EDAH Chapter 120


Chapter 120: Blood Sacrifice of Destiny

“Oh la la!  Guo Guo’s Little Cabin, Guo Guo’s Little Cabin!  This is the lovely name of the lovely Guo Guo’s cabin!  Oh la……Master, you are really good to Guo Guo.”  Guo Guo was shouting as she excitedly flew around like a little butterfly wandering around the house that was named after her.  Ye Tian Xie just stood there for a while, wanting to cry but there were no tears that flowed.

There was a courtyard, a loft, a garden, a pool, a warehouse, and even fruit trees planted all around.  It was a luxuriously decorated area with a elegant three story building in the center.  Even in the real world, it was hard to find such a beautiful mansion, not to mention people that could afford it.

And this kind of high class mansion actually had the name “Guo Guo’s Little Cabin”!

If people came to visit him now, it would be hard for him to say, “This is my Guo Guo’s Little Cabin.” with a serious face.


Fine……Since things are like this, there was no use complaining about it.  To be able to gain a house in this world seemed like a dream.  There was nothing he could be unsatisfied with.  Ye Tian Xie helplessly smiled as he shook his head.  He followed behind Guo Guo and walked around the home he now owned in this world.  After walking around his house, he came up with the conclusion:


Thinking about it, this luxurious home was like a gift from the heavens…….Because the blood coloured phoenix did not die by his hands.

There was a luxurious main hall in this building, which was much bigger than Ye Tian Xie’s real life house.  Ye Tian Xie sat down beside an expensive sandalwood table and his hand grabbed the little Moment of Destiny hanging from his chest.  Watching as it turned into the true Moment of Destiny, he also took out a blood coloured feather……The Blood Feather.

“Guo Guo, how do we return the Nucleus of Destiny into the Moment of Destiny?”  Ye Tian Xie held the Moment of Destiny in one hand and the Blood Feather in the other as he looked at Guo Guo and asked.

“Wu……Let me think.”  Guo Guo nipped on her finger and instantly her eyes lit up, “I remember now!  It’s very simple, you just have to place the Blood Feather into the its hole.  Wa oh, Guo Guo is so smart!”

Ye Tian Xie completely ignored her last sentence and then tried to pick up the Blood Feather.  He moved it towards the top most hole on the Moment of Destiny……That feather shaped, scarlet glowing hole.


The moment that the Blood Feather and that hole came into contact, a strong power was instantly transmitted, causing Ye Tian Xie’s hand to flick.  A strong blood coloured light began to shine from the Blood Feather and moved to the centre of the Moment of Destiny.  It suddenly flashed in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes, forcing him to turn away, so he could avoid the shining red light.  At the same time, a strong blood scent filled his nose and his brows wrinkled together.

But the scarlet glow and blood smell disappeared as fast as it appeared.  Before Ye Tian Xie could react, the light and smell was already gone.

“Oh la!  Master, look quickly.  It’s alright, it’s alright now!  Oh la la la……Guo Guo is the smartest, the smartest!”  Guo Guo was very proud of herself.  She was so proud that she almost flew off into the sky.  As a reward for herself, she sat down on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder and began to sing “la la la” as she opened a lollipop to eat.

Ye Tian Xie turned around and stared at the Moment of Destiny in front of him.  The feather shaped hole was already gone and was replaced with the Blood Feather releasing a demonic scarlet glow.  That glow was not very strong, but it was hard to stare at it for long.  At the same time, he felt a kind of suppressing feeling that caused his heart to palpitate…….

“Ding……Because of the new strength entering it, your Eternal Moment of Destiny has begun to change.  The skills ‘Blood Sacrifice of Destiny’, ‘Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes’, ‘First Killing Strike – Blood Stop’ has been unlocked.”

The Moment of Destiny had finally regained one of the lost Nuclei of Destiny and its strength and stats had changed with the return of the Blood Feather.

Eternal Moment of Destiny (Remnant)

Requirements: None

Item Grade: Spiritual

The power core of the Destiny world.  It has an unknown and mysterious power and origin.  It is currently lacking the Nuclei of Destiny.  It has already recognized a master.

Master: Ye Tian Xie

Cannot be traded, cannot be dropped, cannot be stolen, and cannot be discared.

Stats:  Attack +150, Attack +10%, and +20 to the Four Basic Stats.  Normal attacks can be used to attack all enemies within the weapon’s range and there is a 2% probability of absorbing damage dealt as HP.


Gift of Destiny: The owner of the Eternal Moment of Destiny will receive the blessings of destiny.  Innate stats are increased by: Luck +15, Comprehension +15, Charm +15.  (Forcefully activated, the stats cannot be removed.  If the Eternal Moment of Destiny is not removed from the user’s body, the effects will not vanish.)

Blood Sacrifice of Destiny: With blood as a sacrifice, the user will receive a wild energy.  When the user’s HP is below 10%, their attack will increase by 100%.  When the user’s HP is below 5%, their attack will increase by 200%.  When the user’s HP is below 3%, their attack will increase by 300%.  When the user’s HP is below 1%, their attack will increase by 400%.  Forcefully activated, unable to be deactivated.

Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes: Activates the punishment energy within the Moment of Destiny to activate seven different punishments of destiny.  The effects are irresistible and cannot be overlaid.  There is an unknown attack range and an unknown cooldown.

First Killing Strike: Life Punishment – Blood Stop.  The punishment energy within the Eternal Moment of Destiny is used to launch a life punishment at a single target.  Regardless of level, grade, or defences, the target will lose 10% of their Max HP.  It can be added onto a basic attack, but the effects cannot occur twice on a single target.  It can be used along with the ‘Destiny’s Seven Killing Strikes” costing 100 MP or can be used alone.  If used alone, there is no MP cost or cooldown.

Second Killing Strike: Magic Punishment – Magic Stop.  Unknown effects, costs 200 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Third Killing Strike: Heavenly Punishment – Mental Shatter.  Unknown effects, costs 400 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Fourth Killing Strike: Protection Punishment – Corroding Poison.  Unknown effects, costs 800 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Fifth Killing Strike: Life and Death Punishment – Undead Soul.  Unknown effects, costs 1600 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Sixth Killing Strike: Yin and Yang Punishment – Soul Death.  Unknown effects, costs 3200 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Seventh Killing Strike: Destiny’s Punishment – Heavenly Punishment.  Unknown effects, costs 9999 MP.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

Forbidden Technique:

Destiny Banning Crimes, Heavenly Slaughter: Unknown effects.  The required Nucleus of Destiny is missing so it cannot be used.

With an extra Blood Feather, the Eternal Moment of Destiny’s stats had increased by countless times and it gained several stats that normal equipments would not have.  At the same time, it also gained a strong 2% life steal ability.  Also, the Blood Feather had also unlocked two abilities……The effects of these two skills were enough to make Ye Tian Xie’s expression fall.  One was a skill that gave him a crazy increase in attack power based on his remaining HP.  The other, was a skill that could disregard defense, level, and grade to deal 10% of the target’s HP.

With this kind of power, it truly is worthy of being a Nucleus of Destiny.  If these skills were placed in front of a normal person, they were strong enough to make a person’s face changed.  Especially this Blood Sacrifice of Destiny skill.  In the hands of Ye Tian Xie, it could be considered a true nightmare.  If the effects could superimpose with the ‘Berserk Fighting Will’, then it would be truly terrifying.

Holding the Eternal Moment of Destiny in his hands which had one less hole and an extra Blood Feather, Ye Tian Xie felt a stronger desire to find the other Nuclei of Destiny.  He wanted to know the secrets of the Moment of Destiny, he especially wanted to know her secret.  At the same time, he wanted to see how strong the Moment of Destiny could become.

“Guo Guo, where are the other Nuclei of Destiny?  Do you really not know?”  Ye Tian Xie turned his eyes to the side, looking at Guo Guo lazily lying there and he said.

“I don’t know.”  Guo Guo gently nipped at the lollipop and ambiguously said.

“Are you not the world’s most intelligent Guo Guo?  Why do you not know?”  Ye Tian Xie said with an evil face.  He had finally found an opportunity to attack Guo Guo.

“Of course I’m the most intelligent, MOST intelligent, and cutest little loli, but you are the master!  If I knew everything, what would a master like you need to do then?”

Guo Guo’s words stunned Ye Tian Xie and he could not respond with anything.  He had no choice but to say nothing.  After thinking for a bit, he pulled several pieces of equipment from his inventory.  Now that he had a Job, he could now wear equipments that required a Job and rid himself of his Beginner equipments.  He quickly swapped out his equipment.

He took out these four pieces of equipment that had the same strange appearance.  This was the set of bronze equipment that he had farmed from the small raccoons a few days ago.  They were all level fifteen bronze equipment.  Their names and attributes were all a part of a set.

Tough Shoulder Pad: Level 15 Bronze Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 close combat Job.

Defense +20, Strength +6, and Vitality +5.

A very hard shoulder pad.  It should have strong defensive abilities.

Tough Leg Guards: Level 15 Bronze Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 close combat Job.

Defense +15, Strength +5, and Vitality +5.

A very hard leg guard.  It should have very strong defensive abilities.

Tough Helmet: Level 15 Bronze Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 close combat Job.

Defense +10, Strength +4, and Vitality +4.

A very hard helmet.  It should have very strong defensive abilities.

Tough Boots: Level 15 Bronze Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 close combat Job.

Defense +10, Strength +3, Vitality +3, and Move Speed +8.

A pair of very hard boots.  It should have very strong defensive abilities.

With these four pieces of equipment from the large and small raccoons equipped, Ye Tian Xie excitedly opened his status window and looked at his stats.

Player: Xie Tian

Level: 15

Job: Reverse Boned Evil Dragon

Prestige: 520

Money: 1453 gold coins

Hunger: 30/195

Basic Stats:

Strength: 183

Vitality: 104

Agility: 74

Intelligence: 74

Fixed Stats:

Luck: 17

Comprehension: 17

Charm: 27

Max HP: 2550

Max MP: 2040

Physical Attack Power: 679

Magical Attack Power: 148

Physical Defense: 245

Accuracy: 74

Evasion: 74

Reflexes: 72

Perception: 53

Focus: 42

Attack Speed: 100

Move Speed: 108

HP Recovery: 5 (Recovers 5 HP per second.)

MP Recovery: 0

Fire Resistance: 23%

Water Resistance: 23%

Wind Resistance: 23%

Thunder Resistance: 28%

Earth Resistance: 23%

Light Resistance: 73%

Darkness Resistance: 73%

Skills: Berserk Fighting Will, Dark Fog, Dragon Rend Strike, Dragon Shadow Strike, Seven Rolling Dragon Hurricane Hits.

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