EDAH Chapter 101


Chapter 101: The remnants of the Undead Monarch

What was lucky was the fact that the distribution of monsters on the Skeleton Cavern’s fourth floor was not very dense.  Ye Tian Xie passed through the floor full of shock, but he did not encounter any danger along the way.  At the end, two dark holes appeared in front of him.  Ye Tian Xie looked around the area several times before turning on the HP recovery effect of the Life Ring and drinking a high level HP recovery potion.  After the potion cooldown reset, he entered the left cavern.

Ta!  Ta!  Ta!  Ta……

This was a very long dark tunnel, but an undead aura filled the entire space.  There were no bats, poisonous snakes, or poisonous insects, there were no living beings here at all.

After walking for half a minute, a white light appeared before his eyes.  Ye Tian Xie knew that this white light came from the glow of white bones.


Grasping the Heavenly Stellar City Return Scroll in his hand, Ye Tian Xie lightly and slowly walked forward.  The Skeleton Cavern’s fifth floor, the location of the Undead Monarch…….Although the Gu Ping Town mayor had promised that the newly born Undead Monarch would not be past level twenty, to prevent any accidents, he had to be careful.  If it was within his range, then he would immediately deal with it.  If there was ???? with the information, then he would turn and leave.  Before it discovered him, he would use the City Return Scroll to return to Heavenly Stellar City (Note, if discovered, the City Return Scroll would have no use.  Under battle conditions or if one is aggroed by a monster, the City Return Scroll would have no effect.).

He was proud, but he definitely wasn’t one of those idiots who didn’t know the limits of their own strength.

As the light became brighter in front of him, Ye Tian Xie’s steps became lighter as his brows tightly knit together.

Reaching the end of the tunnel, Ye Tian Xie stopped right before the exit.  He leaned against the cold wall as he looked into the Skeleton Layer’s fifth floor……which was also the deepest place here.

What was different was that the Skeleton Cavern’s fifth floor was much smaller and was narrower than the previous four floors.  Moreover, it was completely empty, there were no undead or anything guarding the Undead Monarch.   In the middle, there was a gray glow half the size of a person shaking.  Almost as if wind from who knows where was blowing it back and forth.

Undead Monarch (Juvenile Stage): Level 15 Lord Level Boss

HP: 13000

An undead creature born from two months of cultivation in a death aura formed from pure yin qi.  It was born in the darkness and will grow in the darkness.  It has the powers of a strong undead, but its powers have not awakened yet while it is in its juvenile stage.  After it matures, it will become the highest king of undead monsters.

Innate Skill:

Undead Body: Immunity to all death element attacks.  Automatically restores 650 HP per second under the effects of darkness or an undead aura.


Undead Sickle: Summons the sickle of sin from the purgatory of the dead, to cruelly slice all present enemies.  A linear attack with a range of 10 meters.  Basic damage of 350.  No cast time, high cast frequency.

Undead Curse: The power of the dead disturbs the mind of all surrounding enemies.  There is a 50% chance of making the enemy fall into a state of confusion lasting 3-5 seconds.  Will be cast after HP falls below 40%.  Low cast frequency.

When he looked at the stats of the Undead Monarch, he found that it was actually a level fifteen Lord Level Boss.  Moreover seeing it only had two skills, Ye Tian Xie felt that the world was pretty good.  The Gu Ping Town mayor truly was a kind old man that couldn’t lie.  But when he saw the Undead Monarch’s innate skill, he almost wanted to slice this Skeleton Cavern apart.

Under the effects of darkness or a undead’s aura……it could recover six hundred and fifty HP per second.  This meant that it would recover 5% of its health every second!

A level fifteen Lord Level Boss’ attack power would be much greater than a normal boss at the same level and its defensive capabilities would be much greater as well.  With Ye Tian Xie’s current attack power, it would be pretty good if he could deal over a hundred damage.  But this little juvenile, weaker than he imagined little Undead Monarch could recover six hundred and fifty HP per second……

Isn’t this just cheating me!!

Ye Tian Xie clenched his teeth and stood there motionless for a while.  And the wrapped in gray smoke Undead Monarch still had not noticed him, so it just stood there without moving.

To go in or to retreat.

Go in……If this was an open area, then Ye Tian Xie would rush in without hesitation.  But if he wanted to defeat the Undead Monarch in this kind of closed space, he would need to have over a thousand attack power to even hurt it.  What would he use to defeat it?

Retreat?  He had already arrived and this opponent was only level fifteen.  He had defeated a level twenty Lord Level Boss at level ten, what excuse did he have to not fight this level fifteen Lord Level Boss at level fourteen?  Moreover, under the enticement of this kind of Hidden Unique quest that rarely appeared, how could he willingly give up?

Ye Tian Xie stood there debating what to do, without moving for quite a while.

Then, to lead it out…..would simply be speaking nonsense.  Not to mention this juvenile stage Undead Monarch obediently following him out of the Skeleton Cavern’s fifth floor, for undead creatures that hated the light, they would immediately retreat at the exit of the cave.

……Wait, afraid of light……


A light bulb lit up in Ye Tian Xie’s head as he quickly pulled out something from his inventory.  Immediately, an eye piercing light filled the dark space.  Under the effect of the darkness, the light was even more eye piercing.  

After the light shined in this dark place that had not seen light in so many years, a wild roar came from Ye Tian Xie’s side…….It was the Undead Monarch that had been scared awake by the light he shined.  Ye Tian Xie’s right hand held up the source of the light and quickly rushed at the Undead Monarch.  He quickly came over and the Moment of Destiny in his hand viciously stabbed into the body covered in gray fog.

The source of the light was a small round glass ball……Falling Wind Town, the little girl with the horned braids had given it to him.  It was the elemental illumination light that could be used for three minutes!

“Ding……Light has a fatal influence on the growing juvenile Undead Monarch.  Because the environment has changed into a light environment, the Undead Monarch is unable to recover its HP, all its stats have been decreased by 30%, and it will lose 5% of its max HP per second.”

Hearing this prompt in his ears, Ye Tian Xie almost couldn’t help jumping up in excitement.

A true Undead Monarch would be very strong.  At the same time, this kind of strong Undead Monarch was hard to create.  And while it was growing, the Undead Monarch was very fragile and weak……Or rather, all creatures that were still developing could be considered fragile and weak.  For this Undead Monarch, it could not could look at light, it could not handle any kind of attacks from light.  Once the light scattered the darkness and death aura here, it was a very fatal influence on it.




The figure in the dark fog began to struggle as it wildly screamed in anger and desperation.  While it was trying to move its body away, Ye Tian Xie threw the elemental illumination light at it.  Large injury numbers appeared over its head every second, making its HP bar fall at a rapid visible rate.  Originally Ye Tian Xie had been prepared to launch an attack, but when he saw the Undead Monarch who didn’t notice him before running away and constantly taking damage, he couldn’t help stopping and thinking, “This is a little awkward.”

That’s right, quite awkward……Originally he just wanted to shine a little light to disperse the darkness and stop the Undead Monarch’s recovery or slow it down a bit, but he never would have thought……the effects would be this terrifying.

How could this not be awkward……

-650, -650, -650…….

Ye Tian Xie had a face of satisfaction as he picked up the elemental illumination light.  He slowly walked over to the Undead Monarch.  As he came over with the elemental illumination light, the Undead Monarch roared under the effect of the light.  It quickly retreated and then retreated even further.  Ye Tian Xie slowly followed behind it.  The feeling of chasing after a boss, this was the first time he was experiencing this in all his years of gaming.  This kind of feeling, was even more satisfying than killing a boss in a single move.

-650, -650, -650……

Not even ten seconds passed and this level fifteen Lord Level Boss’ HP had already fallen by half.  Other than making its desperate ear grating screams, the Undead Monarch was trying to escape as far as possible.  Light and life was the mortal enemy of undead and death.  After the Undead Monarch reached a certain point, it would be able to resist the light, but before it reached this point, the light was a disaster for it.

-650, -650……

The desperate Undead Monarch finally turned around in anger.  A group of gray light was gathered in front of it, but because of the light’s interference, the group of gray light was visibly much bleaker.  Immediately, a black sickle appeared from the ground and shot forward at Ye Tian Xie.

Ye Tian Xie’s body swung to the side and dodged the undead sickle flying at him.  Then he gave a smile as he raised his hand and shined the elemental illumination light at the Undead Monarch.

-1, -650.

The elemental illumination light’s ray hit the Undead Monarch and only caused 1 point of damage, but it also caused the Undead Monarch to loudly scream in anger.  The Undead Monarch near the light did not even think about attacking again as it once again ran away from the light as fast as it could, only hoping to get as far as possible from the light.  Ye Tian Xie quickly chased after it and the Moment of Destiny fell down on its body again and again.

-87, -650, -89, -650, -88, -650……

Compared to how much the Undead Monarch’s life continued to drain by, the values of Ye Tian Xie’s attacks could be basically ignored.

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