EAA Chapter 844


Chapter 844 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 11

Su Ning sat on the ground in defeat. The complexion of her face was currently as pale as a ghost. Her body shuddered…

Yet, it was useless no matter how jealous she was.

At this moment, Su Ning couldn’t not believe that Mu Ru Yue was indeed superior to her…



Boom! Boom! Boom!

Purple lightnings continued to strike at the Phoenix Furnace. But what made people curious was that Mu Ru Yue didn’t protect the Phoenix Furnace. It was as though she didn’t care about the pill in the furnace…  

This gave Su Ning a trace of hope again. If the pill was to be ruined by the lightnings, she would still be the champion.

It was a pity that hope of hers didn’t last long before it was extinguished…

When the lightning struck on the Phoenix Furnace, it seemed to be absorbed by something, disappearing without a trace. There wasn’t even a slight tremble of the Phoenix Furnace. It was as calm as a lake…

“Shu Ning,” An Xi blinked, stunned, as she looked dazedly at Shu Ning and asked, “Is… is she a monster?”

‘She is too abnormal! She isn’t a human!

‘Heaven Stage Mid Rank? This is literally trying to scare people to death!’

An Xi could still feel her heart palpitating even now. If it wasn’t for her acceptance level to be strong enough, she feared that she may be scared to death by Mu Ru Yue sooner or later.

Shu Ning smiled bitterly as she replied, “I think so too. Even though I already knew Yue Er wasn’t ordinary, I didn’t expect she will be that abnormal. I will never be able to reach the same stage as her…”

Qiancheng Yan didn’t say anything from the start with his lit up eyes stared at Mu Ru Yue.

‘As expected of Master! It seems that she will create large commotions wherever she goes…’

The Lightning cloud seemed to judge that it could not destroy the pills so without any hesitation, it struck another lightning before dissipating…

When the dark clouds vanished, the sunlight shone down upon the girl’s impeccable face.

The incense finally burned out at this instant. The bell that signified the end of the competition rang. Suddenly, sorrowful lamentations were heard after a few seconds passed.

“Oh no! Oh no! I was so focused on seeing her refine pills that I forgot I was still competing.”

“I’m doomed. I failed to refine a pill within the time limit. Yet, I managed to see the birth of a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Pill. It will be worth it in my entire life…”

Chuan Gu’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue. He remained silent for a moment before he said, “Since you are the champion, I will stick to my promise in allowing you to enter the Alchemy Sect.”

‘Whatever that happened today will be spread out sooner or later. I should lower my head and pray she won’t be too calculative in everything that I had done to her.’

“Join the Alchemy Sect?” Mu Ru Yue chuckled as she continued, “When did I say I want to join the Alchemy Sect? I’m sorry but I’m not in the slightest keen on entering the Alchemy Sect!”

“What did you say?”

Chuan Gu’s expression changed. With his complexion turned ashen, he advised, “I admit that your innate talent is outstanding, but you are too young now. It is very likely that you will be killed before you can fully mature. Thus, let me give you an advice. It is best that you aren’t too arrogant. Otherwise, it will certainly be detrimental for your future growth.”

A Heaven Stage Mid Rank alchemist was indeed really abnormal. There wouldn’t be anyone in the Eastern Island that would have innate talents that could surpass her. However, there were still several seniors that were at the Heaven Stage Mid Rank.

She couldn’t proclaim herself as the hegemon of the continent with her current might. She was still too young after all!

Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at Chuan Gu as she said glacially, “I’ve said that I don’t have any interest in the Alchemy Sect nor do I feel inclined to enter it.”

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