EAA Chapter 863


Chapter 863 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 8

Every single word -every sentence- was filled with blood and tears, as if complaining about how malicious and ruthless that person was…

Only the heavens knew how much despair she felt as she wrote those words before passing away alone. No one knew the condition she was in at the time.

Dou Yi Jun stumbled a couple steps back, knocking over a flower vase behind him.



The vase toppled over and shattered into tiny fragments.

He suddenly dashed toward Wei Yue like a crazed person, snatching the blood note out of his hands. He cried when he saw those words.

His expression was crazed and full of hatred, he swore, “Mother, don’t worry! I will definitely avenge you, I’ll make that lowly maidservant pay a terrible price!”

‘It’s no wonder she distanced herself from the Wei family all these years and even discreetly tried to lead the Wei family to their downfall. More importantly, the looks she’s shot at me has always been ice-cold.

‘So she isn’t the mother who loved me so dearly that year…’  

Dou Yi Jun tossed away the blood-note and was about to dash out of the room, but before he could reach the door, an indifferent voice entered his ears, “What are you planning on doing? Take revenge? She’s being backed by the Devil Sect. The perpetrator who poisoned great maternal Grandfather was also the Devil Sect! With your current ability, do you think you can stand against her? You’ll only throw your life away if you head in there without a plan. If you really want to throw your life away, it only means I made a bad decision in coming here!”

That indifferent voice managed to halt Dou Yi Jun’s in his footsteps. Yet, sorrow still filled his heart.

“Then what am I supposed to do? What do I do if not to avenge her?”

“Revenge will happen sooner or later,” Mu Ru Yue stood up slowly, “The reason why I came here is also for revenge…”

Dou Yi Jun took in a deep breath before he turned around to look at that Mu Ru Yue’s impeccable face. His gaze was absent-minded for a moment.

“How is your mother doing?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly and replied, “She is doing rather well. She’s married to the perfect husband and has given birth to three children…”

“That’s good then.” Dou Yi Jun heaved a sigh of relief.

‘I didn’t expect my younger sister who I thought was dead to still be living in this world. She even has such an outstanding daughter.’

He then commented, “It must have been tough on all of you all these years…”

He initially wanted to give his niece a hug, but for some reason, he felt a constant, terrifying energy from the man beside her…

Dou Yi Jun lowered his gaze slightly. After a long moment of silence, he raised his head and announced his decision, “Uncle, I plan on heading back to the Dou family!”

“Yi Jun!” Wei Yue was alarmed, “It’s too risky…”

“How do you catch the tiger cub without entering the tiger’s den?” Dou Yi Jun smiled coldly, a trace of killing intent flickering in his eyes, “I now understand what niece has said. I definitely won’t try seeking revenge when I’m not capable of doing so. I only plan to exact my revenge when I have the capability. The reason I’m heading back this time is because I want to investigate that damnable power!”

‘I certainly won’t forgive that bitch!’

“I will let Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai accompany you. They can at least bring you away when you’re in danger.” Mu Ru Yue looked up at Dou Yi Jun and said, “Uncle, my mother was really excited when she found out she had an older brother living in this world. I hope you don’t let her down.”

Dou Yi Jun’s heart shuddered.

His gaze filled with resolution, he assured, “I will make sure to continue living until I meet her!”

He threw a final glance at Mu Ru Yue before leaving the study room…

Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to Ye Wu Chen, with a helpless smile on her flawless face, she commented, “Wu Chen, you scared my uncle just now.”

Ye Wu Chen creased his brows as he explained, “His emotions were previously out of control.”


“I was afraid he would hurt you!”

How could Ye Wu Chen allow Dou Yi Jun near Mu Ru Yue when he charged straight at her in an unstable state of mind upon hearing that matter?

Mu Ru Yue’s heart warmed and said, “It won’t be easy to hurt me.”

“I won’t risk it!” Ye Wu Chen’s brow rose as he pulled Mu Ru Yue tightly into his embrace. “If he managed to hurt you by chance, I’ll be the one feeling heartache…”

Seeing their intimate behaviour, happiness gradually filled Wei Zi Fang’s eyes, but he quickly withdrew his gaze.

“Maternal great-uncle,” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze shifted to Wei Yue’s elderly face, “I will temporarily stay with the Wei family to help solve the family crisis. Afterwards, I will head to the Dou family to look for uncle…”

Wei Yue nodded dazedly at her words. He was still mystified by what just transpired.

‘If Mu Ru Yue hadn’t appear just now, I really might not have known how to deal with that previous crisis…’

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