EDAH Chapter 121


Chapter 121: Broken Heart (Part 1)

While he had just reached level fifteen, his stats were three times what they were just yesterday!  The stats that should have fallen behind normal players had actually far exceeded normal players.  It surpassed them by quite a bit and was comparable to a level twenty or thirty player.  It was very clear that the stats added by his Job allowed him to completely shatter the balance of the «Destiny» game world.  It was a strong Job that should not exist.

But Long Mo Ya had said that dragons were the strongest life forms out there.  Whether it was their strength, body, or abilities, they far exceeded normal humans, so why did they have to worry about being balanced with humans……Thinking of this, his face froze and he gave a self ridiculing smile.  He was a person and a player out of a hundreds of millions of others, was he treating himself as a dragon just because of a single Job?

After walking around the mansion that seemed like a gift from the heavens for a few times, he was finally clear on the layout of his new home in this world.  He walked out feeling satisfied as he headed to the Heavenly Stellar City business street.  Players could buy their own houses in the city, but due to the large number of players and limited urban areas, the prices of these houses were sky high.  Many people were unable to afford a house in the game world and the currency exchange market had not yet been open.  Ye Tian Xie already owned a mansion so extravagant that it could not be bought with any sum of money.

In the Destiny world, one never needed to worry about strangers entering one’s house.  If the master was not home, a person without authorization shouldn’t think of entering at all.  Even if the master is home, those without authorization still couldn’t enter.  It was nonsense to talk about trespassing on another person’s home in Destiny.


Ye Tian Xie walked towards the only appraisal store in Heavenly Stellar City.  Now that he had an incredibly strong Job, he could finally equip those high level equipments that he obtained before.  So, he had to appraise the silver and gold grade equipment that he had in his inventory as fast as possible.  Especially that level fifteen gold equipment that came from the Undead Monarch…..The Undead Cloak.

In order to avoid any unnecessary trouble, Ye Tian Xie had already removed the Holy Dragon’s Fang and Demonic Dragon’s Fang from his wrists.  As well he removed the Headband of Bravery from his forehead and replaced it with the tiger mask from before.

The Heavenly Stellar City appraisal store was on the western side of the business district.  As soon as he approached the store, he saw that there were quite a few people sitting and waiting outside the store itself.  Once they saw Ye Tian Xie walking over, they quickly ran to welcome him by saying, “This little friend, are you getting something identified?  Let us identify it for 70% of the appraisal store cost.”

There were many livelihood professions in the Destiny world.  There were merchants, singers, poets, chefs, cooks, engineers, designers, tailors, masseurs, alchemists, bartenders……And on and on.  Other than the love industry, every job in the real world could appear here.  There were even some jobs here that did not exist in the real world.

The players could choose a fighting Job, but they could choose as many livelihood Jobs as they wanted, without any limitation in terms of quantity and conditions.  But one could not try to do too much.  One could only succeed if they focus on something, this was a truth that everyone knew.  So when players chose to focus on a fighting Job, they would not focus on a livelihood Job.  At the same time, those that did not want to fight would pick a livelihood Job……As well, people needed to focus on livelihood Jobs and would only focus on a single one or two.

But there were exceptions.  There were a few jobs that only livelihood players could pick and fighting Jobs could not pick.  Appraisers were one of these Jobs.  If a player changed Jobs into a fighting Job, then they would be disqualified to become an appraiser.  At the same time, if they were an appraiser and they tried to change into a fighting Job, they would lose their appraiser job.  This was to ensure the balance of livelihood players.

Although livelihood Jobs could not experience the joys of fighting, they did not need potions or equipments (But they still needed some high level livelihood Job items).  To make it simple, a money making Job……was like getting a job in the real world.

The appraisal Job was a livelihood Job, but it was also very hard to level.  Because to level their Jobs, they needed to gain experience points by appraising a lot of equipment.  The higher level the equipment, the more experience points they gained from appraising it.  If they had enough things to appraise, this hardest Job to level becomes the easiest Job to level.

At the same time, appraiser was a Job that required no investment.  This Job required no items, investment, or pain.  It just required the player to use the appraisal skill.  Compared to the miners, blacksmiths, alchemists, and the herb gatherers who worked hard day and night……The appraisal job was much easier.

But in the early stages of the game, appraisers were doomed to fail since it was hard for them to start.  Because, in the current stage and for a while into the future, there were few appraisable items for them.  Moreover, there were appraisal shops that took opportunities away from them.  It was also because of this that few people chose to become appraisers in the early stages of the game, but with the giant player base, this was still not a small number.  At this early stage, there were low amounts of bronze items in the Beginner Village, it was rare to see a silver grade item, and a gold grade item was something people dreamed about.  It was not an exaggeration to say that there were more appraisers than items to be appraised.

Even if there were not many, there were many appraisers hanging around the appraisal shops waiting for people.  They wanted to see if they could find a player with an unidentified silver item.  If they succeeded, they would earn some income…..More importantly, they could only gain experience points to level up through appraising items.

The little appraiser that came to ask Ye Tian Xie had a listless face.  He did not have any enthusiasm and it was obvious that he was not hopeful.  The only reason he had come up to welcome him was because Ye Tian Xie was covered in bronze grade equipment which made him hopeful that Ye Tian Xie might have a silver grade equipment.

Appraisers only charged players 70% the price of the appraisal shop, but even like this, Ye Tian Xie did not have any plans to let this appraiser help him……Because the things he had to appraise were all things that were 100% to make everyone’s chins fall down.  At the same time, he did not want to cause any trouble, so Ye Tian Xie just waved his hand and walked past him into the appraisal shop.  But the moment he lifted his feet, a strange feeling suddenly appeared.  His head could not help turning in the direction of someone staring at him……Almost as if there was a certain attractive force that was forcing him to look that way……

His eyes passed through a few people and he saw a solitary delicate figure that could be easily ignored standing against the wall.  It was her gaze that caused Ye Tian Xie to have that strange reaction.  The moment he saw her, he was instantly attracted by the aura contained in this figure.  Although it was light, it lingered in his heart and he could not help wanting to know more about her.

Such a beautiful girl.  She had a gentle and delicate beauty that made people pity her, but it wasn’t her beauty that was shocking, nor would it shock anyone else.  It was her aura that touched his heart and without being able to stop it, he couldn’t help moving in her direction.  Her eyes shined bright and contained a kind of desire that he could understand, but made him want to understand her.  There was also a buried melancholy that she did not want other people to touch.  Perhaps even she did not know about it.  Her two dark brows were just slightly knit together.

This was the second time that a woman had been deeply imprinted into Ye Tian Xie’s mind with a single glance.

The lonely girl stood there, with eyes constantly falling onto her body, carrying an indecent meaning in them.  Perhaps it was destiny or perhaps it was this girl’s temperament that made it impossible for them to approach her.  There was nobody gathered beside her.  When Ye Tian Xie approached her, her eyes filled with a trace of surprise as she looked at him.

“Hello, is there any equipment I can help you appraise?”  The girl seemed timid and she moved back a small step as she asked him.  She was also an appraiser, so she was hoping that he would have a piece of equipment for her to appraise.

Her voice was very gentle and there was a timidness that could not be disguised in that gentle voice.  This voice made Ye Tian Xie’s heart began to beat……This was the a kind of person that was afraid and cautious of her surroundings and the people around her.  It was also this kind of person that had been deeply hurt before, or had felt deep fear.

Compared to the him of the past……It seems so familiar…….Is this the feeling of being attracted to yourself?

Moreover, he could tell that she required money.  She seemed like she really needed something……But perhaps reality has disappointed and frightened her, so she was trying to find what she needed in this world.

Ye Tian Xie was not a simple kind hearted person, but this kind of strange feeling made his heart beat fast, as if he really wanted to do something.  He completely forgot about the idea of going to the appraisal store and Ye Tian Xie nodded at her, “I have a piece of equipment that needs appraisal, I hope you can help me.”

After he said this, he clearly saw a trace of light that no one could resist flash through this girl’s eyes…….It let him know that she really needed money right now……At this stage, although the currency exchange was not open yet, gold coins were very precious because of this.  Those large groups that did not care about money would pay as high as a 1:1 conversion for gold coins so that they could use it to develop.  Just like the coins that Ye Tian Xie had extorted from the Red Leaves Guild, they had not hesitated to pay ten dollars just for a single coin.  In Heavenly Stellar City, there were several trade unions created that served as “exchange points”.  

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