EDAH Chapter 114


Chapter 114: Soul Blood Contract

A fierce pain transmitted through Ye Tian Xie’s finger.  Before he could even be surprised, his heart filled with confusion and bewilderment.  In the «Destiny» world, he had set the pain setting to 5%, he would not feel this kind of pain even if he was cleaved in half by a knife.  But what he felt was a kind of needle piercing sensation, but the pain transmitted was much more than just a needle piercing him.

But, at this time, what he felt was his hand being bitten like he was in the real world.  The teeth had penetrated into his flesh and he felt all the pain that came with it……And at this moment, what made him more surprised was that from the spot on his finger that was being bitten, there was actually blood flowing.


In the «Destiny» world, wasn’t blood completely censored, unless it was absolutely required?  Even large scale battles didn’t have any blood that flowed.  Why was blood actually flowing after his finger was bitten?


The blood flowing from his finger went into the Profound Snow Spirit Fox’s mouth.  At this moment, a confusing and complex light began to shine in her eyes……

“Ding…..The Profound Snow Spirit Fox has signed a Soul Blood Contract with you, forcing you to be the master!  The Soul Blood Contract is a very severe master and servant contract that forces the servant to obey the master.  Once it is formed, the master can control the servant’s life and freedom.  The contract can be destroyed at any time, but the moment the contract is broken, the servant will be scattered to the winds.  At the same time, if the master dies, the servant will also die.  If the servant dies, the contract will be broken, but the master will not be impacted.”

“Ding……The Profound Snow Spirit Fox has become your pet.  As a special pet, they Profound Snow Spirit Fox cannot be renamed.  It will be eternally loyal to you.”

The little snow white fox finally let go of Ye Tian Xie’s finger and looked at him with her eyes for a second.  Then it turned into white light and disappeared into Ye Tian Xie’s pet space, leaving only the two men standing there dumbfounded.

Every player’s pet space had room for ten different pets, but they could only summon one pet out to fight at a time.  The only exception to this is the Summoner job which can summon two pets out to fight at the same time.  Once they reached their second job advancement, they could summon out three at the same time.  The pets captured by players were usually normal monsters, but there was a small portion that came from being hatched from pet eggs.  But regardless of how they were obtained, whether bred or captured, once a player gained a pet, they formed a “contract” that was equal to both sides.  The master could order the pet around, but the pet could also run away if it was dissatisfied.

But the contract the little fox forced Ye Tian Xie into was a very severe contract, one that she could never escape from.  The minute the contract was formed, her freedom and life all belonged to Ye Tian Xie.  From now on, she didn’t exist for herself, rather she existed for her master……It wasn’t that she didn’t want to enter a normal pet contract with Ye Tian Xie, but rather it was because she couldn’t.  She was completely different from normal monsters, so it was impossible for a human to become her master and at the same time, there was no human qualified to be her master.  If she wanted Ye Tian Xie to be her master, she could only enter into this kind of Soul Blood Contract.

Only by doing this could she have a chance to live.  Once the contract formed, she could enter into Ye Tian Xie pet space and Long Mo Ya would have no way of hurting her.  And since Ye Tian Xie was a player, he would resurrect when he died, so he wouldn’t truly die.  Since their fates were linked, even if she did die, she would be able to resurrect just like him.

Of course, the main reason why she chose to make this contract was because Ye Tian Xie had protected her in her most desperate situation.  So, she chose to make the Soul Blood Contract since she knew that a master like this would treat her well.  At the same time, it was also a kind of approval from her.  Otherwise, with this background, pride, and strength, even if she died, she would not make this kind of Soul Blood Contract with a normal human.

The pain on Ye Tian Xie’s finger completely disappeared and the wound closed by itself.  There was not a single trace of the injury left, almost as if he had never been injured in the first place.

When he had been caught off guard and was unprepared, a fox with an unknown origin that he had never heard of had entered into a contract with him.  It had become his pet and was even a special pet.

A pet.  He wouldn’t have dared to say he was the first player to get a pet, but he was definitely within the first few players to get one.  Because of the weak abilities of players in the early game, they did not have enough strength to catch pets yet.

This change made Ye Tian Xie and Long Mo Ya stare at each other in silence.  Finally, Long Mo Ya slowly lowered his hand and gave a long sigh.  Then he said, “Perhaps, this is the will of the heavens…….This is fine, the Black Fox had no way of recognizing a master and the only way was to sign this Soul Blood Contract, but it would not take the initiative to sign this kind of contract.  From now on, it will all be controlled by you.  If you want it to live, it will live, but if you want it to die, it will die.  Even if this fox is an unforgivable evil being, once it regains its original strength, it will not be able to escape your control nor will it be able to cause any destruction.  As for this matter, as long as you’re not an evil person, the matter I am worried about will not happen.”

Indeed, once the Black Fox became Ye Tian Xie’s servant, as long as the master did not allow it, it would not be able to cause any kind of destruction.  Was Ye Tian Xie an evil person?  From the short amount of time they had been together, Long Mo Ya was not able to determine whether he was a good person, but he was sure that he was not an evil person.  He was sure on this since Ye Tian Xie was willing to give up on a Mysterious God weapon just to protect a life.  Perhaps, he truly no longer needed to worry about this.  Although Ye Tian Xie was half human and half dragon, as well he was in a human form, he did have dragon blood flowing in his veins, so he could be considered a member of the dragon race.  For the Black Fox that the dragon god sacrificed his life to become a servant of one of the dragon race was a relatively happy thing.

Ye Tian Xie gave a sigh of relief and a slightly happy expression appeared on his face, “Hei, I never thought about about it, but it seems like the heavens do look out for me.  Sometimes, it gives me some pretty good things.”

Long Mo Ya was a little surprised, but he shook his head as he smiled and said, “Not only are you surprising, you’re also a very interesting person.  Perhaps, this is the disposition of someone with both the light and dark elements.  But……”

Long Mo Ya raised the God Slaying Dragon Sword in his hand and said with a regretful expression, “I never take back what I say.  It seems like this sword is not destined to be in your possession.”

“Thank you for your good intentions.”  How could Ye Tian Xie not see that Long Mo Ya wanted to help him quickly increase his strength all because of the fact that he has both light and dark attributed Dragon Souls.  Although he had rejected this Mysterious God Sword for the Profound Snow Spirit Fox, looking at the sword continuously glowing, he felt a pain in his heart.  This was not a piece of garbage, or even a silver or gold grade equipment.  This was a priceless Mysterious God Sword that would let its owner run freely across the world!

He paused for a second, then he said with a serious expression, “If you feel awkward about this, you can just give me something else.  For example if you have any other Mysterious God weapons……Oh, if you don’t, then how about eighteen Heavenly weapons, or how about one hundred and eighty Spiritual Weapons?”

Three black lines formed on Long Mo Ya’s forehead.  He suppressed the urge to roar and forced himself to speak in a calm tone, “…….There are only ten pieces of Mysterious God equipments on the entire Lost Continent.  This God Slaying Dragon Sword is the treasure of our dragon race and I only have this because of my identity as the Dragon God’s Stone protector.  You think it’s something that can be casually taken out…….Also, Spiritual Weapons and Heavenly Weapons, they are all priceless treasures, you even want one hundred and eighty of them.  Do you think that they’re pieces of garbage lying by the side of the road!”

After Long Mo Ya finished venting, he didn’t let Ye Tian Xie talk.  He looked over at him and threw out one black and one white object right in front of Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie quickly reached out and grabbed them, “These two things are treasures of my dragon race.  The Holy Dragon’s Fang and Demonic Dragon’s Fang.  The Demonic Dragon’s Fang belonged to the strongest dragon god that had the darkness element in the past.  The Holy Dragon’s Fang belonged to a dragon god that had the light element.  Since darkness and light are incompatible, they should belong to two different people, but since your Dragon Soul contains both the powers of darkness and light, you qualify to possess both.  Also because of this, they might be able to release their strongest potential by being near you.  Now it seems like they were meant to become your possessions one day.”

What Ye Tian Xie held in his hands were not two dragon’s fangs, rather it was the heads of one black and one white dragon!  The dragon heads had the same position, they both had their mouths wide open to give a roar.  This angry form seemed to transmit dragon’s power that made people terrified.  These dragon heads seemed to be encrusted onto the same hand armour.  Ye Tian Xie moved his eyes and stretched out his hand.  At that moment, the Holy Dragon’s Fang and Demonic Dragon’s Fang instantly equipped themselves onto his left and right hands.

The hand armours were fixed onto Ye Tian Xie’s hands.  They covered the back of his hand to his wrist, but they didn’t cover his fingers.  Ye Tian Xie’s fingers were still exposed.  Of the two hand armours, one was jet black and the other was flawlessly white.  They corresponded with the colour of the dragon heads engraved on the armours.  If it was like what Long Mo Ya said, these two hand armours should be worn only by those with elemental attributed powers.  The Holy Dragon’s Fang should only be worn by light attributed dragons and the Demonic Dragon’s Fang should only be worn by darkness attributed dragons.  There was only Ye Tian Xie that could wear both on his hands, gaining an extra ability compared to dragons with only a single element.

His eyes looked down and Ye Tian Xie stared at the first hand armour in the «Destiny» world.  Regardless of what stats it had, just the eye catching style was enough to blot out everyone’s eyes.  He was already able to imagine it.  If he went out wearing this kind of hand armour, he would definitely cause quite a large commotion.

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