EDAH Chapter 122


Chapter 122: Broken Heart (Part 2)

Thinking of this, Ye Tian Xie did not hesitate before taking out a piece of Silver equipment.  This was the Vicious Bull Bracers that he obtained from fighting the Wild Vicious Bulls in Beginner Village 60001.

For trades between players or transactions between players and NPCs, one could choose to hide the transaction items and stop the sounds from ringing out, only letting those involved see or hear the transaction.  When a player engaged in an appraisal transaction, the item would be traded to the appraiser.  Regardless of whether the appraisal succeeded or failed, the item would return to the original owner after a minute…….This was to prevent the appraiser from running after getting the item.  When the appraisal succeeds, the appraisal fee will automatically be given to the appraiser.  If the player did not have enough gold coins, then the appraisal would not begin……Of course, if it was a trusted friend, the player could trade the item over to the appraiser directly and would not have to spend any money at all.

The Vicious Bull Bracers were traded to the girl and when she received it, she couldn’t help revealing an excited expression.  Her body was too weak, so she couldn’t help her friends.  The only thing she could do in this world was become an appraiser which was a Job that required nothing to earn gold coins……And today was her first day standing here, anxiously waiting.  Although she was not a player that understood everything about this gaming world, she knew that it was hard for appraisable equipments to appear at this stage.  Even if they did appear, most of the large organizations would have an internal group of appraisers…….But she never would have thought that she would encounter her first “job” today.

“Level ten Silver equipment requires ten gold coins for appraisal……Is this price ok?”  The girl bashfully held onto the silver bracers as she anxiously spoke.  To her, there were many people that could afford to spend ten gold coins, but to appraise a piece of equipment……This was already considered a high price.


“Un, you can begin.”  Ye Tian Xie nodded and revealed an encouraging smile for her.  It was a pity that he was wearing a tiger mask on his face and no one could see what kind of expression he was showing.

“Alright, then I’ll begin.”  The girl spoke in a low voice and then lowered her head.  She held the item in one hand while carefully using the “Appraisal Skill” in the other.

The levels of the appraisal technique were the same as the other livelihood Jobs.  The levels in an ascending order were Low Level, Intermediate Level, High Level, Spiritual Level (Spiritual Grade), Heavenly Level (Heavenly Grade), Divine Level (Mysterious God), and Saint Level (Saint Extermination).  The higher the level of the appraiser, the higher level equipment they could appraise and the higher their success rate was.  Low Level appraisers would have a 80% chance of succeeding with a Silver Item, 30% chance of succeeding with a Gold Item, and 0% change for items above the Gold Grade.  At the same time, if the appraisal of an item fails five times, the item would become damaged.

Ye Tian Xie did not look at her using the appraisal skill, he just looked at her eyes.  He felt that he could see something that he really wanted to find out in her eyes.  And at this moment, he finally saw this eighteen-nineteen year old girl’s name.  This name made Ye Tian Xie’s heart began to pound fast.

Broken Heart.

“Alright, the appraisal is done.”

The girl’s voice made Ye Tian Xie look away as he nodded his head.  He received the Vicious Bull Bracers from the visibly excited young girl and at the same time, ten gold coins disappeared from his inventory and appeared in her inventory.

Vicious Bull Bracers: Silver Equipment

Requirement: Level 10 close combat Job and Strength greater than 40.

A bracer made from Wild Vicious Bull leather.

Stats: Defense +10, Attack +7, Vitality +7, and critical rate +2%.

Thinking about it, this was the first time Ye Tian Xie had seen a Silver item in the Destiny world.  It truly was worth the title of a Silver Equipment.  Not only did it increase four different stats, the strength and vitality increase far exceeded the level fifteen Tough Wrist Guards the small raccoons dropped.

“Thank you.  If you have any other equipment you need to appraise in the future, could you……”

“I still have a lot of equipment that still need to be appraised, do you want to help me?”  Ye Tian Xie gave a faint smile as he spoke.  He suddenly realized that he really wanted to see this girl’s excited appearance…….Perhaps it was because, he had the same expression as her before.  That kind of cautious and afraid of the world kind of appearance.

Ye Tian Xie took out the War Tiger Violent Armour and the War Tiger Boots that the Amethyst War Tiger had dropped.  He was very satisfied with the look of shock, disbelief, and excitement the girl displayed.

“I……I will immediately identify it for you…….These two have higher levels, so they’ll cost a total 40 gold coins.  Is that alright?”

The level was a little higher……While saying this, she was shocked that there were two Silver Equipment in front of her, and that they were actually level twenty equipment.  Level twenty…….The highest person on the level ranking Xie Tian was still only level fifteen!

This person……He has to be a high leveled person.  She silently thought in her heart.

After the two Silver Items had been appraised, they were returned to Ye Tian Xie.

War Tiger Violent Armour: Silver Equipment

Requirement: Level 20 close combat Job

A soft armour made from the Amethyst War Tiger’s skin.  It is very tough and has the ability to negate thunder.  

Stats: Defense +50, HP +50, Strength +12, Vitality +12, and Thunder Resistance +5%.

War Tiger Boots: Silver Equipment

Requirement: Level 20 close combat job.

Boots made from the Amethyst War Tiger’s Skin.  It is very tough and light.

Stats: Defense +30, Strength +9, Agility +9, Evasion +9, Move Speed +12.

He could not use the level twenty items right now, so he had no reason to take them out for appraisal.  But the reason why Ye Tian Xie took them out wasn’t just to get them appraised, rather it was for this appraiser girl.  After putting away the two level twenty Silver equipment, Ye Tian Xie took out the three level fifteen Silver Equipment he got from the Skeleton Cavern’s Undead Monarch.  He traded them to the girl, “I’ll have to trouble you to help me identify these three as well.”

Seeing another three Silver items that people rarely saw, the young girl just stood there shocked.  Then she realized that she had the equipment in her hand, “……Three pieces costs 45 gold coins in total……Is that alright?”

“Un!”  Ye Tian Xie smiled as he replied.

After the three Silver equipment were appraised, Ye Tian Xie just threw them into his inventory.  After a little hesitation, he pulled out another two golden glowing equipment, “Can you also appraise Gold Equipment?”

The young girl fell into a daze.  She didn’t react for a while……Gold Equipment……She was actually looking at Gold Equipment right now!

“I……I can try.”  Although the girl tried to stay as calm as possible, her voice was trembling.  Even if it was someone that was playing Destiny for the first time, they would know how important Gold Equipment were to players right now……This person not only took out a shocking amount of Silver equipment, he also took out Gold equipment……And there were two of them!”

Even if she was stupid, she could still understand that the person in front of her was not a normal person……Moreover, he was an exceptional person even among exceptional people.

With the level of her appraisal skill right now, she only had a 30% chance of succeeding with Gold equipment.  She did not know whether it was because of the priceless Gold equipment in her hand or it was because she was afraid of failing four times, her face was currently filled with fear, “The appraisal of the Gold equipment will cost a bit……The Undead Spear will cost 45 gold coins.  The Undead Cloak is a special item, so I will cost a bit…….It will cost 90 gold coins.”

In total, it was 135 gold coins.  This was a very big number.

“Un, then you can begin.  It won’t matter if you can’t appraise it, there is a 100% appraisal store behind you.”  Ye Tian Xie smiled and said.

“Un……Thank you.”  She spoke in a low voice.  Then she began to appraise the Undead Spear and Undead Cloak that came from the Undead Monarch.  It was clear from her movements that her heart was filled with anxiety.

The first appraisal, failed.  The second appraisal, failed.  The third appraisal……succeeded.  The girl gave a small sigh of relief.  As for the Undead Cloak, she succeeded on her first try.  A smile appeared on the girl’s pale anxious face and she returned the Undead Spear and Undead Cloak back to Ye Tian Xie.

What kind of stats would these Gold equipment have?  Ye Tian Xie was full of anticipation as he looked at the two appraised Gold equipment in his hand.

Undead Spear: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 Warrior Job

A spear instilled with the aura of death, it releases attacks filled with a terrifying death aura.

Stats: Attack +70 and Strength +70.  Attacks will deal an extra 30-50 death element damage, with a 5% chance to cause a 3-5 second confusion and a 1% chance to instant kill.

The Undead Spear was the length of a human and was covered in a thick undead aura.  It had two stats, an extra damage effect, and two very hard to appear terrifying additional effects.  It truly was worthy being a Gold equipment.  It was unknown how many Warriors would lose their mind over this golden spear if they knew about it.

Undead Cloak: Gold Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 with a Job

A cloak filled with undead and spiritual energy that seems to contain the energy of a certain mysterious Netherworld.  

Stats: Defense +30, Agility +10, Vitality +8, Death Resistance +10%.  Attacks now have a 5% chance of triggering the “Netherworld” effect which turns the user’s body into shadows, making them immune to all physical attacks.

The cloak was a very rare type of equipment to find.  Other than its additional features, the stats it added was much less compared to other equipments.  For this Gold Grade Undead Cloak, its stats were not very high, but the Undead Cloak’s “Netherworld” ability made Ye Tian Xie’s heart beat fast in excitement…….Once triggered, he would be in the Netherworld State that made him immune to all physical attacks and it had a probability of 5%.  Although it only lasted three seconds, that three seconds would usually be a lifesaving opportunity in most fights and would allow him to reverse most battles.

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