EDAH Chapter 113


Chapter 113: Persevering

Long Mo Ya’s face was filled with unrest as he hesitantly lifted his left hand.  A golden light shined in the darkness and once the light disappeared, a golden sword had appeared in his hand.  The terrifying power and aura of the sword burst forth.   The moment it appeared, the aura of the surrounding area experienced a giant change.

“This is the God Slaying Dragon Sword that has been with me for half my life now, it is also one of the only ten Mysterious God grade weapons on the Lost Continent.  In the hands of a member of our dragon race, it will release countless times more power than usual.  If you had this sword, you would have the power to freely run around the world.  If you release it, I will give you this God Slaying Dragon Sword!”

God Slaying Dragon Sword……It was a legendary Mysterious God grade weapon that could go against the heavens that people could not even hope to obtain!  Long Mo Ya taking this Mysterious God sword out was not just to try to seduce Ye Tian Xie to release the Black Fox he was guarding.  He was also showing that if he needed to, he could easily destroy Ye Tian Xie and the Black Fox at the same time.  He was already prepared to give this God Slaying Dragon Sword to Ye Tian Xie because he was eager to see how much this incomparably strong dragon’s power could grow.  So, in his heart, he wanted to help nurture him as far as possible……But at this moment, he was also using it to try and tempt Ye Tian Xie……He believed that with such a short time, they would not have formed a strong bond.  So he took out the incomparably desirable Mysterious God grade sword…….This was a very easy choice.

Hesitation appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes and he blankly stared at the golden sword in Long Mo Ya’s hand.  That sword in front of him was an incomparably powerful Mysterious God grade weapon……It was something that normal people could not resist.  The Black Fox in his chest looked up and her little black eyes stared at him.  Her claws grabbed onto his clothes and the anxiety she once had again appeared in her eyes……This was the first time they met……He wouldn’t really…….He wouldn’t give up this Mysterious God sword just to protect her, right?


However, Long Mo Ya had underestimated Ye Tian Xie’s arrogance, or rather his evil nature……Ye Tian Xie was doomed to be more insistent and less accepting than other people.  When he had decided to protect this snow white fox, he had already decided to let no harm befall this snow white fox……The Mysterious God grade weapon was very tempting, but if he gave up on this snow white fox just for this Mysterious God weapon, he would be trampling on his self respect and pride.

He would not do this.

No matter how strong this Mysterious God weapon was, it was not a living being.  Rather, this snow white fox, it was a living being of this world!

So, his eyes slowly went from surprised to cold and he shook his head.

Long Mo Ya was silent, he was at a loss on what to do.  He could not understand why he would give up on this Mysterious God weapon that anyone would dream about obtaining just to protect something he had just met and that he had no relations with…….Was he too kind, or was his……brain filled with water, then kicked by a donkey, and then sat on by a pig……

The moment Ye Tian Xie shook his head, the Black Fox’s eyes trembled.  There was something that shined in her eyes that could be called moved……After being in solitude for so long, she could finally understand what it meant to be moved.

Long Mo Ya gave a short sigh.  The God Slaying Dragon Sword in his hand pointed at the Profound Snow Spirit Fox in Ye Tian Xie’s chest, then his cold expression filled with helplessness, “Your tenacity surprises me, but this Black Fox is too terrifying.  It’s so terrifying that I don’t dare to trust in luck.  Before it can recover its past strength, I must destroy it.  Although I don’t want to hurt you, if you keep insisting……I can only kill you with it.  You have dragon’s blood in your veins, but you are an otherworlder human and will not truly die.  So, don’t blame me……Actually it’s fine if you blame me or choose not to blame me, I have to kill it today.”

A terrifying pressure that he could resist against began to cover Ye Tian Xie’s body.  He knit his brow and tried to back off, but the aura suppressing him followed him

Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon Soul was much stronger than a normal dragon’s, but his Dragon Soul’s Power had just been awakened and could not compare to Long Mo Ya’s thousand year old power.  If Long Mo Ya wanted to kill him, he would only need a minute.

The heavy pressure pressed down on his body.  His pupil suddenly contracted and a ray of golden glow from the sword in Long Mo Ya’s sword shot forth.  The violent strength brought a terrifying pressure as it shot forward……This was the first time that Ye Tian Xie had experienced strength at the Mysterious God Realm.  This terrifying strength even surpassed his expectation.  This was a kind of terrifying strength that no player could go against!

“Evil Dragon’s Soul!”


The moment Ye Tian Xie shouted out, colourless flames appeared around Ye Tian Xie’s body.  A seemingly invisible barrier surrounded Ye Tian Xie body and enveloped the Black Fox and his body.    The terrifying power that came from a Mysterious God weapon in the hands of a Mysterious God beast slammed into the barrier.  A giant impact sound rang out and giant cracks appeared all around the barrier.

But after this attack, Ye Tian Xie was standing in the same position and had suffered no injuries.  He had not been moved at all and that strong attack had been completely blocked.

Long Mo Ya’s face fell as he was once again surprised by Ye Tian Xie.  To him, Ye Tian Xie had only just awakened his Dragon Soul’s Power and had no way to block his attack.  But against this kind of attack, he was not harmed at all and even ensured that the Black Fox was even completely safe.

“What happened?”  Long Mo Ya said in a startled voice.  He attacked once again and a wild wind began to blow.  There were countless small stones that rolled around on the ground and another wild attack shot out at Ye Tian Xie.

The wind bringing a wild energy shot forward, but before it could make contact with Ye Tian Xie, the colourless barrier appeared once again.  In that moment, the wind was split in two and went around Ye Tian Xie’s left and right side……It did not touch him at all.

The barrier formed by his Evil Dragon’s Soul made it that he did not have to fear any kind of attack, but his life quickly fell by 10% whenever it was activated.  While the barrier was activated, he could not heal his HP at all.  With this kind of situation, he could only keep the barrier up for a maximum of nine seconds.  Once his HP fell to 10% or below 10%, the barrier would disappear by itself.  At the same time, his heart began to fill with doubt.  This unique “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” skill was called “Evil Dragon’s Soul”, but it burned through his HP whenever it was activated……Then, where was the “soul”?  Or was this only just a basic skill and the true abilities would slowly reveal themselves?

Long Mo Ya stopped moving and his eyes fell onto the colourless barrier around Ye Tian Xie’s body…….This was dragon’s power.  He felt that this dragon’s power was familiar, but it also felt very strange compared to the dragon’s power he knew.

Was this the kind of strange dragon’s power produced when the powers of light and darkness were combined!?  It was clearly small and weak, yet it could actually block his attack!

Seeing his HP quickly draining, Ye Tian Xie knew that in nine seconds the Dragon Soul Barrier would disappear, then he would be forced to go all out.  He did not move back or try to escape.  While being suppressed by Long Mo Ya’s Mysterious God dragon’s aura, he had no way to escape or use the Return Scroll.  But he was not nervous and he had no regrets or hesitation.  He slowly stroked the little fox in his chest and said with a calm voice, “This barrier is formed by my dragon’s power, but it can’t be held for much longer.  You have your values, but I also have my own values.  You are killing me for your values so I have no complaints.  But I will not give up my values because of a fear of death……If this Black Fox and I are destined to die by your hands, then that is nothing more than my own incompetence.”

Ye Tian Xie’s HP had fallen below half and the dragon’s power barrier was sparkling as if it would disappear soon.  His words stunned Long Mo Ya and at this moment, he did not know whether to praise his persistence or laugh at his stupidity.  But, no matter what, he had to kill this Black Fox, because if it could recover its strength, there was the possibility of terrifying consequences.  He could not allow this kind of fate to exist.  Even if there was only a one in ten thousand chance or even a one in a hundred million chance, it could not be allowed.

The Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s eyes were like two trembling water droplets, they were glowing in the dark because of a faint trembling light.  This light contained no impurities and made people pity it.  Since she could talk telepathically with Ye Tian Xie, of course she could understand the human language.  In this strange environment, there was someone that chose to protect it, even if it meant death……In this desperate and bleak moment, Ye Tian Xie giving up the Mysterious God sword and throwing away his life to protect her had touched her heart.  

That feeling in her mind began to expand and continue to grow…..In that moment, she made a decision that had been impossible for her to make before.

The moment the Dragon Soul Barrier disappeared, Long Mo Ya knit his brows and prepared to make his move.  But at that moment, the Profound Snow Spirit Fox peacefully lying down in Ye Tian Xie’s chest suddenly jumped out.  It reached out its head and opened its mouth, and then it bit down on Ye Tian Xie’s finger.

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