EDAH Chapter 369


Chapter 369: Perfectly resisted

In order to protect the safety of female players, the game world had given female players a serious protection.  If a male player were to try to touch a female player’s body without permission…..or even dared to try to move against a female player’s body, the system will immediately prompt the female player asking if they want to deal punishment.  This punishment’s effect was very terrifying and its strength depended on the degree of the crime. A serious infringement would result being killed by heavenly lightning. Their level would drop by two-five levels, they would drop two-five pieces of equipment, and they would lose 30% of their money and 20% of their Prestige.  The smallest punishment was just being stunned by heavenly lightning for ten seconds.

The young girl said only a few words, seeming to be begging for mercy for Son of Heaven, but she had actually trapped Ye Tian Xie.  When Ye Tian Xie said that he “would even dare grab the king of the heavens”, he had already fallen into the young girl’s trap. Following this, she naturally spoke of this gamble.  With Ye Tian Xie’s previous words, he had no way of denying this gamble.

Since he even dared grab the king of the heavens, how could he not dare to grab her?

If he denied this gamble, it was like a slap on Ye Tian Xie’s face, being laughed at by everyone.


If he did agree…..It was grabbing and not attacking.  He could touch Son of Heaven at will because he was a man, but if he dared to grab the young girl’s body, she would be able to immediately activate the system prompt to send down heavenly lightning.  Even if it was the weakest punishment, the few seconds of paralysis would be enough for the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members to all focus on him. If he did not grab her…..Ye Tian Xie would lose. As the girl said, he would write off all grudges with the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members all came back to their senses as their faces all fill with looks of praise.  Ye Tian Xie’s expression as change as he looked speechless while looking at the girl. Her voice was too soft and did not have any aggressiveness to it.  When a person heard her voice, their hearts would not have any defenses, so it was easy for them to be forced into a dilemma by her.

“Xie Tian!  Since you said you even dare grab the king of heaven, then do you dare grab her…..If you don’t dare for a little girl like her, then stop saying all those embarrassing bold things and quickly let go of young master.  Then scram!”

“Ha, ha…..Xie Tian, if you have skills than bet, otherwise just scram!  Perhaps, you, Xie Tian only know how to talk big and do not have the skills to back it up, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Xie Tian, do you dare accept?  Don’t you even dare grab the king of heaven.  Just agree or else you have no guts…..Wo pei!”


The Wings of Shrouded Heaven crowd were excited at this moment, trying to force Ye Tian Xie, using extreme provocation and taunting.  They were like people someone who had been forced into a dead end by someone with a knife and suddenly there was someone with a gun who appeared beside them, so they wildly began to vent their anger.

Ye Tian Xie used his eyes to sweep over this taunting crowd and a cold glow sparkled in his eyes.  People that dare to provoke him, make impertinent comments him, or dared to try taunting him, he had never let go….Never.


The young girl spoke up.  Although it had a reprimanding tone, it was as soft as the clouds.  It was like she was whispering to herself rather than reprimanding others.  However, with her soft words, it made the excited Wings of Shrouded Heaven instantly become quiet.  Her voice seemed like it had magic to it. Ye Tian Xie half closed his eyes and revealed an unseen smile.

This was a very strong spirit power user.

Spirit power users were a rarely seen power user with strange powers from the power user world.  There were only a few spirit power user in the entire world, not passing ten people in total. As for in China, the only person Ye Tian Xie knew who had this power was, Murong Qiu Shui.

This power did not only have a single form and manifested itself in many different aspects.  However, no matter what aspect it was, it would not be aggressive attacks. Murong Qiu Shui’s spirit based power is a kind of “flickering” ability that allowed him to judge and react to even the smallest movement.  This skill allowed him to have terrifying skills with guns. It was clear that this young girl had a spirit infection ability. She could use her eyes, sound, expression, and movements, everything to affect another person’s mind.

Once it appeared in the virtual gaming world, a spirit based power user would become a huge bug in the gaming world.

Because in the virtual gaming world, a person’s body, their equipment, and everything they had was virtual and was not linked to the real world.  The only thing that didn’t change…..was one’s consciousness, which was their spirit. Because people would have their own spirit when entering the game world, spirit power users could keep their powers in the gaming world.

However, power users were already very rare and those with spirit based powers were even rarer.  With the countless players in the game, this huge bug did not count for much.

“Xie Tian, whether you bet with me or not is your choice.  You, can decide to reject it.” The young girl looked forward and softly said these words, almost as if she wasn’t talking to him.  Only, when she said the word “reject”, although her tone showed no changes, everyone felt a slight disappointment coming from her voice.

Ye Tian Xie held Son of Heaven like a dead dog as he smiled without hesitation and said, “Reject?  What a joke…..Why would I reject?”

The people down below were all moved as most of them let out a long sigh.  If Ye Tian Xie did not respond and kept slamming Son of Heaven into the wall, although they could curse him and could slander Ye Tian Xie’s reputation, they would not be able to save Son of Heaven today…..As expected, Xie Tian’s high pride and prestige made him unable to reject…..He accepted the young girl’s gamble.

Like this, there would only be two endings…..Xie Tian would make a move and be destroyed by the heavenly lightning or Xie Tian would not dare make a move and use his weapons to attack…..It would be his defeat and his grudge with the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would be written off.  All the people here could act as witnesses.

“However, do you dare bet?  If you lose, you’ll let me do as I wish.  Do you know the consequences of letting me ‘do as I wish’?”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled into an evil smile as his eyes went from her long hair to her feet.  In his eyes, people could see an immoral meaning.

“…..Then grab me into the sky like you have done with my big brother first.  If you win against me, I’ll naturally allow you to do as you wish and I won’t resist.”  The young girl said without any hesitation with a voice as calm as water.

“Xie Tian, don’t speak and take no action.  If you have skills, then do it!”

“If you have the skills, grab her into the sky.  Father will also allow you to do as you wish, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

The people down below began to taught, using intense words to try to stimulate Ye Tian Xie.  They admitted that Ye Tian Xie was strong, but they did not believe he could block the attack of heavenly thunder.  This was because the heavenly thunder had a forced accuracy and could not miss. Unless one was broken enough to block i with their own body, there was no method of resisting it, including absolute defense.

And could a person that could block the heavenly thunder exist?  The power of the heavenly thunder has already been tested by a few pitiful players…..The weakest level four heavenly thunder would not kill, but it would stun them for ten seconds.  The third level also wouldn’t kill, but it would force stun and destroy one’s equipment. The second level would certainly kill…..because the damage dealt was as high as one million!

Level one would deal ten million damage.

This also meant that heavenly thunder could not be blocked by players.

The various players had already tried to find the flaw with heavenly punishment…..Assassins had used their “absolute evasion” Dense Mist Skill to dodge the heavenly thunder, but they were turned into charcoal.  Knights had used their “absolute defense” Ultimate Shield Wall…..But the complete damage defense shield was completely ignored as they turned into ashes.

So they all believed that Ye Tian Xie would not have a way of blocking the heavenly thunder.  Could his HP exceed one million? Ten million? Even if it was the lowest grade heavenly thunder…..The ten second paralysis, wasn’t it easy for them to deal with him!

“As I wish?  Very good…..”  Ye Tian Xie ignored all those people provoking him because to him, they were already dead people.  His smile became even more evil as his eyes remained on her, even being disinclined to look at Son of Heaven in his hand, “To be honest, I’m much more interested in you compared to your trash big brother right now.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ye Tian Xie finally moved.  He still held Son of Heaven with one hand as the Weeping Ice Feather Deer moved forward.  Countless eyes stared at him as he instantly closed the gap with the young girl. The young girl did not move, but her brows slightly knit.

She was feeling unsettled.

Her beautiful eyes trembled as she watched Ye Tian Xie’s approaching figure…..When he came close, her eyes stared at his face as her eyes looked absent minded.  In that instant, Ye Tian Xie felt her eyes penetrating his mask and directly falling onto his face.

Ye Tian Xie’s hand moved toward the young girl without any fear…..His aim was her chest.

The young girl that had never been touched by a girl who had a mind as pure as water was filled with panic at this point by his hand moving towards her chest.  She wanted to dodge, but her body was very weak, so how could she escape from being caught by Ye Tian Xie…..Instantly, Ye Tian Xie’s hand had already approached and after that…..He grabbed her tall and proud chest that was incompatible with her age.  His fingers tightened and he forcefully grabbed as Ye Tian Xie curled his lips into an evil smile.

At this time, thunder sounded in the sky.  An incomparably large bolt of lightning cut through the heavens as it fell down at Ye Tian Xie.  It was carrying a terrifying aura and pressure that could destroy everything.

Ye Tian Xie’s hand still greedily grabbed the young girl’s chest and did not let go.  The moment the heavenly thunder fell, his other hand moved as he threw Son of Heaven into the air above him before instantly embracing the young girl and holding her in his chest.

“Water Mirror!”

“Evil Dragon’s Soul!”


The heavenly thunder slammed down on Son of Heaven, causing a pitiful cry to come from him like a pig being slaughtered.  Everyone could clearly see that in the purple lightning, his body had turned completely black. The heavenly thunder did not stop there as it passed through Son of Heaven and slammed down at Ye Tian Xie.


The heavenly thunder met the Water Mirror as it let out a noise people found it hard to listen to.  After a short period of stagnation, a part of the heavenly thunder was reflected, disappearing above.  However, the heavenly thunder was after all too strong…..If this was level two or below heavenly thunder, with the Mysterious God Ring’s power, it would have been perfectly reflected…..However, this was the stronger level one heavenly thunder…..Because Ye Tian Xie had made the most serious infringement possible towards a young girl.

Ding…..With the sound of being submerged in the heavenly thunder, the Water Mirror finally broke.  The part of heavenly thunder that had been weakened continued falling dawn, slamming into Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon’s Wall.  The young girl being hugged by Ye Tian Xie was also inside the Evil Dragon’s Wall.

Chi, chi, chi, chi, chi, chi……

The lightning was winding around Ye Tian Xie and the young girl, constantly making noise.  It surged forward and was even scattered as the area around them was turned black by the winding lightning.  However…..There was no lightning that seeped through the Evil Dragon’s Wall.

The barrier formed by the Evil Dragon’s Soul…..This was a true absolute defense that could not be broken.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…..Five seconds……

The power of the lightning was finally fully released and began to weaken, no longer releasing any more power…..After five seconds, the thunder began to disperse.  After eight seconds, the lightning had already completely disappeared.

The Evil Dragon’s Wall was still sparkling while Ye Tian Xie and the young girl inside were not harmed at all.

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