EDAH Chapter 339


Chapter 339: Weeping Ice Feather Deer

“Hey!  Xie Tian……Xie Tian!!”

“Come back!  You can’t leave…..I don’t want to be locked up here alone, wu, wu…..I will be very afraid by myself……Xie Tian, quickly come out!”

“Wu, wu……Xie Tian, I hate you to death!!”



Ye Tian Xie was filled with anger.

When the darkness appeared in front of him, he realized what had happened……His fingers had used a bit of strength and it had really triggered some power like Xing Bao Er said.  What followed after, this feeling was clearly being sent through space.

The Illusion Stone with the spatial energy……then where had been sent by this spatial energy?

When Ye Tian Xie’s train of thought had finished, the darkness in front of him disappeared.  What appeared in front of him was a not to big basin that seemed to be made of marble.

What kind of place was this?

Ye Tian Xie looked around himself and the most direct feeling he had was that the air around him was cold.  Although it was not to the point where it could be considered “freezing”, it was still lower than Heavenly Stellar City.  The air here was very fresh, but it was strangely silent, without a single sound being heard.

It was clear that no one had come here in a long time with weeds surrounding him in all directions.  If one were to look closely, they would be able to find a layer of dead flowers and grass underneath the weeds……These flowers and grass had very strange shapes, completely different from normal flowers and grass.

Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked forward, looking at the basin that he couldn’t see the bottom of and couldn’t see any water inside.  He then continued to look further forward and in an instant, his breath almost stopped.

In front of him was a very short and old, but excessively large palace.  It was unknown how far the palace spread and he could not see inside of it because the large doors were tightly shut.  There was a strangely big lock on the door itself.

But what made Ye Tian Xie’s breath stop was a strange life form in a deep sleep in front of the large door, lying there without moving at all.

This was a life form that seemed like it was formed from water blue ice, with its entire body being this blue colour.  Moreover, it was incredibly pure, only ice formed from the purest water element would release this kind of natural blue.  It had a length of three meters and its body had dark blue scales that released an eye piercing crystal blue glow. The shape of its scales was like the legendary dragon’s scales, but its figure was far from a dragon’s.  It could be said that this animal’s body was not like the body of any beast Ye Tian Xie knew…..Its body was not stocky and its icicle like limbs were covered in ice like scales which were clear and slender. Its tail was very long, reaching two meters.  The shape of the tail was like that of a dragon’s, but at the tip of its tail was a cold glowing sharp as ice thorn. What was the most conspicuous was…..On its back, there were two oblique wings formed from ice crystals and the shape of the wings resembled that of the legendary phoenix.

Its head was even more strange.  It was like and not like a deer’s, like and not like a horse’s, even having the shape of a dragon’s head, but once could instantly see the power and prestige released from it with a single glance.  In the middle of its forehead was a half a meter long horn of ice that was releasing a cold glow. When anyone’s eyes met the horn, their heart could not help beating fast.

What was this?  An ice horse? An ice dragon?  An ice qilin?

But to have this kind of strange body, it had to mean that it was not a simple beast.  Although it was sleeping and did not notice that Ye Tian Xie was approaching, the cold pressure being released from it was not normal, meaning that it was very strong.

Ye Tian Xie did not move and his breath slowed down.  His eyes swept over its body and following this, he was shocked when he saw the information provided by his Evil Dragon’s Eyes.

Weeping Ice Feather Deer: Level 30 Mysterious God Beast

HP: 30000000

One of the twelve Mysterious God Beasts of the Lost Continent, once ranked eighth on the list of strange beasts of the Lost Continent, but because of its quickly dropping level, it has fallen down to fifteenth place.  A magical creature of ice of the Lost Continent, having an inexhaustible amount of water energy. After fusing with the unmeltable pure water spirit of Heavenly Sacred Mountain and absorbing the life energy of the Water of Life, it continues to become stronger after countless years of evolving.  It has guarded the Heavenly Sacred Temple since it has been and will mercilessly attack any life forms that approach the Heavenly Sacred Temple. Because its body is covered in ice scales, when it opens its wings, water drops will fall down like teardrops, thus giving it the name “Weeping Ice Feather Deer”.  Three years ago, the water in the Fountain of Life began to drain away, disappearing until it completely dried up. As a result of this, the Weeping Ice Feather Deer that was born from the Water of Life and depends on the Water of Life to become stronger fell down to level 30 from its original level 90. It now has to depend on long term hibernation to contain the dissipation speed of its own life force.

Innate Skill:

Ice Spirit’s Body: Absorbs all water attributed damage and negates 20% of all physical damage.  In freezing environments, it will automatically recover 10000-30000 HP per second.

Skills: Water Mirror, Ice Raid, Snow Storm, Sorrowful Ice Mist, Earth Penetrating Ice Seal, Heavenly Ice Dance, Hail Meteors, Star Shatter, Ice Crystal Dance, Heaven Defying Water, Ice Coffin Array, Freezing the Heaven and Earth, Wall of Purity, Fog Killing Array, Extreme Ice Wall, Extreme Ice Blast, Ice God’s Sigh, Ice God’s Roar.

Unique Skills: Weeping Feather Ice Dagger, Ice Sealing Extermination Array.

Forbidden Technique: Void Freezing Hell Ice Mist

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

Mysterious God Beast!?

Ye Tian Xie’s breath almost instantly stopped.  He never would have thought that he would accidentally personally see a Mysterious God Beast like this……Mysterious God, it was a grade that was below the peak Saint Extermination Grade, a terrifying existence that humans could never fight.  Whether it was Mysterious God Grade Equipment or Mysterious God Beasts, there were only a few in existence on the Lost Continent. Adding them all together, there wasn’t more than a few dozen of them. They usually all existed in a secret location, a place that normal people could never reach.

Although this Weeping Ice Feather Deer was only level thirty, it was still a Mysterious God Beast.  Although it was only level thirty, its HP was as high as thirty million! It could be imagined just how strong a Mysterious God Beast was.

Its description had clearly listed……Heavenly Sacred Mountain and Fountain of Life!

Ye Tian Xie quickly remembered where he had heard these two names before…..In Beginner Village 66666, the description of the Water of Life in Yuan Que’s hands, didn’t it mention Heavenly Sacred Mountain and the Fountain of Life?  Could his position……actually be that Heavenly Sacred Mountain…..and near the Fountain of Life?

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