EDAH Chapter 119


Chapter 119: The unique quest’s ultimate reward

“Friend, where did you get those gloves and that mask?  How about you sell them to me?”  A tall man carrying a long broadsword walked forward and patted Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder as he spoke.  The tone of his voice was not very courteous and his eyes were filled with greed.  He was clearly someone that was not afraid of causing trouble.  Although he said he wanted to buy the equipment, the threatening tone in his voice made his intentions very clear.

To someone who was rude, Ye Tian Xie did not have a reason to be polite to him.  He looked at him and coldly said, “Move, don’t block my way.”

After finishing, he walked past him and went of in the direction of the City Lord Palace.

That person’s face filled with rage and then he revealed a cold smile, “Little brat, father has been in War Soul Hall for all these years and you are the first person who dared to talk to father like this.”


Once the words “War Soul Hall” was heard, all the players with expressions of admiration all changed expressions.  Those people that wanted to go forward and talk to Ye Tian Xie cautiously took several steps back.  There were several large organizations in the online gaming world that people could not offend, and War Soul Hall was one of them.

This person had wanted to use the name War Soul Hall to scare Ye Tian Xie, making him too scared to fight, so he would obediently hand over the hand armours and mask.  War Soul Hall had a worldwide influence, so if a person truly offended them, they would not have a good time in the Destiny world from now on.

Ye Tian Xie did not stop and just gave a cold laugh, “War Soul Hall, what kind of thing is this?”

“You!”  The man’s expression changed and he fought back the urge to make a move.  A sinister voice came from behind Ye Tian Xie, “Ah, little brat, you truly are crazy.  There will always be people that do not understand the immensity of heaven and earth.  You better pray that you do not run into me outside from now on!”

Players couldn’t pk in the Main City, this was a common rule in all online games.  No matter who was wrong, the person who tried to pk first would always receive a serious penalty.

After Ye Tian Xie had walked a bit away, he finally looked back and said in a taunting voice, “Indeed, you better pray that you do not run into me outside……”

As a high level official of the Lost Continent, the Heavenly Stellar City Lord’s life was also filled with quite a bit of free time.  He was currently laying back in his chair, his eyes half closed as he enjoyed his fragrant tea.  Hearing that Ye Tian Xie had arrived, the Heavenly Stellar City Lord focused his mind and sat up in the chair.

“Hello Sir City Lord, this one has succeeded in the mission down south and have brought back the news you wanted.”  Ye Tian Xie walked in and got straight to the point.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord’s face became serious as he asked in an anxious tone, “You truly are worthy of being someone who obtained the Badge of Bravery.  I knew you would be able to finish this dangerous quest as soon as possible.  Then, tell me where they are now and how they’re doing.”

Ye Tian Xie nodded and said, “Currently they are……”

Ye Tian Xie explained in detail to the City Lord about how the guards had encountered the blood coloured phoenix and there was only one who escaped with serious injuries who was currently healing up in Gu Ping Town.  The others had been completely buried in the cave by the blood coloured phoenix.  After hearing this, the City Lord gave a long sigh and then said with a sad face, “I never would have thought that they would encounter this kind of disaster…..They were the bravest soldiers of my Heavenly Stellar City……Ai, it’s a shame that although we know where the blood coloured phoenix’s lair is, we still have no way of exterminating it.  If we try to make a move we might anger it and suffer terrifying consequences.  Is my Heavenly Stellar City doomed to live under the shadow of this blood coloured phoenix?”

……My god, such a good chance!

Ye Tian Xie humbly said in a casual voice, “Sir City Lord, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.  The blood coloured phoenix will not appear in Heavenly Stellar City again since it is already dead.”

“Dead?  What……Dead!!??”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord was stunned for a second and then he jumped out of his chair like he had been pricked with a needle.  His old face turned red with excitement and his voice was trembling, “You……Are you telling the truth?  The blood coloured phoenix is already dead!?”

Ye Tian Xie took out the blood coloured Blood Feather from his inventory and placed it in front of the City Lord.  He had not installed the Blood Feather into the Moment of Destiny because of this one reason.

Seeing the blood coloured feather, the Heavenly Stellar City Lord was a little doubtful at first, but then he said in a shocked voice, “This……This……I remember it now, this is the feather on the blood coloured phoenix’s head!  It’s this glow!  I can’t remember it wrongly, it definitely is not wrong……The blood coloured phoenix is dead, the blood coloured phoenix is truly dead……Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

That wild laugh made a “weng, weng” sound ring in Ye Tian Xie’s ears, but he just patiently stood there as he listened to the Heavenly Stellar City Lord laugh like a maniac.  Everyone knew that the Heavenly Stellar City Lord was a peaceful person and had a very gently disposition, but this blood coloured phoenix had been a menace to the entire city that continued to harass them.  Since the blood coloured phoenix appeared, the Heavenly Stellar City Lord had spent three years worrying.  He had lost sleep because of it several times and he would dream about the blood coloured phoenix suddenly appearing in the sky every day……Now that he had heard concrete news that the blood coloured phoenix had died, he felt the giant stone like pressure in his heart finally disappearing.  How could he control the excitement in his heart?

“Good!  Good!  Being able to obtain the Badge of Bravery, you are a true hero who can create miracles.  Xie Tian, not only have you helped me find the whereabouts of the missing guards, you have also helped me and Heavenly Stellar City solve the problem that had bothered us.  This makes it……truly hard for me to thank you.”

Ye Tian Xie secretly drew back his lips.  Thank me?  This is very simple, my standards aren’t high…….Just give me eighteen Spiritual, Heavenly, or God weapons.  Or you can just give me eighteen million gold coins……

Of course, this person did not feel the slightest bit awkward about the fact that the blood coloured phoenix did not die by his hands.

Ye Tian Xie put the Blood Feather away.  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord who had been laughing to the point he almost choked finally sat down in the chair.  He pondered for a while and then finally slapped the table as he excitedly said, “Alright, I’ll use that!  That is the only thing that can let me properly show you my gratitude.  Come, take this.”

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord took out a thin piece of paper from his chest and put it in Ye Tian Xie’s hands.

“This is?”  Ye Tian Xie took it and his face filled with curiosity.

“Three years ago, I made my men create the most marvelous palace in Heavenly Stellar City on the best land possible.  Just last month, they finished building it and everything has been decorated.  All of it took three years to build and had cost over a hundred million gold coins.  I had built this for myself so that I would have a place to relax when I was old, but now…….You have solved such a large problem for me that other than this, I truly have no ways to show how grateful I am to you.  This is the land deed for the mansion.  With this deed, it will belong to you now and you will have control over the land for seventy years!”

Ye Tian Xie: (⊙o⊙)!!!!

[TL Note: Once again, look at that face.  I can’t change perfection…..]

A mansion……A mansion in the game world……A mansion worth over a hundred million gold coins……

Is this real……or fake…..or real……or fake…..Who’s about to tell me that I’m currently in a dream?

All the blood in Ye Tian Xie’s body seemed to have performed a somersault and his face turned red like he was drunk.  He tightly gripped the thin piece of paper in his hand, as if he was afraid the Heavenly Stellar City Lord would suddenly take it back.

“Ding……You have successfully completed the unique quest ‘investigating the whereabouts of the missing guards’.  You have been awarded 50000 experience points, 200 gold coins, and the Heavenly Stellar City Special Pardon Command Token.  Because you have completed the quest’s hidden requirement to an extreme degree, you have also obtained the hidden ultimate reward: The land deed for the most luxurious mansion in Heavenly Stellar City and 200 prestige.”

Heavenly Stellar City Special Pardon Command Token: A special command token given by the Heavenly Stellar City Lord to those that have performed a great merit to Heavenly Stellar City.  It can decrease sin value by 50 and allow a player to pk in the city five times without penalties.

Ye Tian Xie had completed the first unique quest in the Destiny world.  After he finished answering the Heavenly Stellar City Lord’s questions, Ye Tian Xie ran all the way to the mansion’s location on the land deed.  When the “most magnificent and expensive mansion in Heavenly Stellar City” that the Heavenly Stellar City Lord mentioned appeared, , Ye Tian Xie could not help but be stunned even though he prepared himself.

It was located in the center of Heavenly Stellar City and in such a good place that made people jealous.  The most prosperous business street was only a single street away and there were not many players that came here so it was a very quiet and peaceful place.  But what made Ye Tian Xie react in this way was not just because of its location, rather it was because of how big and luxurious it was.

From a rough estimate, the mansion was at least ten times larger than his real life villa and it was built in an aristocratic manner that made it hard for people to resist.  Ye Tian Xie immediately noticed the door and rushed over.

Because he had the land deed, the large main door opened by itself for him and automatically closed behind him after he walked in.  The moment he walked in, the system notification sound rang out in his ears.

“Ding…..Welcome.  This mansion belongs to you and as the first person to enter, please create a name for this mansion.”

“Name?”  Ye Tian Xie was stunned because this was something he was not prepared for.  He then pondered silently for a while as he tried to think of the perfect name.

“Guo Guo’s Little Cabin, Guo Guo’s Little Cabin.  Call it Guo Guo’s Little Cabin……”  Guo Guo appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder and quickly yelled.  Her yelling awoke Ye Tian Xie from his thinking and he unconsciously said, “Guo Guo’s Little Cabin……”

“Ding…..You have named this mansion ‘Guo Guo’s Little Cabin’!”

Ye Tian Xie: “I……..”


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  3. “It can decrease sin value by 50 and allow a player to pk in the city five times without penalties”- what does it mean?

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