EDAH Chapter 317


Chapter 317: Monstrous young girl, Star Bomb

Once the wealth ranking appeared, it caused a large stir in the Chinese Server once again……because the person in first place was actually Xie Tian.  Of the four big lists, he dominated first place of the level rankings for a long time and had been first place on the prestige rankings the entire time, with a prestige that was equal to the prestige of second to tenth place added together.  On the pet rankings, he had two out of the top three spots. Right now, the wealth ranking first place was also his…..

How could others compete?

If there was envy, others should envy him and he does not need to be envious of anyone.

The opening of the wealth ranking was not just to show the players’ financial strength, but rather its main function was to stimulate players to use the currency exchange.  As one of the four big lists of the Chinese Server, it attracted the attention of all the players in the Chinese Server. Being able to enter this wealth ranking was not a small honour.  Especially for powers or companies because having a strong financial strength was a powerful proof. Once the wealth ranking opened, not long would pass before there would change in the amount of gold coins possessed by the top ten.


What surprised Ye Tian Xie was…..that there was actually the name “Misty Rain Revival” on the wealth ranking……When did she exchange for all this money?

However…..over three hundred million, with Su Luo’s ability, it could be done in a single day.  This money to his only daughter Su Fei Fei could only be considered spending money.

Compared to this, he only received a measly three hundred million a year for protecting Su Fei Fei… was too cheap.

In another place.

There were flowers, grass, small animals, and also a fairy like young girl.

“One…..Two…..Three……One billion and five hundred million!  It really is one billion and five hundred million gold coins!!  Wu… much money. That person named Xie Tian is really rich, having this much money in a game.  He must have even more in the real world…..No, no, I have to find him. He has this much money, he will surely buy expensive things from me……No, no, I said so in the past.  If it’s someone with a lot of money, I will stay by his side and it was even fine to become his servant. Then I would slowly take his money…..Un, un, this appearance is fine!”

This young girl was looking at the wealth ranking while talking to herself.  She then closed the wealth ranking and ran to someone at the side, who was an uncle that seemed to be around forty years old.

“Hello uncle.  Do you know where Xie Tian is?”

The middle aged uncle was picking up gold coins dropped by monsters at the moment.  However, the voice that came from behind him made him forget about it because this voice was too tender and sweet.  He swore that hearing this kind of voice could touch his soul.

Her turned around and saw the young girl behind him.  Instantly, he was stunned.

This was a very beautiful girl, with beauty that was considered monstrous.  

She was around thirteen-fourteen years old, being at the age where a girl was considered immature, but she had an appearance that could take down all living beings.  Her hair was like a curtain of night that contrasted her jade white skin. Every inch of her face was flawless, whether her crescent moon brows, her cicada wing like eyelashes, her star like eyes, or her lips which seemed like it was painted on.

With a gentle breeze, her hair fluttered back and her white dress danced.  Under her skirt was a pair of slender and delicate legs that were like pure snow, with a pair of feet that were as charming as ice lotuses……She did not wear shoes and even the dress she wore seemed like it came from another world, coming from an unknown place.  Her crescent moon brows were raised and her lips were slightly drawn back, revealing a smile that people could not look away from.

Her smile was cute and also monstrous, also possessing a charm that a girl of her age should not have.  This charm was completely different from Liu Qi Yue’s charm. Liu Qi Yue’s charm impacted one’s eyes, but her charm attacked a person’s soul.  The middle aged uncle was not a pedophile, but seeing this young girl, his body was quickly filled with a strong desire that he could not suppress…….A kind of desire to press her down and ravage her body.

The young girl knew of her charm and she had seen the expression the middle aged man had many times before, instantly judging what kind of person this was.  She did not leave and her bright, beautiful eyes looked over, once again asking, “Uncle, do you know where Xie Tian is?”

The middle aged uncle suddenly realized something as he woke up from his stupor, but the deep desire burning inside him still existed.  He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and looked around him…..finding no one else around. If this was the real world and he was faced with this monstrously beautiful young girl, he believed that he would make a crazy move of picking this girl up and running……But in the Destiny world, female players couldn’t be touched.  Otherwise, if the other side were to even move their lips, heavenly thunder would fall down on them.

“Xie Tian……Of course I know where he is.”  The middle aged uncle revealed a smile as he spoke.

“Ah?  Really?  Where is he now?  I want to go find him!”  The young girl’s eyes sparkled like the stars.

“He is in a place that no one else can go.  Only uncle knows and only uncle can bring you there.”  The middle aged uncle’s smile became even more kind.

The young girl couldn’t help laughing.  She stared at the middle aged uncle and honestly said, “Uncle, you’re lying.  You’re treating me like a three year old child!”

The middle aged uncle felt awkward.  He was confused for a second just now and had something that was indeed crazy without cure.  Convincing a three year old was cute, but convincing a thirteen-fourteen year old child…..there was something wrong with one’s brain.  He immediately said with a smile, “Little sister, want to play with this uncle? Why are you looking for Xie Tian? He is a very terrifying person.”

“What does it matter to you…..He is surely a good person, I don’t want to talk to you.”  The young girl move back two steps and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute little sister.  Are you looking for Xie Tian to level you?  You definitely will not find him, how about letting this uncle take you instead.  Uncle is already level twenty.” The middle aged uncle quickly followed her. This kind of girl was clearly unique.  If he let her go like this, it would be too much of a “pity”.

“I don’t want that.  I want….Yi?” The young girl suddenly thought of something.  She turned around and looked at the uncle as she asked, “Uncle, are you rich?”

“……Yes, uncle has a lot of money.”  The uncle quickly said.

“Really?  Then buy my things alright?  Look…..” Hearing the words “lots of money”, the young girl’s eyes instantly lit up.  She took out a small and round thing from her bag and held it in her palm, letting the middle aged uncle see it, “This is my personally made Star Bomb.  It is very powerful and very easy to use. Each only only costs thirty thousand gold coins.”

“Thir…..Thirty thousand gold coins?”  The middle aged uncle’s head felt light.  He had a total of twenty thousand gold coins on him right now which was a large amount for him and should be a “lot of money” for a young girl.  But this girl…..she actually said thirty thousand!

Moreover, she had black bead in her hand that was clearly a normal item, but wants to sell it for thirty thousand gold coins……It’s even called the Star Bomb.  There were no such things as bombs in the Destiny world.

After not hearing the middle aged uncle’s response for a while like he had been shocked by the price, the young girl began to pout with her lips, “Uncle really is a swindler, cheapskate, miser, large swindler…, lu…..”

The middle aged man made a grimace as the young girl turned to run.

She had not gone a few steps before a red light shined in front of her and a giant leopard appeared in front of her with a roar.  This was the territory of the level twenty piebald leopards. These monsters were not densely crowded when spawning, but this piebald leopards were much larger than normal piebald leopards and the dangerous aura around it was several times bigger than normal.

There were three golden stars hanging beside its name above its head.

A level twenty Three Star Elite!

“Ah!!”  The young girl was scared by the large leopard’s sudden and let out a sharp cry.  The giant piebald leopard was attracted by the cry and its eyes looked over at her.  With a roar, it charged out at her with piercing wind behind it.

“Ah!!!”  The young girl was shocked again, but she did not escape and only screamed……She forcefully threw out the bead in her hand.  That black bead flew in a line at the piebald leopard and landed on its head.


With a giant sound, an explosion occurred in the area……The explosion raised the sod and dirt on the ground and in the center of the dust cloud was the giant piebald leopard’s body……At the same time, it gave a pitiful cry, which was the morning cry of this monster before it died.


The dust diverged and the piebald leopard turned into a dead leopard, lying on the ground not making a sound.  From its birth to its death, only a few seconds had passed.

“Wu, wu…..Used it, I actually used it.  That was a lot, a lot of money…..Wu! Damn leopard, I curse you to become a small cat in your next life and will be bullied daily by little dogs, birds, and rabbits everyday!  No, no, I need to immediately find Xie Tian. He has a lot of money, so he will buy my items for a high price. Moreover seeing how Xie Tian beat people, he shouldn’t be a stingy person.  Humph……The Wings of Shrouded Heaven are clearly rich, but that stingy uncle bought my Star Bomb for only thirty thousand gold coins. Stingy, mean, miser!! Ah? That’s right…..I remember that those several uncles from Wings of Shrouded Heaven said that they bought my Star Bomb to deal with Xie Tian…..Wa!  This is bad. If it’s like this, then…..then…..No, no, I need to find him immediately, then I need to get an information fee from him.”

The young girl spoke to herself while picking up everything the piebald leopard dropped without leaving a thing.  Then she quickly left.

The middle aged uncle’s eyes were circles and his mouth was wide open.  His chin had almost fallen to the ground.

If there was no illusion in front of him and there were no problems with his eyes…..That explosion just now, it was the thing that the young girl had just thrown out.  Moreover the damage dealt was…..


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