EDAH Chapter 104


Chapter 104: Blood Phoenix Azure Wolf (Part 3)

“Who are you?”  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and asked.

His voice made the man turn over to look at him.  The minute their eyes met, Ye Tian Xie felt as if he was looking into a dead man’s eyes……Indifferent, dismal, gloomy, deathly quiet……There was no trace of emotions that a normal person would have.

A breeze suddenly blew by his ear and the azure haired man took Ye Tian Xie soaring through the sky.  After flying for a while, he brought Ye Tian Xie to a hill.  The azure haired man did not respond to Ye Tian Xie as his eyes fell onto the distant battle once again.  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and then looked off into the distance as well.

The ground shook and cracks formed in the earth showing how strong the fight between the two beasts was.


The attacks of the azure wolf and the blood coloured phoenix were like a violent storm.  The impact of their bodies, the collisions of energy, each one brought a disastrous impact.


The dozen body collisions caused several earsplitting explosive sounds.  The azure wolf’s ability to fly through the sky was slower than the blood coloured phoenix, but its physical sense and bodily strength far exceeded it.  Its attacks were as fast as the wind and always knocked back the blood coloured phoenix a little, giving it no chance to activate its blood flames.  Finally, a large explosion rang out and the blood coloured phoenix was knocked high into the sky.  It gave a cry and turned around in the air, its blood coloured wings began to flap as it tried to release the blood flames once again.

The vicious wolf charged into the sky, actually welcoming the blood flames.  It suddenly collided with the flames and a large explosion rang out, covering the entire kilometer diameter with flames.  The huge sea of fire reached over ten feet high and the entire area was completely enveloped.  It formed an area filled with death.

But in that sea of fire that covered the heaven and earth, a single azure shadow soared out into the sky.  With a giant roar, several azure meteors heavily slammed into the blood phoenix’s body.

With a giant bird cry filled with grief, the blood phoenix was ruthlessly knocked from the sky.  It tumbled in the sky countless times before stopping itself.  One phoenix and one wolf were staring at each other with only a hundred meters between them.  Their eyes were filled with vicious beastly instincts.  Then they roared and cried, and at the same time, they charged at each other.  Wind and fire collided once again and created an area of death and destruction.

“Wa oh!  Master, how beautiful.”  Guo Guo eyes were sparkling as she looked at the magnificent battle scene between the azure wolf and blood coloured phoenix.  It was like she was watching a colourful cartoon…..She didn’t care that because of them, Ye Tian Xie had almost died twice.

She indeed had no reason to be afraid……Because of her special body, not to mention the blood coloured phoenix or azure wolf, even if there were ten of them, they still wouldn’t be able to hurt her.  As for whether her master Ye Tian Xie would be alright…..Un, that was not her concern.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Also, master, this uncle seems very strange.  He looks very strange.  Does master know him?”  Guo Guo carefully looked at the azure haired man.  The fact that he had no emotions at all made her a little scared.

“I don’t know him.”  Ye Tian Xie opened his mouth to reply.  Although he was answering Guo Guo’s question, other people could not see Guo Guo, so it seemed like Ye Tian Xie was suddenly talking……But, Ye Tian Xie could clearly tell that the azure haired man did not have any reaction.  He didn’t even move his eyes at all.

This person…….

“Ah!! Master, I almost forgot……That strange phoenix has the Blood Feather on its body.  Master, go and beat up that strange phoenix, it has the Blood Feather on its body.  It is something good and important to master……”  Guo Guo stood on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder, shouting into his ear.

Ye Tian Xie’s eye slightly twitched……Beating the blood coloured phoenix…….He didn’t have enough strength to fight this kind of enemy.  Even if he was against an enemy that was stronger than him by several times, he still wouldn’t give up.  He would use any method available to him to defeat it……But he was not on the same level as the blood coloured phoenix.  What would he even use to beat it?

“Yi…..”The excited Guo Guo suddenly became quiet.  She blinked her shining eyes a few times and her eyes fell on the incomparably prestigious and powerful giant azure wolf.  She was in a daze for a bit as her small jade like mouth opened and closed a few times, “That azure wolf……Why does it seem so familiar……”


The wild ice wind and the blood flame collided once again and the surroundings were once again enveloped in an elemental disaster.  The deadlock battle finally began to change.

An azure coloured bolt of lightning fell from the sky and hit the blood coloured phoenix’s head and an explosive sound rang out.  The azure wolf’s speed was as fast as lightning, the blood coloured phoenix had already been hit countless times by it.  But this one strike, it almost made the phoenix lose consciousness.

Its body distorted and the blood coloured phoenix gave a pitiful cry.  It struggled for a while in the air before crashing down.  The azure wolf took advantage of this opportunity and quickly dropped down onto the blood coloured phoenix.  Its wolf jaw viciously bit down on the blood phoenix’s neck, pulling it down from the sky.

-200000, -200000, -200000, -200000……

Giant damage indicators continued to appear above the head of the blood coloured phoenix, slowly draining its HP.  With a deafening sound, the blood coloured phoenix and azure wolf fell to the ground at  the same time.  The azure wolf was still stubbornly biting down on the blood coloured phoenix’s neck, its body firmly pressed onto the ground.

The blood coloured phoenix was struggling, but its power was centralized around flames.  Its strength was lower than the azure wolf, so even with its body covered in flames and swinging around, it could not escape its grasp.  Its HP was quickly being drained.  

Jiu –

A phoenix’s cry cut through the sky as it dispersed the clouds, above the blood coloured phoenix, a blood coloured glow appeared.  The eye burning glow embedded itself into the phoenix and its strength increased in an instant by several times……


Incomparably strong flames exploded from the blood coloured phoenix’s body and the azure wolf was sent flying back.  At this moment, Guo Guo’s shocked voice came from beside Ye Tian Xie’s ear, “Master!  Quickly look!!!  Above the blood coloured phoenix’s head…..It’s the Blood Feather, it’s the Blood Feather!!”

Without needing Guo Guo’s reminder, the minute the blood coloured glow appeared above the blood coloured phoenix’s head, Ye Tian Xie had already realized it……Because the minute the blood coloured glow appeared, a blood red feather that was covered in dazzlingly light appeared above the blood coloured phoenix’s head!

This was one of the Seven Nuclei of Destiny…..The Blood Feather!?

Why would it appear on the body of this strange phoenix…….

The azure wolf that was sent flying soared over the elemental disaster zone they had created.  Right as its body touched the ground, a strong azure light began to burst forth from its body……The intensity of the azure light was even stronger than the Blood Feather’s glow.  The minute the azure light appeared, the wolf turned to the sky with an incredible speed and instantly shot out, once again slamming into the blood coloured phoenix.  It gave a ferocious roar and once again bit into the phoenix’s neck.

“Ah!!”  The minute the azure light appeared, Guo Guo once again recovered her lost voice.

“What’s wrong?”  Ye Tian Xie rarely saw Guo Guo being surprised like this.  He knit his brows and asked.

“That glow……This wolf…..It’s……It’s the Azure Soul!  It’s the Azure Soul of the Blue Spirit Azure Soul Nucleus of Destiny!”  Guo Guo’s eyes stared wide at the azure wolf as she said in amazement.

Ye Yian Xie: “!!”

Wolf……Azure Soul……Nucleus of Destiny……The Nucleus of Destiny could become a living being!?

“It has to be, I definitely wouldn’t mistaken the power of a Nucleus of Destiny.  No wonder I had a kind of familiar feeling earlier.”  Guo Guo grabbed Ye Tian Xie’s clothes as she thought out loud.

On the Moment of Destiny, the sixth hole from the top, it was in a very irregular hard to describe shape.  Under the sunlight, it reflected back a faint azure colour.  But, this was clearly a wolf, an incomparably strong wolf……

Suddenly Ye Tian Xie became aware of something…….That extremely irregular hole that he could never figure out before, it was actually a wolf howling into the sky!

“Elder sister said before, the Nuclei of Destiny are very strong.  Once they leave the Moment of Destiny, they will instinctively seek out suitable energy carriers.  And with their strength, even if they cannot find one, they could turn themselves into a living being…..Master, not only do you have to defeat that phoenix, you also have to defeat that wolf…..The Azure Soul contains the purple power out of the Nuclei of Destiny, it is much stronger than the Blood Feather……Wa oh!  I’m so happy.  We found the Blood Feather and Azure Soul both at once!”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

The blood coloured phoenix, the giant azure wolf, they were both magical beasts that had enough power to make the Lost Continent tremble in fright and they were both Nucluei of Destiny from the Moment of Destiny.  Under Ye Tian Xie’s calm appearance, he was actually trembling in fright deep down……He was trembling in fright at how powerful and magical the Nuclei of Destiny were…….He also couldn’t help thinking that since the Nuclei of Destiny were this strong, then how strong would the Moment of Destiny be once all seven Nuclei of destiny were gathered?

Blood Feather…….

Azure Soul…….

How could he get them!

It was clear how much of disparity there was between the powers of the Blood Feather and the Azure Soul.  The blood coloured phoenix covered in the blood coloured glow was already using all of its strength, but it could only release a pitiful cry.  Its body was struggling in the jaws of the azure wolf, but its struggles were slowly becoming weaker…….

-720000, -720000, -720000, -720000…….

The full strength Azure Soul was dealing seven hundred and twenty thousand damage per second to the Blood Feather.  If one didn’t personally see it, there would be no players that believed that this kind of heaven defying damage figure could appear in the «Destiny» world.  Who would have believed that there were beasts with this level of strength?

This kind of damage value to players, it was an astronomical figure that they could never hope to achieve.

Ye Tian Xie believed that just this giant azure wolf alone was enough to easily tear Heavenly Stellar City to pieces.  

If it really was a Nucleus of Destiny, how would he convince it to return to the Moment of Destiny……Would he need to persuade it or would it voluntarily return…..Surrender?  Ah……That was completely impossible.

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