EDAH Chapter 124


Chapter 124: The forbidden room

The young man wanted to shout out, but he immediately forcefully covered his mouth, completely stopping the sound he was about to make.  Because, he heard the footsteps of the people chasing them……getting closer and closer.

Perhaps it was because he was out of strength or perhaps he already knew he could not escape, so the man hugged the thing in his chest closely……Under the cover of the night and gently fluttering clothes, it seemed like he was holding a four-five year old child.  Hearing the approaching footsteps, he didn’t turn around and just stood on the cliff, facing that deep abyss.  He then said in a frightening voice, stressing every word, “No matter who you are……as long as I can live today, the blood debt that has been made……I will make you pay ten thousand times the price!!!!”

After he finished speaking, he jumped.  In the little boy’s shrinking eyes, he jumped forward……

Two black shadows appeared from the darkness and as they watched the man holding the little child jump off, a ear grating and ridiculing voice said, “Hei, jumping off a cliff in front of us to escape……You courage is not bad, but it’s a pity you won’t have a chance.”


A thing that smelled like gunpowder was lifted up by the black figure.  A large sound rang out and a fire coloured figure shot out into the nighttime sky, suddenly shooting towards the man……


The attack hit and a flower of flames bloomed in the explosion.  The man’s body and the thing he was holding was turned to debris under the glow of the flames, which was accompanied by two disdainful laughs.

The little boy forced himself to cover his mouth, not letting himself make any noise at all.  His large eyes that was staring at the scene turned blurry from the tears that appeared.  He just gripped onto his own legs, making sure that his hand would be awake……Blood began to flow from between his fingers.

He couldn’t cry, He couldn’t make a sound…….He couldn’t die and waste the life that his Big Brother used his own to protect……If he died, who would avenge his mother and father, who would avenge his Big Brother……

“Oh, human weapons aren’t bad.  This really is an interesting thing, we should bring it back to play with.”

“The mission is over, let’s go back and report.  This is not a place we should stay for long.”

This was the last two sentences the young boy heard that night.  At that time, he deeply carved the voices of these two people in his heart.  Once he became older, he finally began to care more about the word “human” they had said…….Only beings that were not humans would naturally call people as “humans”.

On that one night, the four year old boy had grew up.  Without a family or home, he just told himself one sentence everyday……Live, he had to live no matter what.

Only after five years, ten years, fifteen years……All the way until he grew up and his power increased day by day, even all the way until he was twenty years old, he still had not found the enemies that he needed to find.  He did not even know who they were or why they had done what they did to him.


“Big Brother, I know it definitely isn’t you……Because in order to protect me, you have already died……I personally witnessed your body being destroyed while watching from the side, unable to make a sound.  That was a very cruel scene for me to watch.  But why does his back make me suddenly think of you……”

“If there really is a heaven, then……Big Brother, are you in heaven silently watching over me……”

With a long sigh, he sat up from the bed.  After being in a daze for a bit, he stood up and left the room.

It was around noon and around the time to eat lunch.  Su Fei Fei was still very busy, she had spent these past few days faithfully cleaning Ye Tian Xie’s home.  Her diligence and persistence did not make her seem like a rich family’s young miss, rather she seemed like cleaner who loved her job.  And it was with her efforts that Ye Tian Xie’s house had completely changed.  When Ye Tian Xie looked at her, his eyes were filled with something new.

“Xie Tian, come over here.”  When Su Fei Fei who was standing upstair saw Ye Tian Xie come out, she immediately called out to him.  Even though Ye Tian Xie stressed countless times that he was surnamed Ye, she still called him Tian Xie without any hesitation.  It became more natural as she continued to call him this and finally, Ye Tian Xie had no choice but to accept it.

Ye Tian Xie raised his head and looked at where Su Fei Fei was standing.  His brows slightly raised and he quickly went upstairs.

“Xie Tian, look, this room’s door won’t open.  Only this room hasn’t been cleaned yet.”  Su Fei Fei wiped the sweat from her forehead and casually stroked her messy hair.  Because she couldn’t find a hazard suit, she could only clean while wearing an apron.  At this moment, her apron, face, and hair was covered in dust, but the smile on her face made her look very beautiful, enough to make Ye Tian Xie’s heart beat fast once again.

“You don’t need to clean this room.”  Ye Tian Xie had a serious face that Su Fei Fei rarely saw, “You can go into the other rooms as you wish, but you absolutely cannot enter this room.  Do you understand?”

Su Fei Fei had a surprised face, which also contained a bit of dissatisfaction, “Why can’t I?  Perhaps inside of there……Oh, this room is filled with things you don’t want other people to see, right?”

“You can think of it like this.  Anyway, you definitely cannot go in.”  Ye Tian Xie said seriously.

Only, his understanding of women was not thorough enough.  Women had an innately strong curiosity, especially for a place she had already claimed as her home.  The places he did not want her to know about caused her curiosity to soar and she wanted to know what was inside.

“Alright, alright.”  Su Fei Fei pursed her lips and looked up as she said, “Lunch is already made, so go eat first……Wu, actually go take a bath first.  Your body is covered in the smell of your sweat, it will make your charm go down.  Alright, quickly take a bath!”

Su Fei Fei spoke while gently pushing Ye Tian Xie downstairs.  Ye Tian Xie sniffed his own body……Alright, it’s too hot anyway.  It’s fine if he takes a cold bath everyday at noon.

Just like a little maid, she placed lunch onto the table.  Su Fei Fei stretched her body and then she sat down at the table while supporting her face with one hand.  Her white fingers unconsciously tapped on the table and she revealed a very calm expression, from time to time she would give a slight smile.  The sound of the rushing water rang out in her ears, but she had already been living with a man for a while and the sounds of a man bathing no longer made her feelings chaotic.  Moreover……A scene like this where she had finished making dinner and was now just silently sitting at the table was a scene that she had only read about or seen on television before.  She never thought that such a scene would happen to her this quickly…….But, she realized that even though she hated waiting, strangely she enjoyed these moments of waiting.  Every time this happened, she would begin to think about whether she had accidentally fallen in love with him.  Otherwise, she wouldn’t care so much about him, or make dinner for him, or even be willing to wait for him.

This should be love, or at least a kind of gratitude and dependence towards him…..Only, she gave a little sigh.  Even if it really is love, it was just her wishful thinking.  She was very clear that although his eyes were filled with appreciation when he looked at her, but in reality, he seemed to deliberately keep a distance between him and her.  He rarely took the initiative to talk to her.

Looking in the direction of Ye Tian Xie’s room, Su Fei Fei stood up and walked in.  The room was messier once again.  She carefully cleaned everything and her eyes couldn’t help looking at a small cabinet by the head of the bed.  She hesitated for a bit, but she couldn’t resist the fast beating of her heart, she only wanted to cure her curiosity.  She walked over and cautiously opened the top drawer.

The drawer was empty except for a single key, silently lying at the back of the drawer.

Su Fei Fei doubtfully picked up the key and then suddenly thought of something.  She closed the drawer and without even looking at the other drawers, she quickly ran upstairs.  Her intuition was telling her that perhaps this was the key to the locked room upstairs.

Curiosity could kill a cat, but it could also kill eight hundred women.

Inserting the key into the hole, she gently turned it.  Immediately a clicking sound came from the lock and the door was opened.  Su Fei Fei revealed a cautious and excited expression……And there was a little pride in the fact that she was about to discover his secret.  She was like a little thief as she looked at the bathroom and then she pushed to door open, walking in.

An intoxicating delicate fragrance hit her head on.  Even though she had know the world’s most expensive perfume, she had never come in contact with a scent that could attack her mind like this.  As for being entranced by the smell, she finally realized what a fragrance that could truly enchant a person was like.

When she saw what the room was like, she just stood there in a daze feeling helpless.

A light purple coloured blind was covering the window, turning the sunlight shining into the room a light purple colour.  Purple was a very noble colour.  In Chinese legend, purple was the colour of an immortal’s aura.  In front of her, there was a soft and fragrant purple room…….

The bamboo floor was covered in a layer of light purple carpeting.  It was completely spotless, one glance was enough to tell that there was no dust existing here.  The walls were covered in a light purple wallpaper that made the room seem gentle and warm.  The purple coloured wardrobe released an elegant charm, making the room seem noble.  There was also the little purple clothed sofa, the coloured cushions by the bed, and the bed itself was trimmed with lace……

This was a girl’s room.  It was gentle and fragrant just like a dream.  Su Fei Fei had firmly believed that this room she had never stepped into and had never cleaned before would be much messier compared to the outside, but once she stepped into the room, she felt as if she had entered another world.

Standing there in a daze, Su Fei Fei blankly stared forward, but she didn’t take a single step.  Deep down in her heart, she was actually afraid that she would tarnish this room.

A girl’s room……Why would he had a girl’s room in his house?  Moreover, it’s so pure, elegant, and gentle……Did he carefully clean it everyday?  The girl that used to live here……Who is she and where is she now……

The heavy sounds of footsteps rang out in her ear, awakening her from her fantasy world.  She turned around and saw a terrifying cold face……In these past few days, no matter how she provoked him or made fun of him with the lollipop matter, he had never been truly angry……This was her first time seeing him reveal such a terrifying expression.  This expression filled her with fear and her heart began to beat fast.

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