EDAH Chapter 278


Chapter 278: Going to America

“Elder sister, big brother……Take me away from here…..alright?  I don’t like… here.”  On the bed, the weak little girl’s voice sounded out.

“Un.”  Ye Tian Xie obeyed her and lifted her cotton like body off the bed.  He tenderly held her in his hands, holding her like she was a newborn.  He asked in a gentle voice, “Where do you want to go?”

Lying in his embrace with her head against his chest, Chen Xue’s weak heart skipped a beat.  Being protected like this was like a dream that she wanted to be deeply lost in.  This kind of feeling had only appeared in her dreams before.  She said in a very soft voice, “Big brother, I want to go to your house……Can I go and take a look at your house?”

“Alright…..Of course you can.  We’ll go right now.”


Zuo Po Jun finished talking on the phone and came in, nodding at Ye Tian Xie, “Second brother, someone is going to prepare it.  It won’t take long before it’s finished.”

“……Let’s go back to my house first.”  He hugged Chen Xue as he walked to the door.

“Un!”  Zuo Po Jun opened the door and looked at Ye Tian Xie and the weak girl her was hugging with a complicated expression.  For this kind of girl, his actions were not strange at all.  His heart was harder than anyone else at times, but there were also times where his softer than anyone else.

Returning home and opening the door, Su Fei Fei came out to greet him.  With a charming angry voice, she said, “Tian Xie, where did you go…..Yi?”  Seeing the young girl Ye Tian Xie was holding, she revealed a look of surprise.  However, she immediately noticed that her face was a terrifying white colour…..Her face was as white as paper.

“Elder sister, hello.”  Chen Xue revealed a smile and greeted Su Fei Fei in a weak voice.

“Hello little sister, you are…..Tian Xie, who is she?”

The door that automatically closed was opened again and Zuo Po Jun, Murong Qiu Shui, and Ran Chen Xin with a deep look of worry on her face walked in.  Seeing them, Su Fei Fei’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“Big brother Zuo, Qiu Shui…..Also little sister Chen Xin.  You guys…..why are you here?”

Since she started living with Ye Tian Xie, other than Xiao Xi, she had never seen Ye Tian Xie allow anyone to come in.  However, there wouldn’t be that many people coming here normally.  Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui coming, she wasn’t as surprised by this, but with Chen Xin appearing, she couldn’t not be shocked.

“Hei, young miss Su.”  Zuo Po Jun gave a laugh and greeted her.  The meaning behind his laugh was…..a tacit understanding.

“Sleeping and eating under the same roof, getting along harmoniously, it really makes others jealous.  It’s a pity that I, Murong Qiu Shui with me shocking talent and beautiful appearance, I still can’t find someone to share my body and soul with…..Ai, is it the heavens being jealous of my beautiful appearance?”  Murong Qiu Shui raised his head up and let out a self pitying sigh.

Su Fei Fei’s face turned completely red before becoming angry with embarrassment.  She used a low voice to angrily say, “You two…..What kind of nonsense are you saying!  Humph!  I’m ignoring you two…..Little sister Chen Xin, why are you…..”

“Elder sister Fei Fei, I……”  The first time seeing Su Fei Fei in the real world, she was happy and troubled.  Not to mention the fact that they were forced to drop in by Chen Xue.

Su Fei Fei revealed a gentle smile and walked to her side.  She used a gentle teasing voice to say, “Hee, were you abducted by that evil villain Tian Xie?  Let me tell you, he’s a bad person, knowing how to lie to girls the best.  He also like taking advantage of girls…..Were you also touched by him….”

“No, no.”  Ran Chen Xin quickly shook her head.  Appearing here, there was an unclear nervousness and guilt that filled her heart…..Because this was a world that belonged to Su Fei Fei and Ye Tian Xie.  Her coming here, wouldn’t it be disturbing them…..  “Big brother Tian Xie is a very good person, he was the one that saved me…..”

“Chen Xin’s little sister has an incurable disease and second brother wants to save her…..In short, the matters concerning this are very complicated and I’ll explain it to you later.  However right now, no matter what second brother does, don’t stop him, alright?”  Zuo Po Jun said with a soft sigh.

Su Fei Fei was stunned.  She turned to look at Ye Tian Xie and then gently nodded.

“Big brother……Your house…..It’s so big and beautiful.”  Chen Xue’s eyes looked around, looking at every single corner.  Compared to the small and narrow place she lived in, this place was much more broad.  This place was like a place that came from her dreams.

“If you like it here, then when you get better, you can come here and play with your elder sister everyday.”  Ye Tian Xie said in a soft voice beside her ear.

“If I want… live together here with elder sister, is that alright?  There are a lot of rooms here.”  She blinked her eyes.  Even though they had dimmed, her eyes still sparkled.

“Of course you can.  When you’re better, I agree to everything that you want.”  Ye Tian Xie replied without any hesitation.  He used his absolute promise to try to ignite the flame of light within her.

“Big brother…..You’re…..really good……You are the world’s……greatest person…..”

Good person?  Ye Tian Xie could only give her a warm smile.  He have never not considered himself a good person, but there were many bad things that had to be down.  There were some good things that he could choose to ignore.  Since he was a good person in this girl’s eyes, then he would be a good person for now.

“Looking, looking, looking for a friend.  I am looking for a good friend.  Salute, shake your hand…..”

The cell phone ringtone Zuo Po Jun had completely shocked everyone in the room.  Under Su Fei Fei and Ran Chen Xin’s strange glances, Zuo Po Jun calmly answered his cell phone.  After a few short words, he quickly ran to Ye Tian Xie’s side, “Second brother, everything has been prepared.  In just seventeen minutes, there is a flight for America.  Chen Xin and your identities and visas have already been prepared, so you can board the plan as soon as you arrive……Time was short, so there was no time to make special preparations, so you’ll sit in normal class seats…..To the south of Hua Yu city is where America has built their Lyle Star intergalactic base and it is very easy to find.  Only the guards in that place…..It can no longer be described with the word “severe”……Second brother, you have to be careful.  If you need any help, feel free to contact me.”  After a paused, he looked up at Ye Tian Xie and said, “No matter what second brother, old fourth and I will support your decision…..We also believe that there is nothing in this world you cannot do.  With this trip, you might be able to go to Lyle Star and it will be a while before you come back.  You can be assured that I’ll take care of everything here, waiting for you to return with a healthy Chen Xue.”

Chen Xue’s condition could not be delayed any longer.  With each minute, each second that passed, it was a step closer she came to death.  Leaving here and going to America would yield the best result.  Perhaps he could directly go to Lyle Star, but he wouldn’t know when he would be back…..But for this life that shouldn’t be taken, he turned off his worries.

“Chen Xue, we’re leaving now.  Seeing how worried elder brother is about you, you have to obediently listen to him.  You have to come back and let us see a healthy you, alright?”


He nodded at Zuo Po Jun and Zuo Po Jun left first.  Ye Tian Xie walked in front of Su Fei Fei and said with an apologetic voice, “Fei Fei, I have to leave for a while.  Perhaps it will be for a long time, perhaps… will be short.  Po Jun and Qiu Shui will have people protect this place, so you can’t be scared……Also take care of Xiao Xi, alright?”

Up until this point, Su Fei Fei did not know what happened, but she did know that he wanted to save this girl who had no life in her at all lying in his embrace.  Thinking of what Zuo Po Jun said, she gave a gentle nod, “Tian Xie….come back quickly.”

Ye Tian Xie nodded before saying to Ran Chen Xin, “Chen Xin, stay here for now.  Just be assured and wait for a healthy Chen Xue to come back.”

After saying this, he did not wait for a response before quickly walking out.

Su Fei Fei and Ran Chen Xin both chased after him, silently watching as the helicopter disappeared.  They were both speechless for a long time.

Ever since she started living with Ye Tian Xie, Su Fei Fei have never left him.  Staying by her side had already become a habit for her.  When he quickly left in such a hurry without giving her any preparation, she felt like she had lost something very important to her.

Ran Chen Xin’s eyes and mind were all trembling after being touched by this warmth……Whether they could actually go to Lyle Star or if Chen Xue could actually be healed, just the fact that he was willing to go to America to go to Lyle Star as soon as possible made her indebted to him for an entire lifetime.

Capital City Airport.

“Second brother……The helicopter can only stop here.  You and Chen Xue should go in, there will be someone to welcome you……The plane will leave immediately.”  Stopping outside the airport, Zuo Po Jun spoke in a sad voice.  This large area did not allow flying vehicles to come close, so being able to stop here was already a large privilege.  

Ye Tian Xie gave a sound of acknowledgement and nodded.  He held Chen Xue as he jumped down, rushing towards the entrance.

Seeing Ye Tian Xie’s back, Zuo Po Jun turned his head to the left and said with a sigh, “Old fourth, there are some things that I can’t say in front of second brother and definitely cannot say in front of Chen Xue, otherwise…..The interstellar travel project is one the entire world is paying attention to.  Although I believe that second brother could do anything, can he really make America proceed with the project early…..Even having them send out a ship just for second brother…..”

“That idea is truly naive, do you really think it can happen?”  Murong Qiu Shui shook his head.

“No.”  Zuo Po Jun decisively shook his head.

“Second brother doesn’t want to let go of this final hope……Not only is that girl Ran Qing Cheng’s daughter, adding in the charm that she has, she has the qualification to make second brother do this.  I don’t know about the other details…..but I am certain that if second brother arrives there……There will be large troubles there.”

Zuo Po Jun gave a deep nod of approval.  If Ye Tian Xie decided on something, he would dare to try anything just to achieve that goal.

“Only, there is a matter that I could not say…..It’s better to let elder sister mention this matter.”  Murong Qiu Shui looked outside, speaking in a faint voice.

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