EDAH Chapter 361


Chapter 361: Plans and counter plans

Following the action of the first black clothed man, the other black clothed assassins also took off the black cloths on their arms…..The revealed the same Wings of Shrouded Heaven symbol.

Ye Tian Xie looked at them and his lips curled.  Slowly he said to Su Fei Fei, “Fei Fei, do you know what is embroidered on their arms?”

“It’s the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s symbol, I have seen it before.”  Su Fei Fei said. The several large guilds including the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, most players knew of them.

“That’s right.  But this symbol can be embroidered for three gold coins at the tailor.  You can embroider it wherever you want, even putting it on the butt is no problem.  These idiots want to use this symbol to prove that they are members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..It’s said that Son of God is wise, alright, I believe that.  However, these people below him are nothing more than idiots. I understand. I allowed you all to scram, why haven’t you scramed yet?” Ye Tian Xie looked at these black clothed people with a cold smile, speaking words filled with killing intent that filled them with fear.


“Why?”  Su Fei Fei followed along and asked.

“Because they were unlucky enough to see me suspect the God Realm Guild’s leader.  They wanted to steal your Frost Wolf and regardless of succeeding or not, they would deliberately reveal this Wings of Shrouded Heaven symbol and shift the blame over to them.  They want me to cause trouble with the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..He, wanting to use me, really worthy of the God Realm Guild. I haven’t provoked him yet and he’s already provoking me.  That so called “Son of Heaven”, he still does not know how to write my “Xie Tian” yet!”

“Then why would you immediately guess the God Realm Guild?”  Su Fei Fei asked.

“When that piece of waste Scarlet Flame called out ‘Wings of Shrouded Heaven’, I knew it was most likely the God Realm Guild because the one that goes against the Wings of Shrouded Heaven is the God Realm Guild.  Originally, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but…..” Ye Tian Xie looked at the black clothed people with a taunting gaze, “These people saw that I was suspecting the God Realm Guild and did not dare report back, so they went all out to prove that they are members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..Like this, I don’t need to suspect this anymore.”

“Hee, so it’s like this.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven and the God Realm Guild are against each other, so if they really belonged to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, they would be filled with joy if you suspected the God Realm Guild.  However, they’re actually trying to justify against it…..Wouldn’t this be called, a clumsy denial resulting in self admittance?” Su Fei Fei covered her mouth as she chuckled. They were currently surrounded by fifty people.  If this was before meeting Ye Tian Xie, even if she had large amounts of bodyguards, she would be filled with fear. However, now with Ye Tian Xie alone, she did not feel any fear. On him, she had obtained a mountain like stability, no longer feeling afraid.  Just this feeling alone was enough to make her firmly believe that she should never leave Ye Tian Xie.

“Xie Tian!  We are members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”  That leader said with a sunken expression.

“You don’t need to prove your stupidity anymore, I already know.”  Ye Tian Xie cut him off and spoke with a taunting smile, “Don’t you feel very sad?  If you had left just now, you would have been pitifully punished. Your God Realm Guild exist in the underworld and the method of disposing people in the underworld is quite good.  By vehemently denying this fact, you have achieved the opposite effect…..This is the sadness of a dog, their fates are never in their own hands, it all depends on others. Don’t you think so?”

The black clothed leader’s expression changed again.  He knew that since matters had reached a conclusion, there was no use no matter how much he denied it.  He move a step back and gritted his teeth, “We’re leaving!”

“You can’t leave now!”

With a low roar, Ye Tian Xie shot out as fast as lightning, using a Dragon Rend Slash to charge at the black clothed leader.  The black clothed leader saw a human figure sway in front of him and he was shocked as he jumped back instinctively, avoiding the danger of being pierced by Ye Tian Xie’s Moment of Destiny…..But in terms of dodging and reactions, even if his agility was doubled, he could not compare to Ye Tian Xie.

Ye Tian Xie’s attack hit nothing, but his wrist suddenly came down before the attack even finished.  The Moment of Destiny slammed down on his chest and his body was slammed to the ground.

Even a knight couldn’t block this Dragon Rend Slash, not to mention an assassin.  There was no doubt that it was an instant kill.

Ye Tian Xie raised his Moment of Destiny and did not even look at the corpse of the black clothed man.  He coldly said, “Just based on the words ‘thinking I’m intelligent’, you already deserved to die!”

He looked up at the black clothed men with trembling eyes, but he did not make a move.  Rather he said in an indifferent voice, “Do you want to die or live!”

The remaining black clothed men all began to slowly retreat.  Then with a low shout, all of them turned around and ran off in all different directions.  With their leader dead, they did not choose to send themselves to death and instead ran away.  Coming to this decision, they really were disciplined members of a large power.

When they turned to leave, the black clothed men running in the same direction looked at each other and a strange glow appeared in their eyes.

In the Heavenly Stellar City square, the black clothed man that had just been instantly killed by Ye Tian Xie took off the black cloth on his face to reveal a stiff expression.  This face did not have a gloomy look or even hatred after being killed, rather there was a vague cold smile amongst his calmness. He picked up his communication device and was connected before long.  He lowered his head and used a low, but piercing voice to say, “Young master, Xie Tian is certain it was the God Realm Guild. Although we did not succeed and Xie Tian appeared unexpectedly…..we have obtained a bigger harvest.  There will be a good play soon on the God Realm Guild side.”

After a short while, the communication device was hung up.  The black clothed man looked up and narrowed his eyes to look at the white faced Scarlet Flame to say, “Your acting was not bad…..Son of Heaven will depend on you in the future.”

“Yes, yes…..Please thank Son of Heaven for me.  Only, my Scarlet League’s matter…..” Scarlet Flame’s pale face was not fake and the fear he displayed in front of Xie Tian was definitely not fake.  However, this impossible to fake terror rather made his acting even more realistic.

“Relax, Son of Heaven just said that let him destroy the Scarlet League if he wants.  If my Wings of Shrouded Heaven interferes, he will be suspicious. After the Scarlet League disappears, all your losses will be made up for by my Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  You can make a Blue League, Red League, or Yellow League…..My Wings of Shrouded Heaven will fully support you.” The black clothed man said with a serious expression.

“Yes, yes…..That is great.  Help me thank Son of Heaven.  Being able to work for him and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven is my honour.”  Scarlet Flame nodded and a trace of excitement flashed on his pale face.

On the other side.

Son of Heaven put down the communication device and he was filled with joy.  He lifted the teacup beside his hand and took a sip, savouring the tea that had become several times more refreshing all of a sudden.

“What happened?  Since Xie Tian appeared… could we benefit from it?”  That person in front of him wearing green clothes and carrying a bow on his back asked with a frown.


Son of Heaven let out a relaxed breath as he slowly said, “Before having people go find Misty Rain Revival, I asked my little sister how to make this perfect…..Something that my little sister has planned has never been miscalculated.  This time, it will also be perfect. Although Xie Tian unexpectedly appeared making me unable to obtain the Frost Wolf temporarily, the probability of dropping a pet on death was not high anyway. Even if Xie Tian did not appear, it would be hard to have any harvest, but once he does appear, things become much more interesting…..”

He put down the teacup and his slanted eyes narrowed into a seam, “Dugu Cheng, this is a large present I’m giving you.  Please prepare to enjoy it.”

The green clothed man was stunned hearing this and said in an astonished voice, “Young master, you’re saying…..”

“He, he, a good play of dogs biting each other is about to begin, now I’m starting to feel impatient!!  Ha, ha, ha, ha……”


After the black clothed men all left, there was only Su Fei Fei, Ye Tian Xie, and Li Lan Yu left.

“Fei Fei, he…..He is your mysterious boyfriend?”  Li Lan Yu forced her heart to calm down. She walked in front of them and asked with a shocked expression.

“Un.”  Su Fei Fei gently replied before secretly looking at Ye Tian Xie.  The love in her heart was completely reflected on her face.

“Wa!  He’s simply too handsome…..It’s actually Xie Tian whose rumours make seem like a god!  No wonder Fei Fei would be so dead set on you. If It was me….I would also feel like all other men are garbage.”  Li Lan Yu was laughing while staring at Ye Tian Xie’s face without stop. She had a faint seductive look in her eyes.

Ye Tian Xie took a gaze at this girl and his gaze only stayed for half a second before leaving.  He then said, “You are Fei Fei’s friend?”

“Un!  Fei Fei is my best friend.  I am called Li Lan Yu, can I call you…..big brother Xie Tian?”  Seeing Xie Tian take the initiative to talk to her, Li Lan Yu was clearly excited as she spoke.

“Un, you can.”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled as he replied.

“Then can I…..add you as a friend?  You’re so strong, if anyone bullies me in the future, can I come find you…..Hee, Fei Fei, you don’t mind if I borrow your boyfriend, right?  Li Lan Yu stuck out her tongue before speaking while giggling. Although she was speaking to Su Fei Fei, her eyes kept staring at Ye Tian Xie.

“You can.”  Ye Tian Xie replied with a faint smile.

Su Fei Fei also said with a smile, “As long as my boyfriend does not disagree, of course you can.”

“Wa!  That’s great!  If our sisters knew that I knew big brother Xie Tian, they would absolutely die of jealousy.”

Ye Tian Xie immediately received the friend request and without any hesitation, he clicked the accept button.  Then he said to Su Fei Fei, “Fei Fei, you play first…’s also fine if you go back to be with Chen Xin and Xue’er.  I have some matters, so I’ll be leaving first.”

After saying this, he waved his hand and directly returned to the city.

Appearing in the center of the Heavenly Stellar City, he slowly walked towards his home.  Under his metallic mask, a pair of eyes were frozen like ice, “Wings of Shrouded Heaven, your acting is not bad.  Then…..You all better…..prepare…..yourselves…..”

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