EAA Chapter 893


Chapter 893  –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 2

The middle-aged man had his eyebrows creased tightly as he stared at Shu Ning’s face. He suddenly made a realization after a long time. His body shuddered abruptly as he said, “Are… are you Qi Er?”

‘Wasn’t Qi Er taken back by the Shu family? Why has she come here?’

“I am not Su Qi (revive jade). My name is Shu Ning!” Shu Ning smiled but her eyes were cold as she continued, “It was given by my maternal grandfather that hoped my life would forever be smooth sailing and peaceful.”

Su Zhen’s heart gradually calmed down as he said, “You shouldn’t have come back here! This place is no longer your home!”


Shu Ning smiled.

‘That’s right, this place is no longer my home. This is my first return to the Su family after being chased out from the family…

“Su Zhen, what if I have enough strength to return?”

Shu Ning raised her gaze and looked coldly at Su Zhen as she continued, “I’m currently already a Heaven Realm martial practitioner. I don’t know if I qualify to return to the Su family with my current might?”

‘Heaven Realm?’

Those two words struck heavily on Su Zhen’s heart, causing ripples in his heart.

‘She has unexpectedly managed to break through to the Heaven Realm in just approximately a short dozen years. Perhaps Jin Kai of the Jin family’s innate talent may even be slightly inferior to hers…’

“Daddy, who is she?” Su Ning bit her lips as she looked furiously at Shu Ning. Her gaze contained intense wariness.

Su Zhen took in a deep breath before he replied, “Sh-she’s your elder sister.”


Su Ning was stupefied as though a thunder had rung by her ears.

‘This damnable girl is my elder sister? She was originally elder brother’s childhood lover and ex-fiance? No! I definitely can’t accept that!

‘Elder brother Jin Kai is mine and can only mine!’

“Father,” Su Ning glared viciously at Shu Ning and said, “I won’t acknowledge her as a member of the Su family. Moreover, she will only bring calamity to the Su family!”

Shu Ning smirked but she looked calmly at Su Ning.

‘I must make these two mother and daughter pay the price after returning to the Su family this time…’

“Enough!” Su Zhen frowned as he shouted, “Let her return to the family!”

A heaven Realm martial practitioner was an essential addition to the Su family. Hence, Su Zhen would not push her away from the family…  

Su Ning got a fright. A hideous expression could be seen on her beautiful face with tear-filled eyes.

‘Father has never been fierce to me before. Yet, he yelled at me for this girl today … I can’t stand it!

‘I have ways of dealing with this woman even if she returns to the Su family, making her regret coming back!’

Shu Ning didn’t think much about Su Ning as she glanced casually at Su Ning with her smirk intensifying…

Currently, there were two figures that were rapidly soaring through the sky within the dense forest like two bolts of lightning.

“Xiao Yue should be around this area!”

Mu Ru Yue stopped moving as she stood in mid-air with a glacial gaze.

‘I previously felt my soul connection with Xiao Yue moved for an instant. Hence, I used that connection to find this place…’

“Be careful!”

Ye Wu Chen embraced Mu Ru Yue’s body tightly with his purple eyes sweeping a sinister cold gaze through the forest.

Tree leaves rustled as a gale blew past, giving the silent forest a mysterious vibe…


Brazen laughs were suddenly heard in the forest.

That laughs seemed to be sounded from the center of the forest, leaving echoes through the forest.

Ye Wu Chen’s arm tightened slightly with a trace of coldness in his purple eyes.

“The two of you have finally come. I’ve been waiting for you at this place for ages already.”

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