EDAH Chapter 118


Chapter 118: Headband of Bravery

Summoning Yao Yao back, Ye Tian Xie took out the Gu Ping Return Scroll and crushed it.

From setting out to complete the simple killing the Undead Monarch Hidden Quest, he never would have thought that so many unbelievable twists and turns would occur.  Killing the Undead Monarch was much easier than he thought, but it also caused the blood coloured phoenix, azure wolf, and the azure haired man to appear.  Then, he was dropped into the Hidden Dragon Abyss while being completely unprepared and met Long Mo Ya.  He even changed jobs to the powerful “Reverse Boned Evil Dragon” job and received the two slumbering Heavenly Grade Equipment – Holy Dragon’s Fang and Demonic Dragon’s Fang.  Finally he also received this amazing new partner, Yao Yao.

The world was ever changing and no one could ever predict what would happen next.  But it was also these unpredictable ups and downs that forged a person’s destiny.  The moment Ye Tian Xie received the unique quest in the City Lord’s Palace in Heavenly Stellar City, was a major turning point in his destiny……Finally, he had taken a large step into the Destiny world and had been reborn.

Returning to Gu Ping Town, he arrived in front of the mayor’s house.  He didn’t even have time to say anything before the mayor quickly came forward and shouted with an excited face, “Brave one, I have been looking forward to your return……You are indeed a true brave one who deserves the Badge of Bravery like the hero Gu Ping.  We already know that not only has the Undead Monarch been slain, even the Skeleton Cavern has collapsed and there will no more Undead Monarchs that will appear ever again……Brave one, not only have you saved us from a terrifying disaster, you have also saved our descendants from the fear of a future disaster……We do not know how we could ever thank you.”


Ye Tian Xie was a little surprised, but he quickly put on a humble expression and nodded, “No need, this is something I should do.”

Of course he wasn’t stupid enough to explain that the Skeleton Cavern was actually destroyed due to the blood coloured phoenix and the azure wolf.  It was impossible for him to destroy the Skeleton Cavern with just his abilities.  And for the reward for these kinds of quests, they were given based on percentage of completion.  There had to be a very large reward given for completing the quest to this degree.

“It must be because of our respect for the departed hero that sent you here to save a forgotten village like this.”  The village head began to mutter and his words made Ye Tian Xie speechless as he blushed in embarrassment.  A hundred years ago, someone with the Badge of Bravery named Gu Ping had perished together with the Undead Monarch and had saved Gu Ping Town.  Now, he had defeated the Undead Monarch and had also “destroyed the Skeleton Cavern”.  It was clear that the respect shown by the people of Gu Ping Town towards heroes was like worshipping gods.  

The mayor was filled with excitement and gratitude as he continued to praise him.  Finally he touched on the topic that Ye Tian Xie cared most about. “Honoured hero, please come with me.  There is something we the people of Gu Ping Town wish to give you to show our gratitude.”

There was a tall stone pillar in the middle of Gu Ping Town and carved on the pillar, there was a figure and the name of a person……It was Gu Ping who had saved Gu Ping Town a hundred years ago.  Beside the pillar, there was a small and ancient little shrine.  Although it was very old, the clean interior and exterior showed that people often cleaned it.

The Gu Ping Town mayor brought Ye Tian Xie over and then respectfully bowed down in front of the giant pillar, then he walked over to the shrine.  Ye Tian Xie did not follow him in and silently waited outside.  At the same time, he was very interested as he looking around himself.  Before he had come here, he had already heard the name Gu Ping before.  While he was trying to change his job in Heavenly Stellar City, he had heard it from one of the Job Change Instructors……Because he was one of the genius in the past hundred years to obtain both the Badge of Bravery and Hero’s Badge, with the other being Nameless.  If it wasn’t for his untimely death, he would have been someone who could have looked down on the world.

Ye Tian Xie did not wait long before the mayor quickly came back out.  In his hand, there was a strange steel coloured object.  Ye Tian Xie looked at it, but could not find out what it was.

“Hero from Heavenly Stellar City, this is the thing our Gu Ping Town has prepared to give you……And this, is something only you have the qualification to own.”  The mayor lifted his hand and placed the strange thing into Ye Tian Xie’s hands.  His face was filled with emotion as he said, “In the past, the hero Gu Ping who saved our little town perished with the Undead Monarch.  Before he died, he wanted us to bury him with the sword, shield, and armour that had accompanied him his entire life.  This is the only thing he left for us because a future brave one would need this and this was also something that only a brave one had the qualifications to own.”

When Ye Tian Xie received the object, he immediately looked at its stats.

Headband of Bravery: Special Mask Class Equipment

Obtained in the past by Gu Ping when he received his Hero’s Badge, it is made of an unknown material.  It can be equipped on one’s forehead and pulled down to cover one’s face down to one’s nose.  

Requirements: Having either the Badge of Bravery, the Hero’s Badge, or the War God’s Badge.  

Stats: Strength +10, Vitality +10, and 3% increase of critical rate and accuracy.

Special Skill:

Brave One’s Heart: Concentrates the user’s strength and faith to release a single terrifying sure kill attack.

Effects: After using the skill, the next attack launched will have a 100% critical rate.  Costs 20 MP and has a cooldown of 1 minute.


This was actually a mask…..A kind of special mask.  It was actually a mask that had stats and even had a special skill attached!

Holding this strange mask class equipment named Headband of Bravery, Ye Tian Xie began to remember the words the Heavenly Stellar City item shop boss said, “The mask, strictly speaking is not a kind of equipment, but rather a prop that conceals a player’s appearance, or at least the masks in my store are like this.  The City Lord has mentioned before that for you brave otherworlders, we are to give you the mask you like for free.  But, young man, as far as I know, there are some rare masks that can improve your stats.  There are some that even have very powerful stats.  Ai, I really hope that one day I’ll have the chance to see a rare item like that.”  

The thing that Ye Tian Xie was holding now was a strange mask with stats that the item shop boss yearned for.  It gave him ten strength and vitality, but because it was a special item, it was even more valuable than certain equipments that added over one hundred points.  It was even more valuable than jewelry class equipment like earrings, necklaces, and rings.

And that “Brave One’s Heart” was a very strong active skill.  If Ye Tian Xie used the “Brave One’s Heart” with the “Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Splits”, then he would be dealing fourteen times his damage with the critical strikes……This was a terrifying amount of damage.

“Ding……You have finished the Hidden Unique Quest ‘Helping Gu Ping Town exterminate the juvenile Undead Monarch’.  You have gained 32000 experience, 50 prestige, 100 gold coins, 20 favorability with everyone in Gu Ping Town, and the special equipment ‘Headband of Bravery’.  Because you have exceeded the requirement of the quest, you have received an additional 50 favorability with everyone in Gu Ping Town.”

The system prompt rang out in his ear signalling the fact that he had finished the Hidden Unique Quest that he had inadvertently received.  The additional reward given from destroying the Skeleton Cavern made Ye Tian Xie so excitedly that his lips almost revealed a crooked smile……The favorability of everyone in town had increased by fifty and add in the twenty he received as a reward, everyone in Gu Ping Town had over seventy favorability to him……They all reached the confidant favorability rank, and it neared the follower level.

This was much more valuable compared to any tangible items.  If everyone was friendly and respectful to you, this town without any hostility or deceptions will become a very beautiful place to take a vacation.

Taking off the tiger mask, he equipped the Headband of Bravery.  Suddenly, a forehead protector with a sword engraved in the centre appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s face.  It seemed to be made from steel, but upon careful examination, the glow of the metal completely differed from the luster of steel.  Ye Tian Xie reached out and pulled down the Headband of Bravery.  Suddenly, it covered his face all the way to his nose, only revealing his mouth and nose.  It was strange that while his eyes were covered, others could not see  his eyes, but he could see through the strange metal that the headband was made from.  He could clearly see through it and it did not impact his eyesight at all.  It was incredibly strange.

After bidding farewell to the Gu Ping Town mayor, Ye Tian Xie took his full harvest back to Heavenly Stellar City.  He had already finished the “Investigating the whereabouts of the missing guards” unique quest…..He had even exceeded the requirements.  Now he was excited to see how the City Lord would react once he knew that the blood coloured phoenix was dead, and he was excited to see what kind of rewards he would receive…….Because he could take out the Blood Feather and prove that he killed the blood coloured phoenix.

Then again, Ye Tian Xie had only left Heavenly Stellar City yesterday and he was already heading back.  He had already changed into a completely different person, with an incomparably strong Job and several equipments that normal players could not imagine.  He also had the shocking little pet with strange origins – Yao Yao.  This all began with him taking a quest to look for  the missing city guards.

The moment Ye Tian Xie appeared in the Heavenly Stellar City plaza, the loud surroundings suddenly went wild.  There were people talking to each other all around him and the “pa, pa” sounds of camera went off.  Countless looks of awe, surprise, and jealousy focused onto Ye Tian Xie’s body.

His shirt, pants, and shoes were all still novice equipments, but Ye Tian Xie’s right and left hands had one white and one black roaring dragon hand armours that caused all the other players to stare on in shock, with no one being able to take their eyes off him.  And on his face was a strange mask with a sword carved into it that no one had seen or heard of before…..Whether it was the hand armour or the mask, with just their appearances, even a fool could tell that they were not ordinary.

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