EDAH Chapter 301


Chapter 301: Zhao Tian Hua

Ye Tian Xie wielded the Moment of Destiny and slashed forward, but the Demonic Grudge Butterflies were too small.  The Moment of Destiny slashed down, but there were only a few Demonic Grudge Butterflies that were hit. The Grudge Waves from the Demonic Grudge Butterflies finally hit him at the same time.

Ye Tian Xie stopped moving and a strong feeling soon filled his mind.  It was like several thousand bells wildly ringing in his ears, making his mind begin to feel more chaotic……A single butterfly was meaningless, but several thousand Demonic Grudge Butterflies attacking at the same time, how terrifying was this?  Many ants could take down an elephant. Ye Tian Xie’s mind was only focused for a few seconds before collapsing, letting his mind fall into chaos, losing control.

The Demonic Grudge Butterflies continued to release their Grudge Wave that continuously fell onto Ye Tian Xie.  Although they had no attack powers, like this, they could continue Ye Tian Xie’s “confusion” state without pause.  Only if the Demonic Grudge Butterflies chose to leave or were destroyed by someone else, then he would remain in this chaotic state, losing control of his body…..Like this, a terrifying effect would be, never being able to leave this place, not even being able to log off!!

This was the most terrifying part of the Demonic Grudge Butterflies.





A light barrier that sparkled every second appeared around Ye Tian Xie, dispelling all the Demonic Grudge Butterflies that came near him, also directly killing them.  With the butterflies in front dying, the ones behind came forward, hitting the Revenge Wall in groups one after the other……What welcomed them was a flash of death.

After opening the Wall of Revenge, Yao Yao recovered Ye Tian Xie from the confusion state with the “Profound Healing Restoration Technique”.  He shook his head, but did not leave Yao Yao’s Revenge Wall, standing right in the center. He looked at the groups of butterflies sending themselves to die with cold eyes.  Their body were small, so over a hundred of them came forward every second, with a fate of a moth charging into a flame.

As the butterfly corpses fell down, they created a pile outside of the Revenge Wall.  Ye Tian Xie’s face turned slightly sinister, but his arrogant mind did not change. However, he had no choice but to reevaluate the danger hidden in the Tower of Destiny……On the zeroth floor, although he had seen through the labyrinth, if he did not have Xiao bei, he would not have escaped.  As for this simplest and least dangerous first floor……this group of level ten monsters had given him a large “pleasant surprise”.

If they were ordinary monsters, how could they have been sealed in the Tower of Destiny!

When Yao Yao’s Revenge Wall disappeared, those Demonic Grudge Butterflies who sent themselves forward had all died.  Ye Tian Xie had Kaka swallow them for a bit before searching for the entrance to the next floor in this now peaceful space.

What puzzled him the most was still… could he leave the Tower of Destiny!?  Could it be that other than death, he really had no other way of leaving?

After walking for several minutes, another flash came from around them as over a hundred Demonic Grudge Butterflies charged forward once again.  Ye Tian Xie stopped and said to Kaka, “Kaka, it’s your chance to show off…..Illusory Spirit Change and then blow them all up!”

Kaka received this order and it quickly changed into a strange little qilin…….The Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.  Then it did not look at the butterflies around itself as it directly released an “Electromagnetic Domain”.

Streaks of lightning began to intertwine in the air around it and it randomly walked around, neighing as it went.  All the butterflies near it were hit by the lightning and then quickly lose their HP……

-50, -50, -50…….

The Electromagnetic Domain was one of the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin’s skills.  It would cover a range of ten meters, but with just one use, Kaka’s MP was completely used up.  The Electromagnetic Domain used by the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin would last ten seconds and would deal eight hundred damage per second, but on Kaka, with its weak stats, it could only deal fifty damage per second.  The Electromagnetic Domain it demonstrated could not compare with the real one of the Six Winged Heaven Treading Purple Qilin.

But it was more than enough to deal with the Demonic Grudge Butterflies.

The butterflies flew very quickly, but that also determined that they died very quickly.  When Kaka’s Electromagnetic Domain disappeared, the large group of butterflies that just appeared turned into corpses.

At the same time, in another place.

“Master, Zhao Tian Hua is here.”

In the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s VIP suite, Liu Qi Yue was wearing a set of light clothing, waiting for a guest.  Although she was sitting, it did not hide her proud figure at all. Although her coat was loose, it tightly clinged to her slender waist and revealed her two high peaks.  One did not need to touch to be enamoured, but touching it meant one would not be able to let go of that soft feeling.

With a slight nod from Liu Qi Yue, the young girl walked out.  After that, a man with a calm face that had three parts helplessness, three parts curiosity, and one part dead gray colour walked in.

He seemed like he had just passed thirty, but his eyes were very gloomy and his face was thin and pale.

When he saw Liu Qi Yue, his body became a bit stiff…..Although he had long heard her fame and all the legends regarding her, personally seeing her today, he truly understand what was “peerless grace”.  Even he who could keep calm in any situation suffered an attack on his dead heart and he was deeply shocked.

Zhao Tian Hua’s reaction made Liu Qi Yue reveal a faint smile.  She slightly parted her red lips to say, “Zhao Tian Hua, you are finally willing to see me.”

In front of Ye Tian Xie, every word and action Liu Qi Yue made, every expression she had was always filled with an inherent charm.  However, at this moment, faced with Zhao Tian Hua, the aura her body released was completely different. She was as beautiful as before, but it was not the kind of beauty that made one lose their guard with a single glance, or even lose control of themselves with an urge to shred her clothes to pieces.  It was rather a dazzling beauty that made people feel shame……It made Zhao Tian Hua unable to look at her, not to mention filling his heart with blasphemy.

“You had people follow me everyday, so even if I don’t want to come, I still have no choice.”  Zhao Tian Hua said with a bitter laugh. Liu Qi Yue’s charm had made him astonished, but the hidden things deep in her eyes secretly shocked his heart.  This was a girl that was much younger than him, but her eyes were so sharp that he felt like he was being penetrated……With his achievements, he had seen many large characters in his life.  Liu Qi Yue was the first person that gave him this kind of feeling.

He could not stop the rumours pertaining to her from appearing in his mind.

“Then the goal I have for desperately trying to bring you here, you should also know it, right?”  Liu Qi Yue said with a faint smile that had unparalleled beauty.

“I do…..but I want to reject you.”  Zhao Tian Hua shook is head and looked aside.  He had been standing in front of Liu Qi Yue the entire time, not taking the seat prepared for him, clearly showing that he wanted to leave immediately.

“Why are you rejecting me?  Since you came to this world to ‘start from the beginning’, then with my Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s prestige and reputation, wouldn’t it be a good choice?”  Liu Qi Yue was not anxious, casually speaking in a slow voice.

“Yes……I wanted to start from the beginning and I will retrieve everything that I’ve lost!  Taking it back with several times the interest! However…..I could start from scratch in the past, so the current me can also do so.  I do not require the help of others and do not need to borrow the foundation of others……Because in the end, they won’t belong to me.  I am starting from the beginning for myself!” Zhao Tian Hua was very calm as he spoke without any hesitation.

Liu Qi Yue’s smile became even more charming as her jade like fingers came together.  Looking up, she said, “You really deserve to be Zhao Tian Hua. Whether it is your eyes, your ability, or your courage, they are all admirable.  To be honest, you are one of the few people that I truly admire.”

“For you to say this, I am very honoured.”

“However.”  Liu Qi Yue spoke again and continued, “From what I can see, if you want to start from the beginning and regain everything that you’ve lost…..My Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce is your only choice.  Listen carefully, it’s your only choice! Other than my Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, even if you can contact the heavens, you are destined to fail.”

“What do you mean?”  Zhao Tian Hua frowned.

“Zhao Tian Hua, do you know…..who I am?”  Liu Qi Yue did not directly answer his question and suddenly asked this in a slow voice.

“The Liu Family’s goddess, this Zhao has already heard of your fame.”

“Then you should know what is behind me.  As for you, you are a businessman, a successful one…..but you are still only a businessman.”

Zhao Tian Hua: “……”

“On the Chinese continent, there are many things I can learn that you will never be able to touch in your lifetime.  For example, the reason why you, Zhao Tian Hua have nothing today……Do you really want to know?”

Liu Qi Yue’s words made Zhao Tian Hua’s face change slightly, but it quickly calmed down.  He revealed a bitter smile, “Since I’ve already lost everything, it doesn’t matter I know or not.”

“You don’t want to know isn’t because you don’t have the ability to find out, but you are running away.  You are running from the wound deep down that you do not dare touch…..Zhao Tian Hua, the current you is not in the hands of the person you love, but rather another person.  That person is also a woman.” Liu Qi Yue looked at Zhao Tian Hua and said this.

“What do you want to tell me?”  Although Zhao Tian Hua’s face was calm, his breathing was a bit disorderly.

“Liu Min, she is in Russia right now, but after taking all the money that you had, she is not living there happily right now.  Do you know why?”

Liu Min……Zhao Tian Hua clenched his fists.  This name……One that he wanted to forget, but would never be able to forget.  It was the woman he hated and painfully thought of everyday. It was because of her that he had nothing right now…….

“You, Zhao Tian Hua is a genius.  Whether it is your appearance, temperament, or abilities, you are all unmatched.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that you are one in a ten million. For a man like you to be so wildly in love and spare nothing for a beauty……This kind of you would even be able to melt a heart of stone.  Do you really think that Liu Min was only with you to steal your business and have no feelings towards you at all……You’re wrong. On the contrary, even if one person had billions in assets and you had nothing at all, she would still choose you without any hesitation…..As for her previous choice, it was because she……had no other choices.”

Zhao Tian Hua: “!!”

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