EDAH Chapter 334


Chapter 334: Sky high asking price

Four minutes…..Five minutes…..Six minutes…..Seven minutes…..Eight minutes……

Ye Tian Xie was already sweating……She was still widely picking up items without slowing down at all.  Her movement did not stop and instead became even more anxious, afraid that these items would disappear……Counting it, the items she had picked up had reached a thousand pieces!

This girl’s inventory……could it be bottomless!?

Ten minutes……In an instant, the items on the ground that wasn’t picked up in time began to fade before disappearing without a trace.  They had been dropped at the same time, so naturally they disappeared at the same time.


The girl’s hand grabbed at air.  Her eyes had turned empty as she looked like she was about to cry.

She stood up and angrily stomped her little foot, “Ah, ah, ah, ah!  Too hateful! I’ve decided, I must make an item that can pick up all, all…..all, all of the dropped items at once!!”

Ye Tian Xie: ⊙﹏⊙b

“Did we transmigrate?”  In the crowd, Situ Chana poked Situ Wu Qing before pinching his own thighs while speaking.

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

“Ai!  What Destiny world.  Now I understand why this virtual gaming world is called «Destiny».  Each person’s destiny is different, this also means that in this world, everyone will have different experiences because of their destiny.  This also means…..any kind of people, encounters, and matters have a possibility of occurring. Like you and me, haven’t we seen many things that shouldn’t appear in a game world?  Like Xie Tian and that young girl… a normal gaming world, would these two people appear?”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

“The charm of «Destiny» is the ability to break through the balance that normal gaming worlds strive to achieve.  Following that traditional style, increasing one’s levels and equipment grade seem like simple goals and if long enough time pass, it will become boring…..But «Destiny» breaks this rule.  It is made of things that can be encountered according to one’s destiny, things that can break the balance……Speaking truthfully, these things have not made Destiny decline, but rather brought its popularity to an unprecedented state.  With all these new exciting developments and strange things, it creates a charm that no one can resist. In the previous game world, I have never felt the excitement I have felt today…..Ze, ze, it truly is a mesmerizing visual feast. It turns out that a single person destroy a large army.  There are many strange things and all kinds of things can happen.” Situ Chana gave an emotional sigh while speaking, “I wonder, what kind of destiny we will have in this strange world.”

After the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s sudden attack on Xie Tian, there were two results that everyone was thinking of.  One was Xie Tian’s death and the other was Xie Tian’s escape, making the Wings of Shrouded Heaven lose face. But in the end, no one would have expected the result to be……The Wings of Shrouded Heaven had been chased away and half of their large ten thousand people army was killed!!

This was an earth shattering, cognition changing matter.  It was even more shocking compared to Ye Tian Xie killing the eight members of the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation working together.  Today’s matters would be focused on by the world and will be firmly remembered, as well as wildly discussed……But the main point is that it wasn’t just Xie Tian, but also a young girl that had suddenly appeared…..Because that earth shattering scene had been caused by an item that girl had given to Xie Tian……It caused an forbidden spell that could destroy the world.

Ye Tian Xie looked at the stunned players around him before calling back Kaka.  Looking down, he said, “Little sister, shouldn’t we discuss the matters between us?”

The young girl’s lips curled and she looked up, suddenly revealing a smile.  That smile was so bright that even Ye Tian Xie felt a bit absent minded. Vaguely, he could feel a terrifying feeling from that smile.

“Hei, hei!!  Yes, yes! We should discuss the matter between us…..”  She smiled while nodding her head in agreement. That smile made Ye Tian Xie feel more disturbed.

“……Then first tell me, what is your name?”  Ye Tian Xie deliberately asked.

“I am called Xing Xing!”  The young girl replied.

“Is it Xing Bao Er?”

“Un, un…..Ah, ah……How do you know!!”  Xing Bao Er’s mouth opened wide, revealing a look of surprise.

“Because…..I have super powers, I can guess what people are thinking.”  Ye Tian Xie said with an evil smile.

“Liar!  Clearly it was because I accidentally said it earlier.  Liar, liar! Big liar!”

Ye Tian Xie’s expression froze on his face.  In this instant, he had been completely defeated…..He wanted to bluff this mysterious little devil, but before he could do anything, he had been stunned by this little devil.

This really wasn’t an ordinary girl.  Whether it was her appearance, the bombs she had, or her Job……Even her mind was not simple.

Xing Bao Er reached out a slender, white finger and placed it in front of Ye Tian Xie.  In a very serious voice she said, “Xie Tian…..Shouldn’t you give me money?”

“Money?  Why should I give you money?”  Ye Tian Xie said in a confused voice.

“Of course it’s money for my Star Bombs and Ultimate Large Star Bomb……They were hard to make and only I can make them.  You used thirty Star Bombs and one Ultimate Large Star Bomb, of course you have to give me money! But the price is not expensive at all…..”  Precious Star blinked while looking at him as she spoke.

Ye Tian Xie’s body went crooked and his emotions turned.  He was always doubtful on why this girl he had never seen before suddenly ran out to blow up the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  When he approached, she immediately……warmly gave him a pile of Star Bombs and even the Ultimate Large Star Bomb with a shocking effect…..Could it be that this girl ran over here to sell these bombs?

Why didn’t she ask for money when she gave them…..Now she’s asking for money!!

Alright…..She was a girl that was as beautiful as a crystal doll and she had done him a huge favour, he shouldn’t scold her.  He should just give her money for the bombs that she asked for.

He had over a billion gold coins on him……A fourteen-fifteen year old girl should not have a concept of money, so she shouldn’t ask for too much.  Not to mention the fact that she even picked up bronze coins just now…..She even almost put the grass into her inventory, she should have a low concept of money.

“Well, how much?”  Ye Tian Xie said in a kind voice.

Seeing that Ye Tian Xie was not someone who “ignores debts” like she imagined and directly asked for a price, Xing Bao Er’s beautiful crystal eyes began to sparkle.  She was shouting in her heart, he really was the richest person…..This was too satisfying!!

Her face suddenly revealed a cute and intoxicating smile as her beautiful eyes turned into two crescent moons, “These bombs are all made by my, so the names were all created by me…..The names have individuality, right?”

“……”  Ye Tian Xie was speechless…..You’re trying to make it even more attractive!?

“Although they are small, it is very hard to make.  It took me a long, long time just to make a total of twenty Star Bombs and three Ultimate Large Star Bomb.  They are very powerful, big brother Xie Tian can already see that……But, they are not~expensive~at~all. The Star Bombs only cost three million gold coins.  Those Ultimate Large Star Bomb are a bit hard to make, they require a lot materials and is very difficult to craft, so it is a bit more expensive, but it is only a small fifty million gold coins.  Adding it up, it’s a total of eight hundred and ninety million gold coins…..”

Ye Tian Xie: !@#¥%*(&&&¥#…………

Ye Tian Xie’s face twitched a few times.  He looked into this girl’s innocent eyes and did not say a word for a long time.

One Star Bomb for three million and the Ultimate Large Star Bomb……cost fifty million per bomb!

Eight hundred and ninety million gold coins…..

Do you think this is an atomic bomb!!

Xing Bao Er acted like she didn’t see Ye Tian Xie’s expression changed, she just used her pitiful and clear eyes to look at him.  She used her voice that could even melt a stone heart to weakly send out a verbal attack, “Big brother Xie Tian, you have that much money, this small amount of money should be considered nothing to you…..Look, you have that much money and are so powerful, you wouldn’t be willing to take away this little bit of money from a pitiful little girl like me, right!?”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Ya!  Big brother Xie Tian, why don’t you speak?  Are you preparing the money for me?” Xing Bao Er asked.

Ye Tian Xie looked down and said with a serious expression, “Little Xing Xing, little Bao Er……Are you sure you’re not joking!?”

“Joking?  Why would I be joking?”  Xing Bao Er blinked her large innocent eyes and spoke in a serious voice.

“Then it’s possible that… was my ears playing a joke on me.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a serious voice and expression.

Xing Bao Er continued blinking before…..she let out a clear sharp cry, “Big brother Xie Tian!  Speaking like this, are you going back on your debt and won’t give me money…..Hey!! You are Xie Tian, number one on the level, pet, prestige, and wealth rankings…..You are the most powerful and richest person!!  You, you, you, you, you, won’t even repay a pitiful little girl like me? I saved you and helped you beat all those people, but don’t only do you not repay me, you even ignore your debt. You, you, you, you are shameless…..You really are shameless!!”

With Xing Bao Er’s tender voice screaming out these “righteous words”, Ye Tian Xie’s expression changed several times.  He patted his head and looked into the sky void of any clouds. After confirming that god wasn’t playing a joke on him, he turned around and casually said, “Un…’s weather is not bad.  With such good weather, I don’t feel like bullying little monsters. Little sister, this is a fee to show my gratitude…..Then we’ll see each other later!”

Throwing out eight gold coins and nine silver coins to Xing Bao Er, Ye Tian Xie began to run.

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