EDAH Chapter 294


Chapter 294: Pet rankings

Red Leaves Strong Gale did not want Ye Tian Xie as an enemy, or at least right now.  On the contrary, before this, he had a bit of admiration towards Xie Tian and was looking forward to meeting him.  However, he found that the truth far surpassed his expectations. He thought that with sincerity, even if he would be rejected, nothing bad would happen, but he never thought……

Since things had developed to this stage, he no longer needed to hold back.  Secretly letting a breath out, he used a calm voice to say, “Xie Tian, we have no grudges in the past or present and you have shown grace to us.  Although you are going against us, my Red Leaves Guild does not want a falling out with you. After all, even if one cannot make another friend, one shouldn’t make another enemy.  You helping my Red Leaves Guild, I, Red Leaves Strong Gale will not forget…..Today’s matters, how about we end them here?”

Being able to remain calm in this situation showed Red Leaves Strong Gale’s mental fortitude…..At the same time, this concession was also giving Xie Tian’s face.  However, Xie Tian did not give him any face. Raising his brows, he slowly shook his head, “Then what if I don’t want to end it here? The Wings of Shrouded Heaven are nothing more than ants in my eyes, not to mention your Red Leaves Guild.  Since you’ve chosen to provoke me, how do you want to settle this?”

“Alright then.”  Red Leaves Strong Gale helplessly said, “Since you look down on my Red Leaves Guild, do you dare accept our challenge!?”


Red Leaves Iron Wall looked up at Red Leaves Strong Gale with a gaze of astonishment.

“Challenge?”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a very interested expression.

Red Leaves Strong Gale gritted his teeth and said, “Xie Tian, you are very strong, but do you really think there isn’t anyone in the Chinese Server than can deal with you?  A true expert will never display their true strength!!”

“Your meaning is, your Red Leaves Guild has that kind of person…..Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  It was like Ye Tian Xie had heard a great joke as he gave a laugh filled with contempt.

“At noon three days from now, Heavenly Stellar arena…..Whether you come or not, depends on you.  Iron Wall, let’s go.” Red Leaves Strong Gale said this and waved his hand before turning to leave.

“He……”  Seeing Red Leaves Strong Gale’s back, Ye Tian Xie’s lips slightly curled.  What Red Leaves Strong Gale was thinking, how could he not know. However, he did not expose them.  He waited until they had taken ten steps before his brows suddenly moved and he shouted, “Stop!!”

Red Leaves Strong Gale stopped and looked at him, speaking in a cold voice, “You’re scared?”

“Scared?  Your trivial Red Leaves Guild, it has no interest to me at all, why would I be scared?  Red Leaves Strong Gale, your Red Leaves Guild isn’t that great. Your Red Leaves Guild guildmaster’s brain can’t even compare to a pig’s, no wonder your Red Leaves Guild is filled with trash.”

Red Leaves Strong Gale suddenly knit his brows and his tightly clenched fist made bone cracking sounds.

“I just wanted to ask a single thing…..”  Ye Tian Xie had a disdainful smile for the first half, but after finishing the first half, his face suddenly turned cold, “How did you know that I live here!”

As soon as he reached his door, he met the two people from the Red Leaves Guild as if they were waiting for the news of his return.  This also meant…..they actually knew about his ingame house!

“Humph……There are many people paying attention to you, so it hasn’t been a secret that you’re living here.  As long as one pays a little attention, they will be able to find out.” Red Leaves Strong Gale said in a bad voice.

“Is that so…..Very good.”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes half narrowed and he looked down before turning around.  He said while having his back to them, “Red Leaves Strong Gale, you better remove all those people you’ve sent to watch me within three minutes, otherwise, if I find a Red Leaves Guild shadow around here, I will have to go and become a guest at your Red Leaves Guild headquarters.  If I really go there, the consequences are not something you can handle!”

After saying this, he opened the door and walked in.  The door closed behind him, separating him from the two people from the Red Leaves Guild.

“This Xie Tian… too arrogant!!”  Red Leaves Iron Wall gritted his teeth.  He had already been arrogant in the Beginner’s Village, but his current appearance was a hundred times worse than before!

“Let’s go.”  Looking at the door, Red Leaves Strong Gale’s expression changed for a bit before he spat out these two cold words and began walking forward.

“But…..Guildmaster, why did you propose a challenge to Xie Tian?  Does our Red Leaves Guild even have someone that can go against him?”  Red Leaves Iron Wall followed behind him and asked.


“Then why……”

“Why…..Do you really not understand?”  Red Leaves Strong Gale did not turn around and calmly said, “If I didn’t do this, then with what you just said, wouldn’t you suffer the consequences?  He would chase you down to kill you…..and he would kill you every time he saw you. At the same time, with his grudge holding personality, it is possible he would treat my Red Leaves Guild as an enemy.  Last time, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven were repelled by him, making them suffer a blow to their prestige and their interests…..Then from now on, he would do the same to my Red Leaves Guild. Do you want to see this kind of situation?”

“……”  Red Leaves Iron Wall was stunned.  Thinking of that one versus a thousand battle from that day, his face turned slightly pale.  After seeing this fight that changed his views, who still dared to say that a person couldn’t affect an entire war?

“This challenge will at least shift his attention, so at least you won’t be his target anymore.”  Red Leaves Strong Gale slowly said.

“Guildmaster…..Thank you guildmaster.  I was too reckless this time, only….” Red Leaves Iron Wall was grateful and ashamed as he lowered his head and spoke.

“This can’t be blamed on you.  After all, Xie Tian can be considered the most wild and arrogant person I’ve ever met.”

“Then…..for the battle three days later, what should we do?”  Red Leaves Iron Wall asked in a worried voice. With his understanding of the Red Leaves Guild, there was no one that could duel Xie Tian……Even the guild master, Red Leaves Strong Gale could not win.

“It’s very simple.”  Red Leaves Strong Gale gave a faint snort and said in a soft voice, “We’ll just let someone random go.”

Red Leaves Iron Wall was stunned, but he suddenly understood.

Xie Tian was already known across the world, with his strength being recognized in the Destiny world.  This duel seemed like a foolish decision for the Red Leaves Guild, but in reality……If the Red Leaves Guild sent someone to fight Xie Tian, there was a 100% chance of being defeated.  Like this, if the Red Leaves Guild sent a normal player up, it would be very normal and losing wouldn’t be strange. This would not hurt the Red Leaves Guild’s fame at all.

And if Xie Tian defeated a regular player of the Red Leaves Guild, there would be no shock and he would gain no fame.  This was a very meaningless battle and would not affect the Red Leaves Guild, but it would shift Xie Tian’s attention, bringing this sudden confrontation to a calm end.  It also gave Xie Tian no reason to make another move.

However, they had clearly underestimated Ye Tian Xie.

His arrogance did not mean that he was a rash man that did not think his actions through.

Entering Guo Guo’s Little Cabin, Ye Tian Xie had a cold smile on his face.  When Red Leaves Strong Gale proposed this challenge, he already understood what goal he had.  He agreed……but, the rules of the game were not determined by the Red Leaves Guild!!

At this moment, a series of system prompts sounded in Ye Tian Xie’s ears.

“Ding…..Chinese Server Announcement.  So far, over a hundred players have obtained a Third Grade or higher non-ornamental pet.  The Chinese Server’s pet rankings will open soon, we ask all players to pay attention.”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Xiao Bei’ has reached first place on the pet rankings, do you want to reveal your name?”

“Ding…..Your pet ‘Profound Snow Spirit Fox’ has reached third place on the pet rankings, do you want to reveal your name?”

Ye Tian Xie’s footsteps stopped and he looked up, saying with an emotionless face, “Don’t bother with idiotic questions like this in the future.  The names of me and my partners will be remembered by the entire world! Do you understand!!”

System notification: “……”

After a minute.

“Ding…..Chinese Server Announcement: The Chinese Server pet rankings has been opened!”

The Chinese Server’s pet system had been opened for several days now.  With several hundred million players, in just a few days, the players that had pets that could fight had only just reached a hundred!  This was an astonishingly small number.

At the same time, this also proved just how difficult it was to gain a pet with battle power in the Destiny world.

However, strictly speaking, this situation was not strange at all.  One, the average level of players was still normal, so they were only fighting low level monsters that had a low chance of dropping monster eggs.  At the same time, the ‘capture technique’ has only been available since the pet system opened. In just a few days, it was most likely still low level, which had a minimal chance of success.

However, from the experience of the past gaming worlds, once the players levels were high enough, their chances of obtaining pets would soar.  There would be all kinds of pets when the time came.

Pet Rankings:

First Place: Xiao Bei

Grade: Spiritual

Level: 19

Master: Xie Tian

Second Place: Frost Wolf

Grade: Spiritual

Level: 14

Master: Misty Rain Revival

Third Place: Profound Snow Spirit Fox

Grade: Fifth Grade

Level: 20

Master: Xie Tian


After seeing the first three names, Ye Tian Xie directly closed the pet rankings because he did not have any interest in the names below, disdaining to take a look.  He even felt that those trash pets were not worthy of being in the same list as Yao Yao and Xiao Bei.

Very quickly, Ye Tian Xie’s communication device rang and Zuo Po Jun’s voice came from it, “Second brother!  Did you see the pet rankings? Your little fox and your little strange cat are both on it!! You’ve taken two spots in the top three and the other one is given to your young miss Su!”

“There is nothing strange about that.  Those trash pets do not even have the qualification to be compared with mine and Fei Fei’s pet partners.”  Ye Tian Xie held the communication device and said indifferently.

Zuo Po Jun: “…….”

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