EDAH Chapter 116


Chapter 116: Dragon Soul Blast – Losing emotions

Long Mo Ya narrowed his eyes and silently stared at Ye Tian Xie for a while.  Then  he looked away as if he remembered something and forlornly said, “Of course I know of this skill because every person with dragon’s blood will have it.  Every dragon can use the Dragon Soul Blast.”

“Igniting the Dragon Soul and destroying everything……What this illustrates is the final light at the end of a dragon’s life.  Because, this is an exclusive desperation technique for our dragon race.  A forbidden skill that cannot be used unless one is in a life or death situation!”

“……”  Although he had already guessed this, hearing Long Mo Ya’s explanation, he was still surprised.  A desperation technique would have a terrifying might, but it usually came with a brutal penalty.  How terrifyingly strong was the Dragon Soul Blast?  How bad was the penalty?  Was it losing levels?  Was it reduced stats?  Or was it something else?

“If one uses the Dragon Soul Blast, what would happen?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.


If you use the Dragon Soul Blast, you can defeat enemies ten times as strong as you and even a hundred of these enemies by yourself.  You will be able to destroy whatever you wish to destroy.  It’s also for this reason that there are few people who are willing to offend the dragon race.  Throughout the history of dragons, there have been people that have used this before.  Every time the Dragon Soul Blast was used, it caused a catastrophic amount of damage.  The scene was so terrifying that if one doesn’t personally witness it, it would be hard to imagine.  But the consequences of using the Dragon Soul Blast is as terrifying as its results……Every dragon can only use the Dragon Soul Blast once in their lifetime because it detonates all their strength, life force, willpower, faith, and soul to send out a strike of desperation.  After being used, the dragon’s body will be like an empty oil lamp.  In all these years, our dragon race’s records have recorded thirteen instances of the Dragon Soul Blast being used.  There were six of them that were instantly scattered after burning their Dragon Souls, disappearing without a trace.  Five of them were unconscious as empty shells and ran out of life force after just a few days……As for the two lucky remaining dragons, they survived, but they did not have a trace of dragon’s power left.  They couldn’t even stand up by themselves afterward……painfully living the rest of their lives in that feeble condition.”

Ye Tian Xie: “!?”

“Then what about me……I am an otherworlder human and cannot truly die in this world.  If I use the Dragon Soul Blast, what would be the results?”

Long Mo Ya stared at him and slowly said, “Perhaps you won’t die……But you will definitely be like those lucky dragons that lived…….All your stats will fall to one and you’ll never be able to recover or gain new powers again.”

Ye Tian Xie: (⊙o⊙)!!

[TL Note: I could have replace this with text, but look at that face]

God……Is this true…….If it is, then who was the one that designed such a messed up skill……With these consequences, even if it is broken, who would be silly enough to use it…….What was more hateful was the fact that the effects and consequences weren’t even given.  If he had accidentally used it, then he would really have something to cry about!

It had to be known that «Destiny» did not have a restart option.  One could not create a new account after deleting their old account.

“Forget about this desperation technique.  You are an otherworlder human, so you won’t face a truly desperate situation and will never have the opportunity to use this skill.  There’s also something I need to tell you……If one doesn’t die after using the Dragon Soul Blast, there is still another terrifying side effect.”

“What is it?”

“Losing……Emotions!”  Long Mo Ya’s eyes turned distant as he slowly said these two words.

“Losing emotions?”  Ye Tian Xie was stunned.  What kind of side effect was this?

“After using the Dragon Soul Blast, the user will forget all the most important emotions in their lives.  They will forget all the events and people that are attached to these emotions.  From that ancient records of the dragon race, the two dragons that survived both confirmed this point.”  Seeing Ye Tian Xie’s surprised face, Long Mo Ya sighed and said, “Do you feel like this side effect doesn’t seem all that frightening?  Ah……Losing one’s emotions.  Once you have something that you cherish in your heart, you will understand how this is a punishment crueler than death.”

“I already know.”  Different from what Long Mo Ya expected, Ye Tian Xie did not show an expression of confusion or disdain.  His eyes were filled with traces of pain, loneliness, and love.  He had experienced true love before and had also lost it……But even if it made him feel pain, he would never allow himself for forget about it, or about her……Because, once he forgot about her, every day, every minute, every second, he would be a completely empty person.

Even if I die, I do not want to forget a single second of when she was in my life…….

Only, where are you right now……

Why did you leave by yourself…….

Don’t you know……To the ends of the earth, to the horizon beyond the clouds…..Even if it is the endless abyss or even purgatory, as long as you’re there, I’d be willing to smile and accompany you……

What kind of difficulties made you who cared more about me than the entire world leave without a sound……

When or where……Will I be able to see you again.

The emotional Ye Tian Xie was filled with sadness.  He forced out a smile as he looked at Long Mo Ya and said, “Senior Long, I was thinking of leaving as long as there is nothing else you need me to help you with.”

“You can leave for now.  Although the Dragon God’s Stone has disappeared, I have been here for countless thousands of years and have already acclimated to this place.  I don’t have anywhere else to go except staying here, so I’ll just remain here from now on.  If you have the chance, come and talk to an old man like me once in awhile……Although, I truly wish to see how you grow.”  Long Mo Ya smiled and nodded.  He looked completely different from the cold appearance he displayed in the beginning, now he seemed like a gentle and kind old man.

“Un, I’ll come and see you often.”  Ye Tian Xie smiled and said.  He was not just saying this.  He had already remembered this area, and with the “Dark Fog” skill, he was confident in falling down safely.  But, the reason why he would be coming back wasn’t just to see Long Mo Ya……Rather, he would be back to see if he could get any benefit……Whether it was strong equipment or strong skills, was there an old man more generous than him?

“All the members of the dragon race should be able to sense the Dragon God’s Stone’s disappearance and will be arriving at this location soon.  At that time, your name will be spread among the dragon race……From what I can see, you’re a very free person who doesn’t like others interfering with your business.  This kind of personality is not a bad thing for you, but it isn’t a good thing either.  Although I would like to bring you to meet the Lord of Dragons, I will leave the decision up to you.  With a Dragon Soul with both the powers of light and darkness and being the Black Fox’s master, you will not have a peaceful life from now on.  I am looking forward to your future…….Alright, this is a special place, so your Return Scrolls will not work here.  I’ll send you away from here now.”

Long Mo Ya raised his head and a glow began to surround Ye Tian Xie’s body.  Ye Tian Xie nodded and then suddenly thought of something.  Then he raised his head and asked, “Wait, Senior Long, since you’ve lived for several thousand years, you should be very experiences.  Have you ever heard of the Nuclei of Destiny?”

“The Moment of Destiny is the core of this world – The powers of the Eternal Moment of Destiny are divided into the Nuclei of Destiny.  In total there are seven of them, divided into seven different coloured existences.  They are respectively Blood Feather, Orange Fang, Yellow Abyss, Green Wave, Blue Spirit, Indigo Soul, and Heaven’s Will.  These seven Nuclei exist independently and have terrifying powers that surpass a normal human’s imaginations, especially the strongest mysterious purple coloured Heaven’s Will.  It is said that the power contained in the Heaven’s Will surpass the power of all the other Nuclei combined.  When the powers of the Nuclei of Destiny are gathered together in the Eternal Moment of Destiny, it will create a weapon that could destroy the balance of the Lost Continent…….Regarding the Nuclei of Destiny, this is all that I know.”  Long Mo Ya finished in a light voice and looked at Ye Tian Xie with a questioning gaze.

Blood Feather, Orange Fang, Yellow Abyss, Green Wave, Blue Spirit, Indigo Soul, and Heaven’s Will…….Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet…….Other than the Blood Feather and Indigo Soul, Ye Tian Xie finally found out the names of the other Nuclei of Destiny.  He firmly etched these seven names into his heart.  His intuition was telling him that as long as he could find these seven Nuclei of Destiny, he would be able to solve the secret of the Moment of Destiny……Perhaps, he could find out where she went……Or, who she was……

“Then do you know where these Nuclei of Destiny are currently located?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

Long Mo Ya slightly shook his head and said, “Currently the Eternal Moment of Destiny has already disappeared and the seven Nuclei of Destiny have vanished without a trace.  No one knows where they went…..Oh, if there is someone that knows where they are, then it would either be the Lost Continent’s High God, Goddess Xi Yao, or the seven sages that survived the battle from the past.  They are the people that are most likely to know where the Nuclei of Destiny are……But.”  Long Mo Ya raised his brow and asked with a serious expression on his face, “Why are you asking for the whereabouts of the Nuclei of Destiny?”

“I heard someone talking about it a long time ago.  They said that if a person could obtain the Moment of Destiny, they would be incomparably strong, so I was just curious.”  Ye Tian Xie casually said.  His voice and expression did not reveal any flaws at all.

Long Mo Ya took a few glances at him and said in a light voice, “The Nuclei of Destiny are not as simple as you think and the ones who own them are not ordinary at all.  Each Nuclei of Destiny has its own consciousness, but there are some that mature and some that do not.  So, although I do not know where they are, it’s certain that their consciousness will drive them to the most suitable carriers…….For example, the legendary Green Wave Nucleus of Destiny has been said to contain an incomparable toxicity, so it is likely to find a strong toxic area to reside in.  But, even if the current you found these Nuclei, you would not be able to take them for yourself.  Alright, I’ll be sending you off now!  Now the thing I want to see most is the day you reach the peak.  You are destined to be the miracle of the dragon race!”

The glow that was covering Ye Tian Xie slowly began to twinkle and it led him away from this deep and dark ten thousand feet abyss.

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