EAA Chapter 861


Chapter 861 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 6

“Yi Jun, be careful!” Wei Yue yelled nervously.

But it was obviously too late. Dou Yi Jun, having already used up all his strength in their previous exchanges, couldn’t counter the attack. He could only watch on as the tempest approached him…

“No!” Wei Yue shrieked in sorrow, his eyes widening as large as possible.

Suddenly, as the tempest neared Dou Yi Jun, an oppressing grandeur appeared mid-air out of nowhere.


Then, an indifferent voice was heard, “I didn’t expect that as soon as we arrived we would witness such a scene where the Wei family would be bullied by numbers. Wu Chen, what do you think, shall we help out?”

“Your husband will always support you in doing whatever you want.”

The crowd’s heart shuddered, they hastily gazed up at the sky.

White robes fluttered slightly in mid-air. It appeared snow-white to the crowd’s eyes. The girl smiled slightly, her flawless face looked captivating…

Furthermore, the man by her side was so charmingly handsome that nobody could overlook his radiance.

“Transformation of an Astonishing Flame Dragon!”

An enormous sword appeared behind the girl. The sword was like a great mountain, striking downwards without any warning.


The sword landed just in front of Dou Yi Jun. Rocks on the ground flew up into the sky. The loud sound startled everyone. Following that, the crowd saw that the mighty tempest had been stopped by the enormous sword…

Wei Zi Fang couldn’t shift his gaze away from the girl standing mid-air after seeing her. His eyes were firmly locked onto her figure. It was as if he were trying to find some clue from her face as to why she was here.

“This pervert!”

Lin Ye’s expression changed drastically, his eyes widened in terror, “W-why is she here, even letting me witness that astonishing sword technique again?!”

‘It would be difficult for anyone to not be astonished after seeing a sword seemingly capable of slashing the sky apart…’

“Son, you know her?” Lin Feng frowned slightly as he looked gloomily at the girl in mid-air.

Lin Ye smiled bitterly, “She is a Heaven Realm Martial practitioner, but her might can match up to a Spiritual Realm expert. More importantly, she is also a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Alchemist…”


The crowd was stunned. They couldn’t imagine that such a young girl was a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Alchemist.

Whether it was her martial might or her alchemy level, it was sufficient enough to shock the crowd…

Wei Yue and Dou Yi Jun were stunned.

‘How talented is she to be a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Alchemist? Moreover, why did she save me?’

Dou Yi Jun couldn’t figure it out no matter how much he tried. He didn’t know who she was…

“Mu Ru Yue!” Wei Zi Fang looked at Mu Ru Yue. He remained silent for a moment before he said, “I didn’t expect you to help me again…”

Upon hearing his comment, the divine couple in the sky descended and headed towards the Wei family’s grandfather and grandson.

“This time I purposely came here for the Wei family.”

Wei Zi Fang was stunned, “What do you mean by that?”

“We shall discuss this in detail after dealing with the current situation.” Mu Ru Yue smiled. Her smile was tremendously alluring. She ordered, “Xiao Yue! Xiao Bai! I want you to kill everyone here without exception!”


Swish! Swish!

Two rays of light shot out from Mu Ru Yue’s back. Instantly, the crowd saw a silver Sky Wolf appear behind Mu Ru Yue and an enormous white dragon circling around in the sky!

Xiao Yue elegantly walked forth. However, her beautiful silver eyes expressed a ruthless gaze. With a slight smirk, she asked Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, how about you take on one half of the opponents and I’ll take on the other half?”

Xiao Bai jubilantly raised his head to let out a long howl. He then agreed in excitement, “Alright!”

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