EDAH Chapter 338


Chapter 338: Illusory Stone

Ten Thousand Mile Tracker: A mysterious tracking item made by player “Precious Star” using a Heaven Grade “Illusory Stone”.  Side A can use this item to stick it onto side B’s body or equipment. After it succeeds, side A needs to have a Illusory Stone Core to use the teleport function of the Illusory Store Core to appear wherever the Ten Thousand Mile Tracker currently is.  Each Ten Thousand Mile Tracker can be used ten times a day and cannot be used when one is in a closed space or in a non free state. Once it is stuck to a target, it cannot be removed unless attacked with an attack with the destruction attribute or someone having a Heaven Grade or up Engineer Skill.

Use Span: Theoretically unlimited

When not in use or stuck to a target, it can be freely placed or taken back to be reused.

Ye Tian Xie was stunned seeing this.


There was actually….There actually existed an item that was this strange and indescribably powerful!

What ten thousand mile tracking……This item’s tracking effect surpassed ten thousand miles!  As long as one has this Ten Thousand Mile Tracker stuck on them and one had the “Illusory Stone” core in their hand, they would be able to arrive wherever their target was, no matter where they were.  Even if the other side ran to the ends of the earth, one would need a simple teleport to catch up to them, allowing the other side to have no way of running or hiding.

But what was even more exaggerated was that once it was put on, unless one had the destruction attribute or a Heaven Grade Engineer Job, they would not be able to take it off!  As for Heaven Rank Engineers, how many existed on the Lost Continent?

This also meant that even if one discovered the Ten Thousand Mile Tracker, they would not be able to escape……If this was used for a game of cat and mouse, this item was simply too vicious!

“How about it, now you know you can’t escape!  I, Xing Bao Er am not an idiot, how could I have not thought of something already!  I never thought that you big villain would actually run on your debt!! If you don’t return the money to me, I will follow you everyday, making you unable to sit still, making you cry as you return my money to me!”  Xing Bao Er revealed her cute little teeth as she spoke in a threatening voice.

Ye Tian Xie tried pressing down on that very small, black item…..It would not move.  He looked up at Xing Bao Er with eyes filled with a deep strange look.

First it was the bomb and then the terrifying super large bomb.  Now…..there was this tracking item with such a terrifying effect.

How many astonishing things were hidden on this little girl’s body!?

Also, these things were all made by her!!

No…..Such a strong item, if she made it, it was certain that she had a high grade Job, but that was not all.  At the same time, she would require high grade materials just like how a divine chef cannot make any dishes that would make people lost in their flavours without ingredients.  Where did Xing Bao Er acquire the materials needed to make these items? The Heaven Grade “Illusory Stone”……This stone, where had she obtained it!?

“Little Bao Er…..What is that Illusory Stone?”  Ye Tian Xie calmed himself and asked.

“You want to know?”  When Xing Bao Er heard him ask, her eyes light up again…..That expression, it was almost like she had the words “information fee” written on her face.

Ye Tian Xie did not waste words and directly put ten thousand gold coins into a trade window with her.  Xing Bao Er’s mouth released a “wa” sound as she put away the gold coins in satisfaction. The gaze that looked at Ye Tian Xie which was filled with hidden bitterness became much gentler…..God!  He really is a rich person, he actually gave ten thousand gold coins to ask a question…..Does he not know how to bargain? If he asked ten questions, a hundred question, a thousand questions, ten thousand questions……

In that instant, it was as if Xing Bao Er saw countless gold coins fly by in front of her.

“The Illusory Stone is a very mysterious stone.  It is a stone filled with a large amount of spatial energy and as long as this spatial energy is activated, one can use this energy to be sent to a very far place.  Moreover, after this power is used, it will automatically restore itself by absorbing the world’s elements. Isn’t it very mysterious? I only have two of these stones.”

“……Where did you obtain these two Illusory Stones?”  Ye Tian Xie continued asking. Without waiting for Xing Bao Er to say anything, Ye Tian Xie had already traded over another ten thousand gold coins.

Rich man, this was a truly rich man!  A fat sheep that gave ten thousand with each question!!  Xing Bao Er took the gold coins and her eyes looking at Ye Tian Xie began to sparkle like little stars.

This kind of fat sheep, she couldn’t forgive herself if she let him escape…..Not to mention the fact that he already owed her eight hundred and ninety million gold coins!  That’s right, he owed her that much!! The bombs made by me, Xing Bao Er are already treasures, this bit of money is already considered very cheap.

Happily accepting the gold coins, Xing Bao Er thought about it a bit and honestly answered, “There are very few Illusory Stones in existence.  They said that there are less than ten pieces on the entire Lost Continent. When I entered the game, I appeared in a strange place and met many strange people.  They liked me, so they taught me how to make many things, as well as giving me many mysterious materials…..including these two Illusory Stones.”

Appearing in a strange place when she entered the game and meeting many strange people…..This sentence shocked Ye Tian Xie’s heart.  He knit his brows and said, “Wait a minute…..You’re saying that when you entered the game, the place you appeared in wasn’t the Beginner Village?”

“Un.  I always found this strange because I knew that everyone else began in the Beginner Village.”  Xing Bao Er gave a nod.

“Then where did you appear?  What place was it?” Ye Tian Xie asked in a somewhat anxious voice and immediately trading another ten thousand gold coins to Xing Bao Er.  Not appearing in the Beginner Village when entering the game was already a very strange matter, but what shocked him even more was…..The game had been up for less than a month, but Xing Bao Er had become a Heaven Grade Engineer in a short period of time just by staying in that place……Just what kind of incredible place was this?

But this time, Xing Bao Er did not impatiently accept the gold coins like before, rather she shook her head like a rattle drum, “No, no!  I already promised them that I cannot speak of this matter. They were very nice to me and one must keep their promises, so I can’t tell you.”

“Alright…..twenty thousand gold coins!”


“Fifty thousand gold coins!”

“I already said I can’t!  You’re not allowed to ask again!  I won’t tell you even if you give me a hundred thousand!”

“Then…..One million.”  Ye Tian Xie tested the waters, speaking with a voice that was filled with a deep enchanting power.  Xing Bao Er’s reaction had indeed shocked him. She had given off the appearance of a young girl that was wildly chasing after gold coins, not even willing to give away a single copper coin, but she stubbornly kept this secret even in front of the enticement of this large amount of gold coins…..Then, with the enticement of one million gold coins, can she still keep the secret?

“I…..I…..”  Xing Bao Er’s voice cracked.  She then covered her ears and closed her eyes, shaking her head as she shouted, “You can’t entice me!  I really can’t! I really can’t tell you because if anyone else were to know about that place, it would bring a great disaster there!  I can’t tell you!”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”


Ye Tian Xie did not keep asking.  He revealed a helpless expression, but he did not take back the gold coins and instead said, “Alright then, I won’t about this…..I’ll give you the ten thousand gold coins, let me see the Illusory Stone.”

Successfully obtaining another ten thousand gold coins, Xing Bao Er was visibly excited.  She immediately took the Illusory Stones from her inventory and placed them on the ground.  The stones were very big and there were even two of them.

One was a square stone that was jet black which was half a meter tall, even being bigger than what Ye Tian Xie imagined.  Ye Tian Xie looked over them and found that it really did have the name Illusory Stone. The effects of the item was also the same as what Xing Bao Er described.  His heart was startled by this because that small Ten Thousand Mile Tracker was made from this, so how many Ten Thousand Mile Trackers could be made from this large piece?  A single Ten Thousand Mile Tracker was already that terrifying, not to mention the large amount of spatial energy it contained.

The other side was still jet black stones, but it wasn’t a single stone, rather a pile of them…..A pile of broken up pieces.  Although the pieces had irregular shapes, the sizes were surprisingly the same, all being around the size of a fingernail. In this stack, there were several hundred pieces.

“This is the Illusory Stone?”  Ye Tian Xie took a small piece from the large pile and placed it in his palms, carefully looking over it…..A piece of jet black stone, there was nothing different about it at all.

“Look!  This is the used up Illusory Stone Core.  As long as I have it, I can immediately find all the people that have trackers pasted on them!  As long as I, Xing Bao Er have my eyes set on someone, there is not a single one that can escape.”  Xing Bao Er was very proud. There was a bead that was the size of a ping pong ball in her hands. It was also jet black, but the ball’s appearance was very smooth and the black surface was releasing a dazzling light.

“Then what are these?  Can they be used?” Ye Tian Xie pointed at the small piece in his hand.

“This is the Illusory Stone Fragment.  Although it is a fragment, it still contains a very strong amount of spatial energy!  I was preparing to use them to make Illusion Beads and I’m sure each one will be sold for a large amount of money!  That’s right, although it is just a fragment now, it still has a very strong use. If you accidentally squeeze it and release the energy stored within, an incredible thing will occur.”  Xing Bao Er said.

Squeeze it?

Following Xing Bao Er’s words, Ye Tian Xie’s hands unconsciously squeezed the Illusory Stone Fragment.  Instantly, a strange energy appeared from his hands that made everything in front of him turn jet black…..

With a strange black glow, Ye Tian Xie disappeared from in front of Xing Bao Er.

“Ah!  Xie Tian!?”  Xing Bao Er was surprised and shouted in a panicked voice, but she immediately understood what happened…..He must have accidentally used this Illusory Stone Fragment.  The effect of the spatial energy inside the Illusory Fragment was…..cutting through space, disregarding all barriers to be sent to a random location. It was fine if it was a safe place, but if it was in the sea, a swamp, or a place with high level monsters……

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