EDAH Chapter 115


Chapter 115: Dragon Rend, Dragon Shadow, Seven Heavy Splits

Holy Dragon’s Fang: Heaven Grade Equipment

Requirements: Having a sacred light Dragon Soul.

Forged from the fang of an ancient dead sacred light dragon god, it contains a very strong light attributed power.  But it has been left alone for too long, so it is unable to show any additional stats.

Stats: None.



Holy Light’s Blessings: Releases the light attribute dragon’s power in the Holy Dragon’s Tooth to completely restore the user’s HP and MP.  This can be used three times per day.

Demonic Dragon’s Fang: Heavenly Grade Equipment

Requirements: Having a darkness Dragon Soul.

Forged from the fang of an ancient dead dark dragon god, it contains a very strong darkness attribute power.  But it has been left alone for too long, so it is unable to show any additional stats.

Stats: None.


Dark Demon’s Curse: Releases the dark attributed dragon’s power in the Demonic Dragon’s Fang to release an attack.  Those hit by the light released will have their luck reduced by 10 for thirty minutes.  If the target has more than 10 points of luck, they will be reduced down to 0.  Also, there is a 70% chance of inflicting a darkness state (unable to see) and confusion state (unable to control one’s body) for 3-5 seconds.  This can be used three times per day.

Heaven Grade Equipment, it was actually two Heaven Grade Equipment unique to the dragon race.  But, even though they were Heaven Grade Equipment, they did not have any stats.  The only thing they had was a single skill.  Ye Tian Xie raised his head and looked at Long Mo Ya with a questioning gaze.

Long Mo Ya said, “The reason why these two treasures are here is because they were meant to be given to any dragons with the light or dark attribute in their dragon soul.  Before today, I never would have thought that I would be giving them to a single person.  Don’t be doubtful, they are stronger than you can imagine.  Only, attribute dragons are hard to come across, I haven’t seen one even after several thousand years.  Because it’s been so long, their powers have slowly fallen into a slumber, but it is very easy to awaken them again……”

“How do I awaken them?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“Water of Life……It’s said that to the far north, there is a mountain called Heavenly Sacred Mountain and there is a Spring of Life there.  As long as you can find the Spring of Life and can obtain the Water of Life, you just need to drip two drops of Water of Life on them and their powers will reawaken.  This can also be considered a training test for you.”  Long Mo Ya slowly said.

“Water of Life……”

Hearing these words, Ye Tian Xie began to think of the Beginner Village……and that old man named Yuan Que.  He had some Water of Life.  He vaguely remembered from the description of the Water of Life in Yuan Que’s hands, it had talked about how Yuan Que had risked his life to reach the Spring of Life on Heavenly Sacred Mountain.

Heavenly Sacred Mountain, Spring of Life……Ye Tian Xie embedded these two names into his memory.  To make Yuan Que with his Demonic Snake “risk his life” to get the Water of Life, the beasts guarding this place must be very terrifying……If was unknown if he even had the ability to reach this place yet.

After equipping the Holy Dragon’s Fang and Demonic Dragon’s Fang, Ye Tian Xie excitedly clenched his fingers.  It did not affect the flexibility of his fingers at all.  What was even stranger was the fact that after he equipped the hand armour, it did not feel heavy at all.  It was as light as if he were wearing nothing, it didn’t affect his movement at all.

Sometimes, being eye catching is more important than having strong stats.

He clashed his hands together and the black Demonic Dragon’s Fang and white Holy Dragon’s Fang collided together, letting out a deep clashing sound.  Ye Tian Xie raised his head and asked the question he had in his mind, “Why do I not have any attack skills?”

“Our dragon race do not have any attack skills.  With just our strength alone, a single fist is stronger than a normal person’s fancy skills.  But, it is very important to have an adaptable and strong fighting still…..The skills obtained by our dragon race are all learned from our battle experiences……Alright, even if it’s like this, I’ll help you this once.”

Long Mo Ya walked forward a few steps until he was standing in front of Ye Tian Xie.  He raised his hand forward and pointed his empty palm at Ye Tian Xie, “I’ll bestow the skills that I’ve learned over the years to you.  How much you can understand will all depend on your own ability!”

“Alright.”  Ye Tian Xie had a serious look on his face, but he was wildly laughing in his heart……Pointing something out and getting a free skill……This surprise came too fast, too sudden……

Long Mo Ya gave a slight nod.  He focused his gaze and then a mass of weak light came from his body.  It quickly condensed in his outstretched hand and then in an instant, it enveloped Ye Tian Xie’s body.

A gentle strength entered his body and Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes.  Silently he turned the things that didn’t belong to him into something he owned.

“Ding……You have learned the skills ‘Dragon Rend Strike’, ‘Dragon Shadow Strike’, and the unique skill ‘Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits’.”

Dragon Rend Strike: Collects dragon’s power in one’s hands and then launches a strong rending attack at the enemy.  This deals 200% damage to a single target, has a 30% chance of pushing back the enemy, 5% chance of knocking down the enemy, and a 5% chance of stunning the enemy for 2-4 seconds.  Costs 15 MP to cast and has no cooldown time.  Can be used with one’s fists or different weapons.  When using a sword weapon, “Dragon Rend Strike” will become “Dragon Rend Slash”.  When using a dagger weapon. “Dragon Rend Strike” will become “Dragon Rend Thrust”.  When using a bow weapon, “Dragon Rend Strike” will become “Dragon Rend Arrow”.

Dragon Shadow Strike: Condenses the user’s dragon’s power within the user’s body, letting the user quickly sprint forward, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.  There is a max range of 5 meters and the total sprint time can be between 0.2 to 0.5 seconds.  There is a 30% chance of pushing back the enemy, 10% chance of knocking down the enemy, and this will deal 120% normal attack damage.  Costs 25 MP to cast and has a 10 second cooldown.  Can be used with one’s fists or different weapons.  When using a sword weapon, “Dragon Shadow Strike” will become “Dragon Shadow Slash”.  When using a dagger weapon. “Dragon Shadow Strike” will become “Dragon Shadow Thrust”.  When using a bow weapon, “Dragon Shadow Strike” will become “Dragon Shadow Arrow”.

Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits: The user spins and sends out seven heavy strikes at a single target.  Each strike will deal damage equal to a normal attack and at the same time, the wind generated will push back all nearby enemies.  After being used, the user will fall into a 1 to 2 second stun.  Costs 120 MP to use and has a cooldown of 1 minute.

The descriptions of the three skills were transmitted one by one into Ye Tian Xie’s mind and the effects made Ye Tian Xie secretly shocked.  The Dragon Rend Strike without any cooldowns would become his main attack skill since the damage increase effect would double his damage.  The Dragon Shadow Strike was not just an attack with a five meter range, it was also a skill he could use to escape or cause a diversion.

The final unique skill made Ye Tian Xie’s heart beat wildly for a bit…….Seven heavy strikes, a full 700% damage!  This kind of attack strength was impossible for normal players to achieve even with two or three attacks!  With this skill, he was confident that there were no players that he couldn’t instant kill on the Chinese Server.

He raised his head and looked at Long Mo Ya.  He had a visibly excited face as he couldn’t help asking, “Such strong attributes and such strong skills.  What I want to say is, with the additional power from my job, my strength has far exceeded others that come from the same world as me.  Will I seriously be breaking the balance with them now?”

With the Reverse Boned Evil Dragon job, his stats had increased by several times.  And with these three incredibly strong skills, his abilities had increased once again…..It was completely above normal players at the same level.  In order to have a fair gaming world, hidden jobs were usually only a little stronger compared to normal jobs, but his “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” job was so strong that it completely ripped the balance apart.  He had taken a giant step forward and left all the other players behind.

“Balance?”  Long Mo Ya spoke in a low voice, then he couldn’t help giving a disdainful smile, “We dragons are natural born kings.  Although we are friends with humans, with our bodies, strength, and aura, there’s no need to discuss balance with us.  If our powers were comparable to a normal human, then how could we be called dragons!”

Long Mo Ya’s words caused a stir in Ye Tian Xie’s heart as he nodded his head in agreement.  His job’s name stated that he had the power of an evil dragon, so as the strongest race, why should he care if his power was balanced with normal humans?  With this kind of strength and his innate skills…….he could sweep away any obstacles that players presented.  This was a very good feeling.

But……Even if he was confident to fight any player, with his current strength, he still could not compare to the Azure Wolf or to the mysterious azure haired man.  

“I just gave you all my skills, how many did you comprehend?”  Long Mo Ya asked.

“Un, three of them.”

“Three?”  Long Mo Ya’s gaze was filled with a deep shock.

“Dragon Rend Strick, Dragon Shadow Strike, and Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits.  Are there still others?”  Ye Tian Xie said with a questioning expression.

Long Mo Ya was speechless for a while.  He looked at Ye Tian Xie like he was looking at a monster…… A strange dragon’s power and a strange body, even his comprehension powers were this incredible……He had given Ye Tian Xie a total of three skills and these three skills had taken him a thousand years to create.  When he gave them to Ye Tian Xie, he thought it would be hard to comprehend even one of them……He never would have thought that Ye Tian Xie would actually learn all three!

Long Mo Ya finally understood the meaning of the word “freak” the humans spoke of.

“That’s right, senior, I have something I need to ask you……Do you know about a Dragon Soul Burst skill?”  Ye Tian Xie seriously asked.  The “ignites the Dragon Soul and destroys everything” description was very mysterious, but it ignited a strong feeling deep down on his heart.

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