EDAH Chapter 100


Chapter 100: Skeleton Cavern’s fourth floor

High in the air, the Giant Skeleton revealed a set of white teeth that kept moving up and down, almost as if it was saying something in a skeleton language.  When Ye Tian Xie recklessly got close, it raised its leg which was as tall as Ye Tian Xie and stomped down with a cold pressure above Ye Tian Xie’s head.

And in the moment it raised its foot, Ye Tian Xie also stopped in place, then he took a small step back.  “Hong”, a deep ringing sound showed just how powerful the Giant Skeleton’s attack was.  That giant body, that giant strength, but its weakness was very obvious……Seeing the leg that landed half a meter away from him and then didn’t immediately move again, Ye Tian Xie made his decision.

Its actions…..were unusually slow.  From the minute it slowly moved forward, Ye Tian Xie was already sure that it wasn’t slow in just stepping forward, it was also slow in its attack speed.  The step that the Giant Skeleton took made the entire skeleton road tremble, but then its body stayed still for three seconds…….And in these three seconds, Ye Tian Xie had already run far away.

He charged through the Skeleton Cavern’s third floor without any kind of pressure. In the end, he was just too lazy to pay attention to the Giant Skeleton’s attacks.  Wherever it stomped, he had already disappeared from without a shadow.  The type of enemy he feared the most were not those with strong attacks, rather, he feared those with fast attack speeds.  On the other hand, enemies with low attack speed and strong attacks, he could easily deal with.  In other words, if he was facing a single Giant Skeleton that was over twenty levels higher, even if he missed nine times out of ten, he was still confident in being able to eventually kill and do it unharmed……Of course, if more than one appears, he could always just escape.


Skeleton Cavern’s fourth floor.

The ground underneath him was still made of white bones and the white light seemed to be strangely brighter here.  The minute Ye Tian Xie appeared, he saw skeletons wandering in the distance.  The skeletons here not only gave him a strong pressure, even their outer appearances were several times more eye catching than the skeletons from the previous floors.

Skeleton General: Level 55


There was a glowing bronze helmet on its head and there was a clean red cape hanging from its back.  A fierce glowing bronze armour was covering its body and similar pair of combat boots were on its feet.  In its hand, there was a silver spear with a cold glowing tip.

The skeleton’s body was covered in armour and combat boots.  If its skull head wasn’t showing, from far away, it would clearly look like a majestic general.

The Skeleton General’s aggro range was much higher than the Sword and Shield Skeleton Soldiers (Nonsense, if I couldn’t compare to a little soldier, how could I be a general!).  The minute Ye Tian Xie appeared, the three Skeleton Generals turned their bodies at the same time to look at him.  A hostile glow was emitted from their empty eye sockets.

Ta, ta, ta……The combat boots made deep sounds against the floor.  The three Skeleton Generals raised their spears as the rushed at Ye Tian Xie and they way they ran, walked, it was no different from how a normal person acted.

Level fifty five monsters, as long as their long spears touched Ye Tian Xie once, he would be dead beyond compare.

After a player was past level ten, regardless of whether a player was killed by a monster, player, or even NPC, every time the player died, they would lose a level.  They would also drop one-three pieces of equipment (based on probability and luck) and they would lose 1-5% of their gold coins (also based on probability and luck).  All the players that enter «Destiny» know just how hard it is to level and with the death penalty being this brutal, everyone was more careful with their own lives.

Ye Tian Xie definitely wasn’t someone that didn’t fear death.  Facing these three opponents that could easily kill him, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes finally became sharp……this was the beginning of him becoming serious.

“Berserk Fighting Will!”

The low voice brought a trace of anger to this empty space.  The glow of the Berserk Fighting Will surrounded Ye Tian Xie’s body once again……What was truly astonishing was the fact that from the first floor of the Skeleton Cavern to now, his life had constantly been below 20%.  He had never used any kind of healing potion to heal himself.

What kind of courage, self confidence, and arrogance this was!

And to support this courage, self confidence, and arrogance, how strong would he need to be?

At the same time, even if he were at full health, regardless of the third floor’s high attack power Giant Skeletons or these Skeleton Generals, they could all kill him in a single attack.  So the decision to keep his life below 20% so that he could activate the Berserk Fighting Will at any time was indeed the right decision.

After starting the Berserk Fighting Will, what he needed wasn’t the 30% increase to attack strength.  Because even with that 30% increase, he couldn’t break through the defenses of these level fifty five monsters.  Rather…….He needed that 30% increase to his move speed.

Excitement and frenzy filled Ye Tian Xie’s mind and his body seemed like it was light enough to float on the wind.  His eyes locked onto the spears that shot at his chest.  His body slightly flashed and he inclined slightly to the left at a perfect forty five degree angle.  The spears flew past him and then, Ye Tian Xie stepped forward in an irregular bending pattern.  His body was shaking like a ghost’s as he rushed past the three Skeleton Generals.  Circling around to behind them, he released the Ferghana Horse as fast as possible and ran away while riding the horse.

The Ferghana Horse could add another sixty points of move speed, but by adding on this extra move speed, Ye Tian Xie would lose the extreme sensitivity of his own body.  Although players could control how their mounts moved, how could it compare to how freely they could control their own bodies?  So, Ye Tian Xie had never summoned the Ferghana Horse before when he had gotten into trouble.

This Berserk Fighting Will which he got in the Beginner Village was a kind of death seeking skill for normal players.  Even if someone obtained it, they wouldn’t dare to learn it and would throw it away while thinking it was a pity.  And this worthless skill to Ye Tian Xie, it was only with his unique fighting style that he could use this skill to an extreme level that no other player could do.  Perhaps… him, regardless of what skill it was, as long as it fell into his hands, he would display the limit of the skill’s effect.

This was also the power that made him the “Undefeated Evil Emperor”.  His myth was not created from his level, stats, or powerful equipment, rather it was his ability to face a player that was at the same level, stats, equipment, and skills.  Even if there were ten of them, he could still easily win.  Even against a hundred, he would have no fear.

This was the myth that belonged to him.

There were no enemies that appeared in his surroundings for a while.  With his one hundred base move speed, then adding in the sixty move speed from the Ferghana Horse and 30% increase from Berserk Fighting Will, his move speed reached a total of two hundred and eight.  The reason he summoned the Ferghana Horse now was because he believed that even if he encountered Skeleton Generals, with this speed, he would be able to react and dodge the attacks before they reached him.

But suddenly, he felt a dangerous sensation stimulated his sense.  He instantly reacted in this moment, and without hesitation, he rolled off the Ferghana Horse’s back.  Landing on his behind, he staggered as he stabilized his body.


A large bolt of lightning that was actually a dark gray colour fell from the sky, slamming into the center of the Ferghana Horse.  Separated from its master, the Ferghana Horse without any protection gave a neigh and then its life was drained by the gray lightning as it fell to the ground.

After calming his fast beating heart from the imminent danger, Ye Tian Xie felt a kind of deep pain……

Ferghana Horse…….A Ferghana Horse that was worth thirty thousand gold coins, ah, ah, ah, ah!

And at this time, the figure that had released that terrifying bolt of lightning appeared from the darkness.  This was a skeleton whose entire body was covered in a black cloak.  Other than half of its face which was revealed, the rest of its body was completely covered by the cloak.  And compared to the Skeleton Mage from the second floor, the cloak that this skeleton wore was clearly at a higher level.  Not only was it not messy at all, surrounding it, its body was also covered in a faint gray glow.

Undead Curse Skeleton: Level 57


On the Skeleton Cavern’s fourth floor, there were actually two types of skeletons.

When he had just entered the fourth floor, he had only seen the Skeleton General so he decided that there was only one kind of skeleton here.  And the price of this misjudgement was huge.  He had almost entered the abyss of the death and had lost the Ferghana Horse worth thirty thousand gold coins.

Mounts were not like pets.  Pets had the chance to revive after death, but they suffered the same penalties as players and there was a chance it would rebel and run away.  As for mounts, because they were protected and couldn’t suffer injuries while being ridden, mounts wouldn’t normally die.  But once they were separated from their masters and suffered a fatal injury, they would really die and could not be revived like players and pets could…..But, this was only true for normal grade pets.  For fifth grade pets and above, from the rare Spiritual Grade to the Saint Extermination Grade, these strong mounts had the ability to revive themselves.

In his heart, Ye Tian Xie really wanted to cut this Undead Curse Skeleton to pieces, but when a gray glow began to surround the Undead Curse Skeleton’s body and it began to chant its next spell, Ye Tian Xie could only grit his teeth as he stared at it.  He forcefully gripped the Moment of Destiny in his hand and then very quickly made his decision to… away.


The same kind of explosion noise sounded out in front of him.  The magic that this Undead Curse Skeleton could release was something that the little Skeleton Mage could compare to.  After chanting for less than three seconds, it released another terrifying and strong attack with a range of five meters.  Then as Ye Tian Xie dodged the attack, the figure of another two Skeleton Generals appeared in front of him.  He didn’t stop moving and actually increased his speed.  Then he lowered his body and the two spears flew above him.  His body fell into a slide as he perfectly avoided the attacks.  He quickly stood up and disappeared into the white darkness.

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  1. I already knew that horse was gonna die the moment he got it for free.

    That’s how this author does things.

    If MC gets 6,891,711.49 golds in a lottery, within a few chapters he’ll need exactly 6,891,711.49 golds for something, and he’ll cry about being “penniless”.

    A bit cringy after reading it over and over (after ATG and SW this is his third novel I’m reading) but still somehow acceptable.

    Thanks for the translation. ?

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