EDAH Chapter 362


Chapter 362: Prepared large gift

When Ye Tian Xie came home, after circling around in the yard, he picked up his communication device and called Zuo Po Jun, “Po Jun, come to my place for a bit.”

In less than a minute, Zuo Po Jun quickly rushed over.  Ye Tian Xie took out a small chip from his wrist and gave it to Zuo Po Jun before saying, “Have someone send this to God Realm Guild’s Buried God.”

This small chip was the gaming world wristband’s attached camera memory chip.  The small part that Ye Tian Xie was giving to Zuo Po jun was the recorded scene of what happened with Scarlet Flame and the black clothed men.

Zuo Po Jun doubtfully took it and looked at Ye Tian Xie.  He placed the chip into his own wristband and pressed it, playing the several minutes of recording of what had just happened.  Zuo Po Jun quickly glanced over it and he said with knitted brows, “That fellow Buried God actually dared to have ideas about young miss Su.  Second brother, what are you prepared to do…..Un? Strange, second brother, why do you want me to give this recording to Buried God.”


“These people are not from the God Realm Guild, but rather the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..Perhaps the God Realm Guild also have this idea, but they don’t dare act because of fear.  This time, it is certainly the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.” Ye Tian Xie said in a deep voice.

“Wings of Shrouded Heaven?”  Zuo Po Jun was shocked. He carefully recalled what he had seen in the recording and rubbed his head as he asked, “But, from the recording, it seems like it’s all the God Realm Guild.  If they were people from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, why did they announce it right away? Also, second brother, when you mentioned the God Realm Guild, they kept denying it. This is clearly the God Realm Guild trying to shift the blame to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”

“He…..”  Ye Tian Xie gave a cold laugh.  Slightly shaking his head, he said, “Looking at it from face value, it does seem that way…..Moreover, no matter how you look at it, it all seems that way.  However, their biggest flaw is that it was too perfect, excessively perfect.”

Zuo Po Jun revealed a look of confusion.

“Po Jun, think about it.  With how big the Wings of Shrouded Heaven are and how much discipline they have…..Adding in the fact that since they were sent on this mission, they were prepared to keep this a secret.  Yet Scarlet Flame immediately said the Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..If it was you, is your first reaction to believe him or think of the God Realm Guild?”

Zuo Po Jun was stunned and immediately understood, “You’re saying…..”

“That’s right, everyone would immediately think of the God Realm Guild.  This is because if he really belonged to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, with their background and methods of punishment, they would not dare easily admit to it.  This is because dying just means losing a level, but admitting it means…..Not to mention that there were fifty people supervising him, the consequences would be even more terrifying than dying once.  The only one that can fight against the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, being incompatible like water and fire, is the God Realm Guild…..So, when Scarlet Flame called out the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, people will immediately think of the God Realm Guild.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven used this point and reversed this point, allowing the God Realm Guild to take the blame.” Ye Tian Xie had a cold smile as he carefully explained this.

“It really is like this…..But, second brother.”  Zuo Po Jun then added, “Although Son of Heaven is talented, he is easily swayed by emotions and should not have such deep thinking.  Although there is a large chance of this being true, you can’t rule out the fact that the other side did not have these thoughts and just randomly threw out the name of their enemy.”

“Indeed it’s like this, but I’ve said before, their biggest flaw was that the act was too perfect.  They saw that I was suspecting the God Realm Guild, but the did not leave and instead displayed the Wings of Shrouded Heaven symbol, going all out to prove they were Wings of Shrouded Heaven members…..Do they not know that this would make one more certain these actions were taken by the God Realm Guild.  A person can be foolish, but for fifty people to make the same move and not a single person going against it, ze, ze……This development is too unnecessary and weak!! Other than that, there is another point. When the leader said ‘our Wings of Shrouded Heaven’, he said it very fluently. But common sense says that if one were to call an enemy force’s name, there would be a faint bitterness when they say ‘our’ which he did not have.  I am already certain that everything was planned by the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.”

Zuo Po Jun looked at Ye Tian Xie in shock and his brain was already in a bit of a mess from listening to him.  After thinking about it, he said with a nod, “Second brother, I understand. I will immediately have someone send this to God Realm Guild’s Buried God.  Since the Wings of Shrouded Heaven have played such a dark trick, with Buried God’s personality, he will surely send an even bigger present as soon as possible.”

Zuo Po Jun chatted with Ye Tian Xie for a bit longer before quickly leaving.

After Zuo Po Jun left, Ye Tian Xie took a walk in the yard.  It was a long time before he came out and his head was covered in sweat.  The yard he walked in was Xing Bao Er’s specially made “Special Star Manufacture and Experimenting Yard” wide yard.  She rented the yard for free by calling herself the chief engineer of the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, but she still gave a sky high price when she sold items to Ye Tian Xie.  In terms of gold coins, Ye Tian Xie had never earned anything from Xing Bao Er. It was a good thing he didn’t care about this.

With the required things in hand, in the empty front yard, Ye Tian Xie revealed the wild anger deep within and revealed a cold smile that was like a devil’s smile.

He did not move against the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to.

Rather it was he would either not move or make a large move.

So big that it would envelop the Wings of Shrouded Heaven in a dark shadow for their entire lives.

But today, with the devilish flames filling him with stimulation which he could not contain, he wildly wanted to turn the Wings of Shrouded Heaven in waste in the next second.  And now…..the large present for the Wings of Shrouded Heaven was mostly prepared.

When Ye Tian Xie was about to leave, an unfamiliar female’s voice came from his communication device, making him slightly knit his brows.  His phone was blocked against all strangers and theoretically there shouldn’t be any voices he didn’t recognize. Immediately, he knew the owner of the voice.

It was Li Lan Yu who he had just met.

“Big brother Xie Tian, are you there?”

“I’m here.”  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows which immediately relaxed.

“Wa!  I’m finally hearing your voice again, I’m really too excited…..Then, big brother Xie Tian, Fei Fei just left to take care of something, so can I ask for a presumptuous request?  I’m in Falling Wind Town and there is no one around, so can you come and accompany me for a bit? I don’t have any other meanings, it’s just…..I really admire you and if I can talk to you for a bit, I would die of happiness.”  Li Lan Yu’s voice was very gentle, but she couldn’t constrain her excitement.

“Alright, where are you.”  Ye Tian Xie replied without any hesitation.

“Ah…..You’re really willing?  That’s great! That’s great! I’m in the west side of Falling Wind Town and there is no one else here, you’ll be able to find me immediately.”

Hanging up the call, Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled into a cold smile.  He changed his destination as he took out a Falling Wind Town Return Scroll to head to Falling Wind Town.

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