EAA Chapter 869


Chapter 869  –Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai’s Disappearance Part 6

“That’s good! That’s good!” Dou Lin heaved a sigh of relief. Yet, he was stunned when his gaze met with Liu Lu’s gloomy eyes.

‘Jun Er’s injuries have already recovered. She as his mother should be happy. Yet, why…’

It was as though she felt Dou Lin’s gaze, withdrawing the coldness in her eyes. She walked briskly to Dou Yi Jun’s side with concern in her eyes.

“Jun Er, you have really scared Mother! If you were to die, I don’t know how I, as your mother, can continue living on.”


Liu Lu’s sincere expression erased the suspicion in Dou Lin’s heart at this moment. He shook his head while smiling bitterly.

‘It seems that I’m being too sensitive lately…’

“Head,” Liu Lu bit her lip as she shifted her gaze at Dou Lin before she said sorrowfully, “I don’t know if I should inform you of a matter…”

Dou Lin’s brows raised as he lifted his arm to embrace Liu Lu’s slim waist. “Go ahead.”

“Head, do you still remember that time when I announced that I was leaving the Wei family? You had frequently asked me for the reason but since I wasn’t willing for you to make a move on the Wei family, I had always kept it a secret.”

Liu Lu’s eyes filled with tears as she continued, “My Father had previously wanted me to help him take over the Dou family many years ago. But since I married to you, I should be loyal to the family. Hence, I didn’t agree to him, resulting in us falling out…”

Flames of fury blazed in Dou Lin’s heart. His expression turned cold as he said, “I didn’t expect the Wei family to do such a thing! Madam, it must have been tough on you all these years.”

Liu Lu lowered her gaze slightly as she continued, “I originally didn’t want to reveal this to you. But I no longer have the leisure in choosing not to anymore. I suspect that Jun Er’s injuries have an undeniable relation to the Wei family. Since they failed in making a move on me previously, they chose to lay their hands on Jun Er this time. It is currently too dangerous for Jun Er to have the status of the Young Master! I have a suggestion but I am unsure if I can raise it.”

“What is it?” Dou Lin was stunned for a moment before he asked, puzzled.

A trace of sinister ray of light shone past Liu Lu’s eyes while she had her gaze lowered.

“I heard that the Wei family seems to have obtained a help of an expert recently. Hence, we should temporarily not oppose them head on. But we can hide Jun Er in the back, making Kui Er risk his life in his stead.”

Dou Lin’s brows creased increasingly tighter. “Madam, what do you mean by that?”

Glimmer danced in Liu Lu’s eyes as she explained, “What I mean is we can temporarily pass the Dou family’s young master position to Kui Er. Of course, it will only be on the surface. Jun Er will still be the genuine young master. I had already discussed this with Kui Er. He said he was willing to take the risk in order to repay his gratitude in being adopted into our Dou family! Head, I am Jun Er’s biological mother after all. How can I harm him, right?”

Overwhelming flames of fury burst forth in Dou Yi Jun’s heart. If it wasn’t for Mu Ru Yue currently holding him back, he would already have dash forth falling out with Liu Lu.

“Alright!” Dou Lin didn’t let Dou Yi Jun have a say in this matter, approving her suggestion. “I didn’t think Kui Er would be that sensible, willing to risk his like for his elder brother. I’ve owed him a lot as his adoptive father. Jun Er, you should go and thank your adopted brother in a bit. This time, he had sacrificed greatly for you no matter what.”

Dou Yi Jun was sullen as he looked at Liu Lu with a loathsome gaze.

‘I will expose the true colours of this woman one day, sooner or later.’

“Alright, you should rest up. Madam, let’s leave.” Dou Lin embraced Liu Lu’s shoulder lightly, exiting the room.

Dou Yi Jun slammed his hand on the table after he felt that both of their aurae had vanished.

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