EDAH Chapter 329


Chapter 329: Terrifying item – Star Bomb

Ye Tian Xie looked over and his sharp eyes instantly saw the ash grey bead quickly flying through the air……

Star Bomb: A high level explosive attack item made by player “Precious Star”.  After being thrown out, it will explode when it comes into contact with anything, dealing 20000 fixed damage to all targets within a ten meter range, but it cannot destroy the area.  The explosion cannot distinguish between friends and foes, and it will also hurt oneself if one is within the range of the explosion, so be careful when using.

What!?  Ye Tian Xie’s heart was shocked.

Ten meter range……This was a large area attack with a full range of twenty meters and it was an explosive, meaning it dealt a fixed twenty thousand points of damage!!


This game world clearly did not have warm weapons, so why was there an explosive!?

Moreover it was this terrifying.  Whether it was the range or the damage, this was a terrifying bomb!

Where had this Son of Heaven even obtained this item!?

Ye Tian Xie’s heart was startled, but when he sensed this danger, his body had instinctively responded.  He used all his strength and jumped backwards……With a range of twenty meters, this meant that he had to be at least ten meters away from where this “Star Bomb” fell.

From the moment Ye Tian Xie noticed the Star Bomb and reacted, the ash grey ball had already reached the peak of its flight and there was at most only a single second before it fell……To move ten meters in this short period of time, it was basically impossible!  Not to mention the fact that his surroundings was not empty and there were players wildly charging at him.

“Dragon Shadow Slash!”

His body created an afterimage as he instantly charged five meters, but that sensation of death from behind him still had not disappeared.

Damn……He was still in the range of the explosion!

This bomb was falling fast and was about to explode at any second.  With such a long range, without any preparations, it was almost impossible for Ye Tian Xie to dodge.  This was because this wasn’t a large range magic attack and it gave him no time to react and make a judgement about it.

At the same time, his sense of danger doubled.  Ye Tian Xie turned around and found that another ash grey ball was flying out with the first one and its area of descent was right in front of his current position……Son of Heaven had made his precautions and had placed two bombs in his hands.  When he threw out the first bomb and Ye Tian Xie reacted, he then quickly threw the second one, aiming right at Ye Tian Xie’s new location.

With one in front and one behind, this covered a total of forty meters.  There was only a single instant before the bombs fell and even if Ye Tian Xie had three times his speed, it was already impossible to dodge.



The two explosions came one of after the other, creating large patches of sand flying up that was accompanied by the pitiful screams.

A large amount of bodies… it should be corpses that flew into the distance.  The two twenty meter areas affected had killed at least two hundred Wings of Shrouded Heaven knights.  These two explosion sounds had also stunned all the players watching, feeling at a loss. In this dense crowd of players, they did not see what had happened.  They could only hear two giant explosion sounds and then……large amounts of players were flying into the sky and falling into a large pile on the ground.

That explosion sound… sounded like the sound of a bomb.

“What happened!?”  Zuo Po Jun shouted in a shocked voice.

“Who knows…..”  Murong Qiu Shui spread his hands, “But the people that died were all Wings of Shrouded Heaven members and a large amount of them had died, so it should be something second brother did.  He still has more killer tricks on him that we don’t know about.”

Zuo Po Jun: “……”

When the clouds of dust and smoke disappeared, at the center of the two explosions, there was only a single person standing there.  The dense crowd surrounding him had all been turned into corpses on the ground.

Ye Tian Xie held the Moment of Destiny as his cold gaze looked in the direction the “Star Bomb” had come from, looking for Son of Heaven.  Around his body, there was a transparent barrier flashing around him, the Evil Dragon’s Wall!

Ye Tian Xie being safe and sound made Son of Heaven who saw the explosions hit him shocked, but immediately he noticed the barrier around him.  He took back the “Star Bomb” he was about to throw out and loudly shouted, “…..That should be an absolute barrier, but it won’t last long…..It should only last a few seconds.  Go, surround him!”

Son of Heaven’s roar attracted Ye Tian Xie’s eyes.  His eyes went cold and like an arrow shooting out, he ran in Son of Heaven’s direction.

Son of Heaven knew he had been discovered and quickly retreated.  The surrounding players also charged forward, densely surrounding Ye Tian Xie.  At the same time, countless blades, arrows, magic, and even summoned goshawks all wildly attacked Ye Tian Xie…..They were all deflected by the Evil Dragon’s Wall.  Ye Tian Xie ignored all these attacks and swept out with his Moment of Destiny. A large group of players in front of him fell, but another group charged forward……

Even water and air could block his path, not to mention a large group of living people.  Ye Tian Xie could disregard all their attacks, but……his path forward was completely blocked off.  Although he was always staring at Son of Heaven’s position, his Evil Dragon’s Wall durations was quickly wearing out and he was not getting any closer to him.


The Evil Dragon’s Wall stopped flashing and in that moment, the Holy Dragon’s Fang on his left hand released a white light, releasing a “Holy Light’s Blessing” that restored his HP to full.  At the same time, he charged forward with a “Dragon Shadow Slash”, dodging the attacks from arrows, magic, and summoned beasts. He sent out several attacks at the players around him, but his eyes were still fixed on Son of Heaven’s position.

As expected, Son of Heaven did just only have two “Star Bombs”.  When Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon’s Wall disappeared, even though he was being fixed on by Ye Tian Xie, his right hand still suddenly raised……At the same time, there was another “Star Bomb” that appeared in his hands while the last Star Bomb he had in his hands appeared in his other hand.  Unless Ye Tian Xie could once again use that absolute defense, he would not be able to keep his life after this series of attacks……There was a large possibility that he couldn’t even escape the first attack!

Ye Tian Xie’s “Evil Dragon’s Soul” had a cooldown of at least half an hour.  So in the next half an hour, he would not be able to use the Evil Dragon’s Soul.

While being in that “Evil Dragon’s Wall” state, he could not make it over to Son of Heaven, but he also did not choose to return to the city.  Now that he couldn’t use the Evil Dragon’s Soul, unless he killed everyone around him or escaped from this encirclement, he would not be able to lose his battle state.

With his personality, how could he choose to escape from Son of Heaven!!

With ten thousand people besieging him and an item that could take his life instantly and had almost down so earlier, this was a situation he could not escape from……Other than when he met the Dark Ghost King in the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins, what he was facing now was the greatest crisis he had encountered since coming to the Destiny world.

But in this situation of being surrounded by danger, Ye Tian Xie did not lose his calm because he knew that once he did lose his calm, death would already be approaching him.

But……the reason why he kept watching Son of Heaven was not just to know his position, but also to see every movement he made.  This was because…..when he threw out with his hand…..

That would be the moment of his death!!

“Yao Yao!  Go!!”

When Son of Heaven raised his hand, Yao Yao had already been summoned by Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie held Yao Yao in his hand and when the ash grey ball was released from Son of Heaven’s hand, his eyes became even sharper than a hawk’s eye.  He used all his strength and threw Yao Yao out.

At the same time, a yellow light appeared around Yao Yao, instantly forming a wall.  This was the Heavenly Blessing Wall that could block all damage.

Ye Tian Xie used all the strength he had in his body and Yao Yao flew out with a streak of light, charging at the “Star Bomb” that had just been thrown out.  The speed at which it was flying was at least twice the speed of the “Star Bomb”.

Murong Qiu Shui could hit a bullet in flight with a bullet and Ye Tian Xie…..could also do this!

So him using Yao Yao to hit the “Star Bomb” that was flying out was an incredibly simple matter.

In the “Star Bomb’s” description, it clearly wrote “will explode when it comes in contact with anything……The explosion does not distinguish between friend or foe, so be careful not to harm oneself with the explosion……”

Watching Yao Yao’s flying body, Ye Tian Xie revealed a cold smile on his face.

Son of Heaven’s proud smile instantly disappeared from his face and turned into a look of panic…..He had just thrown out the “Star Bomb”, but a strange white figure was flying through the sky, aimed at the “Star Bomb”…..At this time, the “Star Bomb” had only flown five meters away from him.

“Ah!!”  Son of Heaven unconsciously gave a scream as he wildly ran back in a panic…..That scene could even be considered rolling away…..But, not to mention the fact that he was surrounded by players, even if his surroundings were empty, he already did not have enough time to escape.


There was another explosion, but this one was further away compared to the previous one.  There was another group of players’ bodies that flew out and the players in the distance saw the explosion in the sky……right where Yao Yao had met with the “Star Bomb”.

That sound, that smoke…..could it really be an explosive?  Does this world really have a large scale destructive warm weapon?

Son of Heaven running away only heard a large explosion before his mind went blank and an irresistible force pulled his body into the sky, flying high up before falling down.  He fell onto something soft…..another player’s corpse.

Son of Heaven, dead.  He did not die at Ye Tian Xie’s hands and did not die in anyone else’s hands, rather he died by his own hands.

Yao Yao’s body was sent flying far away by the explosion.  It flew quite far before falling to the ground, landing at Ye Tian Xie’s feet, without a single wound.

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