifted his gaze at Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Little girl, are you willing to enter the Alchemy Sect?”

The elder was great confidence that she would be keen to join as the Alchemy Sect was not only the top power of the continent, he himself held a superior position in the Alchemy Sect.

The girl that was sitting quietly raised her gaze slowly upon hearing what he said. She then replied in a tone that was unquestionable, “I refuse!”

‘Refuse? She actually refused?’

The elder momentarily widened his eyes. He was in extreme astonishment.

‘Where has it gone wrong? She rejected my invitation to be my disciple…’

“Little girl, which part of me is dissatisfying?” The elder was really unsatisfied with gloominess expressed on his entire face.

He never had such a tragic experience where both of his disciple’s candidates rejected his offer…

“I am not interested in the Alchemy Sect.” Mu Ru Yue glanced at the elder as she said indifferently.

“Similarly, I currently have really important matters to settle so I don’t have the time to enter the Alchemy Sect…”

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  1. Thanks the cute translator-sama, Miki-chan! I’m still anticipating Wu Chen appearance with her two baby son! Hahaha. That little devil still doesn’t know he is with his own eldest brother. ???

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