EDAH Chapter 109


Chapter 109: Dragon God’s Stone, the mysterious fox’s voice

“I am the current dragon race’s protector – Long Mo Ya.  I have been protecting this Hidden Dragon Abyss for over a thousand years.  In all these years, although you are not the first ‘dragon’ that has come here, you are the first ‘dragon’ that came here in a human form.

Ye Tian Xie did not say anything, calmly listening to him.  In his heart, he remembered the name Long Mo Ya.

“In terms of beasts, only when they reach the Saint Extermination realm can they turn into humans, but our dragon race can gain that ability once they reach Heavenly realm.  You could saw that this ability was gifted to our dragon race by the heavens.  Currently, other than me, there are only four other people that also has this ability.  Yet you can become a dragon even though your dragon’s power is this weak.  If not for my strong perception, I would not even have noticed your power’s existence.  Do you know why this is?”

“I don’t know.”  This question truly made Ye Tian Xie curious…..Why?  Because he was in a human form, coming from a world where dragons did not exist……Did this old man think that he was a dragon!?


But speaking of this, dragons needed to reach the Mysterious God realm to change forms.  This also meant that the man in front of him was at least in the Mysterious God Realm…..He was just as strong as the terrifying azure wolf that followed the azure haired man!

He did not know what dragons looked like in their original forms.  He didn’t know if they were like the five clawed golden dragons described in Chinese legends.  Seeing a dragon of this world, it was much more realistic and impactful than seeing it on a television screen.

The old man raised his head to look at him.  Then he slowly said, “That is because…..When a dragon and human mate, if the father is a dragon and the mother is a human, then the child will be born in a dragon form.  Only after they reach the Mysterious God Realm, can the child change into a human form.  If the mother is a dragon and the father is a human, the child will be born in a human form.  The dragon’s power within them will remain dormant and very slowly awaken.  Sometimes, the power will not even awaken at all.  For these kinds of people, after they reach a certain level of power, they have the ability to turn into a dragon.  So for you, your father was a human and your mother was a dragon.  So, the dragon’s power within you has not awakened and you cannot use the dragon’s strength, that’s why you remain in your human form.  Like this, you can only be considered a human and not a dragon.”

The corners of Ye Tian Xie’s mouth twitched as he suddenly wanted to smile……His father being a human he could acknowledge, but his mother being a dragon……Ah……

Thinking of his childhood and his affectionate mother, his heart once again filled with pain.  No matter how long has passed or how far he traveled, he could never sever the ties of his family.  Even though all these years had passed and he had stepped out from the shadows, becoming an adult, every time he thought of that nightmarish night, the violent feelings in his chest would still explode out.

“The reason why you’ve come here, should be for a special goal.  You must wish to awaken the dragon’s power within you!”  Long Mo Ya stared at Ye Tian Xie.  Each word he spoke gave off an oppressive feeling.

“That’s right.”  Ye Tian Xie nodded and his eyes looked at the crystal ball, “It’s said that the Dragon God’s Stone has the ability to awaken the dragon’s power within a person’s body.  If I’m not mistaken……this should be the Dragon God’s Stone.”

Hidden Dragon Abyss……Dragon God’s Stone…..The object that Kong Xiu had mentioned in an uncertain voice was now before his very eyes.  After being pushed down into the abyss by the azure haired man, hope had suddenly appeared in his heart……According what Kong Xiu said, if the Dragon God’s Stone could awaken the power inside his body, he could change jobs…….Just like the strongest person Nameless, he could awaken the power inside himself to create a job unique to him.

“That’s right, this is the Dragon God’s Stone.  This is the thing I’ve dedicated my entire life to protecting.”  The old man slightly nodded.  When he looked at the Dragon God’s Stone, his eyes became solemn and reverent, almost as if this stone was even more important than his own life.  He slowly said, “Starting from a long time ago, the dragon race and humanity have always been friends.  We have never battled from ancient times until now.  You are a human, but you also have dragon’s blood in you.  Moreover, you do not have an evil aura around you.  So, you are qualified to use the Dragon God’s Stone to awaken the dragon’s power within you.”

Ye Tian Xie finally revealed a smile.  He felt anticipation, desire, and hope all swell up inside of him.  Moreover, there was a kind of surprise and curiosity……Curiosity about why he continued to encounter this kind of strange situations.

“It seems like you are very anxious.”  Noting the changes in his expression and body language, Long Mo Ya moved out of the way.  He took several steps back and said, “The Dragon God’s Stone was formed by the strongest Dragon God of our dragon race in the past, using all his life force and strength.  It was made not for the purpose of awakening a dragon’s innate strength, rather it was made to seal a terrifying enemy.  Facing this terrifyingly strong person, it was the only way available.  After that, this piece of Dragon God’s Stone has always been protected one of the strongest members of the dragon race, who regularly injects dragon power into the stone to ensure that terrifying enemy does not escape.  After a hundred years, the dragon race discovered that the dragon power contained within the stone could awaken the dormant powers of our dragon race.  From then on, the Dragon God’s Stone was even more valuable to our dragon race.   You will now use the Dragon God’s Stone to awaken the dormant powers of the Dragon Soul within you.”

Made in order to seal a terrifying enemy……

An extremely terrifying enemy……

Perhaps it was……

Inside the Dragon God’s Stone, there was indeed a life form sealed inside the white glowing crystal stone.  Moreover, there was only one……

This so called extremely terrifying enemy, it was the little fox that was incredibly cute and not at all “terrifying”!?

“What is this little fox?”  Ye Tian Xie turned around and pointed at the little snow white fox in the Dragon God’s Stone as he spoke.

Long Mo Ya was silent.  He was not surprised after being asked this question, “It is the terrifying beast that the strongest dragon god of our dragon race sacrificed himself to seal.  It has been a long time and no one knows of its origins or how strong it is.  I only know that the dragon god called it……Black Fox.”

“Black Fox……”

“Do not be fooled by its appearance…….Currently, humans rule the Lost Continent, but in the past, the continent belonged to the beasts.  It was an era where wild battles occurred everywhere.  During that time, my dragon race were guarding the southern lands.  The dragon god of the past had powers at the peak of the Saint Extermination realm and there were no beasts that could be considered its enemy.  There was a time where the great dragon god was being suppressed in the north and that was the first time the Black Fox appeared…….As to what happened back then, no one knows.  We only know that the great dragon god sacrificed his life force and power to seal this fox……How terrifying it is, is hard to imagine.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Looking at the sleeping little fox, Ye Tian Xie could not find a single thing terrifying about it.  Based on its appearance, it was hard to see it as anything other than just a fox.

“How do you use the Dragon God’s Stone?”  Ye Tian Xie changed the topic.  While he asked the question, his eyes went to the Dragon God’s Stone which looked like a crystal stone ball.  He finally understood why he kept feeling weak tremors inside his body.  It should be a resonance between the Dragon God’s Stone and his power.


Ye Tian Xie’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.  Resonance….If it was truly resonance, then, was there really this kind of power within his body?  And that strange ability he had……Was it that ability?  Was the power that he had in the real world the Dragon Soul’s power of this world?

“Relax your body and remove any unnecessary thoughts, then place your hand on the Dragon God’s Stone.  Feel the aura flowing into you.  When the power inside you and the power of the Dragon God’s Stone connects, your Dragon Soul’s power will awaken.”

Ye Tian Xie nodded and walked forward.  He gently stretched his hand out to touch Dragon God’s Stone.


Ye Tian Xie’s hand suddenly stopped in front of the Dragon God’s Stone and he just stared in front of him……If he hadn’t heard wrong, then he had just heard a voice inside his mind……That’s right, it was actually voice that sounded out inside his mind.  Moreover, it was a young girl’s voice.  The sound was very soft and weak, obviously weakened by some kind of difficulty.  It was as if she was struggling with something.  Hearing this voice, Ye Tian Xie’s mind instinctively imagined a pitiful girl who was desperately struggling with the last bit of her strength to ask him for help.

But other than him, Long Mo Ya, and Guo Guo whose chirping he ignored, there was no one else here……If there was, how could they escape Long Mo Ya’s senses?


The mystical sound rang out once again.  This time, Ye Tian Xie could clearly hear it and no longer doubted it.  And the sound was truly coming from inside his mind.  He gathered himself and tried asking in his mind. “Who are you?”

Ye Tian Xie was not disappointed as his voice reached the opposite side.  The girl who had received a response became visibly excited.  Her trembling voice slowly became weaker and weaker, “……In……Front of you…….Save……Me……”

The girl’s voice became quieter and quieter, until it was completely gone.

In front of him?

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes suddenly contracted as his eyes looked in front of him…..Falling onto the little fox inside the Dragon God’s Stone.

It’s her!?  In front of him, there was only her……

Was she asking for his help?  After being sealed for this many years, her life force had not disappeared and she’s still kept her consciousness!?

At this moment, Ye Tian Xie had experienced just how terrifying this little fox was.  The era of beasts was at least ten million years ago.  After being sealed by the dragon god for so long, it was still alive!

Moreover, she was clearly a beast, why did she speak in a human’s voice?  Moreover, why was it a girl’s voice?

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  1. i hope he not naive and stupid to get scammed by the fox IoI, if he want to save it he should make a contract that will bound her soul, also make a strong contract without loop hole, like;

    “if i die you will die! if you lie, you die!, if you have evil thoughts you die! if you not carry out my command you die! if you attack me you die! if you betray me you die! if you scam me you die, if you forcefully break the contract you die, if you force me break the contract you die, if i break the contract with my own will you die! if you asked others to cancel/ destroy the contract you die, if anything happen to the contract that will let you freed you will also die! Lastly you must transfer all the information and memories[Including her Cultivation Method and her secret of all secret] you have, if any of it missing you will die!”.

    so with him as a player, meaning he is immortal and the fox will become his pet, become immortal in the game just like a player, will lv up with him like a player and will become his eternal slave IoI

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