EDAH Chapter 355


Chapter 355: Speechless pity – Xing Bao Er (Part 2)

“Is it strange?”  Zuo Po Jun had already expected Ye Tian Xie’s reaction.  He said with a bitter smile, “They were all abandoned by the world, even abandoned by their mothers and fathers.  Saying that they are the most pitiful children in the world is not exaggerated at all. Destiny has not been fair to them, heartlessly taking away their family and everything they should enjoy…..even their lives.”

After putting away the last photo, Ye Tian Xie was silent for a long while.  There was suddenly an incomparably heavy stone pressing down on his heart, making him feel like he was suffocating.  With a long sigh, he said, “Why does this world have such a cruel, dark side.”

Zuo Po Jun shook his head and said in a disappointed voice, “No matter how powerful and developed the economy of a country is, no matter what time or place, this kind of thing will never fade.  As for them, they are only a small part of it. If a country’s leader wanted to stop these things from appearing, it can never be achieved. It is like…..Even if our China’s national strength was ten times greater, there would still be people begging for money and people being brought to the edge of death by hunger.”

“Xing Bao Er…..Where is she?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.


“In Su Hang City, a place people call heaven on earth.”  Zuo Po Jun said with a laugh filled with ridicule.

“Heaven on earth?  Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders and many people there, that place really is heaven.”  Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes and said.

“They were abandoned by destiny, but destiny has not completely abandoned them.  That great auntie has taken them in and for them, it could be said that she has sacrificed everything…..However, the more children there are, she is unable to support them.  She has fallen down with a serious illness and it is an incurable one.” Zuo Po Jun took out a white piece of paper from the envelope, “This is the report from the Su Hang City hospital.  Second brother…..”

Ye Tian Xie took it and looked it over.  He then closed it and revealed a bitter smile, “Good people are not certain to have a good life, this is a cruel principle…..It is because of this that Xing Bao Er…..”

“That’s right.  Xing Bao Er calls that auntie ‘mother’.  After that auntie became sick, she said to all the people there…..Children and elders, she made a vow that she would let them live on, let them go to school, let them have a real family, buying beautiful clothes and eat things they liked like the people outside…..Having the same happy future as a normal person……This was the pledge of a girl who was around ten years old and she is now going all out to achieve this goal.”  Zuo Po Jun said in a heavy voice.

Ye Tian Xie gave a bitter laugh and said, “So, that’s why she wants gold coins that much…..In Heavenly Sun City, she rathered be detained for several days than to pay several tens of thousands of gold coins.  I finally understand now. To us, those several tens of thousands of gold coins are just gold coins, but to her, they are the hope of many people and….their lives.”

“The environment she grew up in and her mind are things we will never understand.  She has countless dreams that must all be recognized with large amounts of money, but not a single dream was for herself.  When she makes transactions with us, the large amount of money would make normal people uncomfortable like she was cheating them.  However, that is because she knows we have money and it doesn’t matter if we don’t have it anymore. Even if we are broke, our lives would be considered heaven for her.  At the same time……the prices she gives are prices that can be accepted. As for fourth brother’s gun, although that price is high, can we really not accept it? She is using all her power to earn as much money as possible…..”  Zuo Po Jun paused before saying, “Second brother, do you know why I say she’s using all her power to make money?”

Ye Tian Xie’s expression turned stiff before he looked at him.

Zuo Po Jun held the final few pieces of paper in front of Ye Tian Xie, “Second brother, look at this.  This is a torn medical record that our people worked hard to find and restore.”

An unsettled feeling filled Ye Tian Xie’s heart.  He took the wrinkled medical record and when he saw the contents, his hands began to shake.

“Why is it like this?”  Ye Tian Xie tightly gritted his teeth.

“It isn’t strange…..The people there either have serious illnesses or have incurable illnesses causing parents who can’t afford to pay for their treatment to abandon them.  Whether it is a serious illness or an incurable illness, these children are tossed away like elderly who can’t be cured. Even the best of them are all homeless and either freeze to death or starve to death.  As for infants…..Xing Bao Er, she…..”

“Don’t say anymore.”  Ye Tian Xie cut him off.  If the heaviness from before could be considered suffocating, the current him felt like his heart was completely frozen.  Slowly letting out a breath, he weakly asked, “How long can she still live?”

Zuo Po Jun said, “We asked the doctor over there and the doctor said that she can hold on for another year…..Xing Bao Er, should be a pitiful child abandoned by her parents because of her incurable illness.”

“Even abandoning this kind of daughter, have their parents conscience been eaten by a dog!!”  Ye Tian Xie’s hands suddenly clenched together, crumpling that piece of paper that had been meticulously restored.

“Even evil tigers will not eat their children, but many people’s hearts are several times darker than animal’s.  There are many beasts in this world that aren’t worthy of being parents, but without coming in contact with them, you won’t understand or believe they exist.”  Zuo Po Jun said with a sigh. With his identity, he had come in contact with all kinds of darkness. Human nature, the peaks of good and evil, he has been surprised and shocked by both before.  So, many things that normal people believed to be the norm, he could no longer believe. There were many things that they wouldn’t believe that he had already personally witnessed.

“Since it’s an incurable illness…..why does she still work so hard.”  Ye Tian Xie clenched his fists before pulling out a picture in an out of controlled manner.  He pointed at the muddy faced girl revealing a smile as bright as crystal, “Look, what is it she normally wears!?  What does she eat!? She clearly has money! She has more money than a normal rich person, so why does she not treasure her own life.”

Zuo Po Jun paused his breath before saying, “…..The first page of her diary reads, ‘If a dollar can be saved every day, in ten years, ten people can have a new set of clothes.  If ten dollars can be saved every day, in a year, a child with the same destiny as her can be adopted. I, Xing Bao Er am a person destined to die, using everything I have is a waste.  So, I must save, I have to work hard to save, allowing the people that live to have a beautiful hope’…..” Zuo Po Jun finished his words and took out one last thing from the envelope.  It was a thick book, “This is her diary which we’ve duplicated. Take a look and you’ll understand her. Although she has a lot of money, she has not used a single cent on herself. All her wealth has been used to send the people there to the best hospitals to heal their bodies, allowing those children eat things that they wished they could reat, letting them see a new hope.  As for herself……”

Ye Tian Xie took the book.  After reading just the first page, he no longer had the courage to read on.

“As for the matter of her incurable illness, other than herself, no one else knows, including her ‘mother’.  Rather she smiles the most every day, looking like the healthiest and happiest person, being the big sister that everyone loves.  It is also because of her that the people there with deep traumas could live their lives happily. Not only does she have intelligence, she also has a strong charm.”  Zuo Po Jun said. When he learned of all of this, he did not know how to feel about this. Originally he thought that Xing Bao Er was from a powerful family, arrogant and greedy for money……Because of her unforgettable appearance and temperament, he thought that this was not a girl born in a normal family.  But he never thought that it would be this kind of hard to accept result.

What they saw was a Xing Bao Er who was completely different from what they expected.  The display she put on in front of them was completely different from the display she had in real life.  This kind of difference made their minds turn.

Zuo Po Jun looked up at Ye Tian Xie and asked, “Second brother, the result of you having us investigate Xing Bao Er is this.  Other than that, since she started entering the game world to make money, she has never slept before. Other than eating and taking care of the children and old people, she has always immersed herself in the game……She has never slept before.”

“Can her illness be cured?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“No…..You have seen the incurable illness she has contracted, it’s not something earth’s medicine can cure.  Perhaps her cheerfulness can allow her to live a little longer.” Zuo Po Jun said in a deep voice, “Her situation is just a bit better than Chen Xue’s innate incurable illness.  Moreover, her illness should be contracted and innate, otherwise she would have died already.”

Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes.  After a while, he suddenly said, “Po Jun, since this place exist, are you not prepared to help them?”

Zuo Po Jun shock his head and gave a bitter smile, “I can’t make that decision…..Moreover, you think my dad will care?  This corner, there are many like it in this world. If one disappears, another will appear. There is light and darkness on both sides, this is a fact of reality.  Dad already has so many matters that sleep is a luxury, do you think he will specially investigate and process this commonly seen matter? Even if dad does not personally care and gave the order to send help down to them……it might create another hell for them in that place.  What do those high level officials care about? They care about their image. For a face saving operation like this, they would feel touching these dirty people will make them dirty and feel that their existence will ruin Su Hang’s ‘heaven on earth’ title, so the way they take care of this will most likely be…..They would gather some money and things that other people do not need and donate them to these people…..That’s right, donate.  Then this is to appease them after they order for their expulsion.”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Don’t think this is unbelievable.  Matters concerning the government, who can be more clear on them than me.”  Zuo Po Jun gave a cold smile, speaking with a look of sorrow and self taunting.

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