EDAH Chapter 288


Chapter 288: Seven sins – begin

“Alright, if you want to thank me…..Then help me take care of Chen Xue because right now…..she is already a part of me.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a smile.

His words shocked Ran Chen Xin, made Su Fei Fei confused, and made Ran Chen Xue’s eyes mist over as she forcefully leaned in against him.

After losing something, one will know the pain of losing something was and one would know how precious a thing was, properly cherishing it.  When Chen Xue gave her final whisper in his arms before going silent, he could almost hear the sound of his own heart breaking. When she woke up, the wound in his heart instantly healed.  The blending of their blood made a deep imprint in each other’s hearts that could never be removed. So, he very calmly said, “She is a part of me now.”

It was also because of this that it was hard for him to become an evil person.


“Big brother Xie Tian, I…..”  This request, how could Ran Chen Xin reject it.  For her, this was not a request at all. Thinking of his words and then the miraculous rebirth of Chen Xue……she could guess that something must have happened between him and Chen Xue.


Two days later, to the south of Heavenly Sun City, in the territory of the level twenty seven Flower Tailed Scorpions.

“Ding……Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached level 20.  HP +30, MP + 120, Physical Attack Power +3, Magical Attack Power + 6, Defense +3, Accuracy +3, and Evasion +3.”

“Ding…..You have reached level 22.  HP +20, MP +20, Strength +3, Vitality +3, Agility +3, Intelligence +3.  You have gained 5 free stat points.”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached level 19.  HP +100, Physical Attack Power +30, Defense +10, Accuracy +10, and Evasion +1.”

In just a bit over two days, he went from level twenty to level twenty two.  This speed made those that worked hard to go from level eighteen to level nineteen wish they could themselves.  Ye Tian Xie picked monsters that were five levels higher than him and with his attack power, as well as the Berserk Fighting Will, he could instantly kill them.  Killing one or a group per attack, as well as his fast move speed and strong positioning skills…..As he instant killed monsters and Xiao Bie moving along with no pressure, one man and one cat were leveling incredibly fast.  That leveling area that could accommodate several people was being occupied by one man and one cat, being cleanly swept through by them, without giving the monsters time to respawn.

There was only Ye Tian Xie and his three pet partners here.  After Zuo Po Jun and Murong Qiu Shui finished all the quests in Heavenly Sun City, they quickly left, not coming back even if threatened with death.  One was being burned by his fat…..The other was afraid of his skin being hurt.

The Flower Tailed Lizards that just spawned were cleanly swept away.  Ye Tian Xie wiped the sweat of his head and then looked at Mashimaro……Oh, it was Kaka slowly walking forward, swallowing the Flower Tail Scorpions one after the other…..It was swallowing at a very fast pace.  Opening its mouth, white light coming out, enveloping the corpse, the corpse flying away, and swallowing, taking three-four seconds at a time. If there was a group of corpses together, it could swallow them all at once, but……It was clear that its swallowing speed could not match Ye Tian Xie’s killing speed.  So, although it was working very hard, the battlefield’s cleanup duty could not be complete in time, with many corpses disappearing on their own.

On the first day that he had met Kaka, a single level fifteen spiritual beast had allowed it to go from level zero to level ten, but in these two days…..Kaka barely gained any experience points, continuously swallowing corpses, with him not helping with killing monsters.  However, while Yao Yao and Xiao Bei both gained over two levels, the level ten Kaka using the Sacred Mark Swallow and the experience it gained, it only rose three levels.

It was clear that because of its special origin, it needed a large amount of experience points to level each time.  The quick way for it to level was to swallow high level beasts, but this high level did not refer to the level of the swallowed monster, but rather its grade.  The higher the grade of the monster, the more explosive the amount of experience points gained, just like that little spiritual grade beast.

Ye Tian Xie staying in this hot place was not because he wanted to peacefully level, otherwise he would go to areas with same level monsters around Heavenly Stellar City.  He remained here because he was waiting for the Red Sheep to appear.

The Red Sheep’s position was not fixed, so “searching” for it was no use.  With the stats the Red Sheep had, the higher one’s luck was, the more likely one was to encounter it.  The lower one’s luck was…..Even if they broke their legs from running, they would not even be able to see a single hair.  There was no news from Heavenly Sun City. Although they had obtained the Ash Sheep’s skin, Ye Tian Xie did not believe that they would be able to catch the Red Sheep in a short period of time…..What a joke, before the Ash Sheep fell to his hands, they had been running from countless experts for several hundred years.  How could the dignified Red Sheep be caught by a few city guards?

Moreover, Ye Tian Xie had a fuzzy kind of feeling that said…..The red sheep was stronger than the ash sheep and it wasn’t just a bit stronger.  This feeling…..came from the flat bottomed pan.

Looking at the time, Ye Tian Xie gave a long sigh.  He turned to see Xiao Bei looking for prey and Yao Yao following behind him, so he called them back, “Let’s go.”

This time, was the time that Nameless mentioned to him three days ago……He had already though it through.  After several days of thinking, he began to feel that the so called seven sins were not as terrifying as he thought they were.  At the same time, he was also very curious what he would become like once he was affected by the seven sins. Would he be able to control his consciousness or would he be influenced by other things, or……

Returning to Heavenly Stellar City, he returned to the place he met Nameless.  As soon as he arrived, an azure light flashed and Nameless appeared in front of him.  He looked over at Ye Tian Xie and said, “You’re here…..Can we begin?”

No wasted worst, going right to the main topic.  Ye Tian Xie nodded and said, “Let’s begin.”

Nameless turned around and looked from at his expression to his body, finding a surprising calm over it.  There was no instinctive rejection of sins, not even the most basic and unforgivable seven sins. Ye Tian Xie never truly experienced a wicked heart, he knew this, otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for this seven sins baptism.  The first time that Ye Tian Xie had heard of the seven sins, he had directly rejected it…..And now, he could act this calm.

Very good…….

“Are you truly prepared……If you’re still not prepared, I can give you a few days to prepare yourself.  Once the sins are invoked, everything you do in the next forty nine days can never be taken back.” Nameless reminded him.

“No need.”  Ye Tian Xie shook his head and calmly said, “The seven sins are originally deep down within you and me…..everyone’s human nature.  What you’re doing is exciting the seven sins hidden deep down within my human nature out……However, this is a part of human nature to begin with, so having these origin sins excited will not cause my to lose my human nature.  So, not to mention being baptized by one sin at a time, even if it was all seven sins at the same time, I believe that my personality will not allow me to hurt the people by my side…..As for other people, he…..what does that matter?”

Nameless took a deep look at him before giving a slight nod, “Good!  After the seven sins are invoked, I also don’t know what will happen…..However, your idea might be correct and all my worries might be for nothing.  Then……”

Nameless took a step forward and raised his right hand, calling a bolt of black lightning down.  It fell into his hands and turned into a short sword formed from black lightning. That black sword rotated twice in his hands.  Nameless looked over and said in a low voice, “Then, we can begin……”

A strange expression appeared on Nameless’ face and he suddenly turned around.  The black lightning flashed and the jet black blade’s edge stabbed into Ye Tian Xie’’s chest.

With this close distance and this fast speed, adding in the face that never thought that he would make a move, he was not on guard at all as the black short sword stabbed into his chest……

“You…..”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes went wide as an unacceptable look of shock appeared on his face as he stared at the cold face in front of him.

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