EDAH Chapter 373


Chapter 373: The real Tian Mo Xie (Part 2)

When Ye Tian Xie’s voice fell, he grabbed “Tian Mo Xie” from the ground.  Although “Tian Mo Xie” had finally stood up, he did not have any strength to stand still and was completely held in Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  Ye Tian Xie’s other hand came out and in his hand, there was a large and strange item that seemed to be made of plastic. This was the first time everyone was seeing this item in the Destiny world.  Like his mount that could fly and those chains, it was their first time seeing these things. This thing looked like a very large plastic clothespin.

Star Brand Clothespin: A special item made by player “Precious Star”.  Open the clip when using it and when the clip attaches to a target’s equipment, there is a chance of forcefully “clipping” the item.  Success rate depends on the target equipment’s grade, the lower the grade, the higher the success rate. There is a 100% success rate against white equipment and a 0% success rate to silver and above equipment.  This cannot be used against weapons. It can be used a total of five times. Times already used: 1/5. A stronger clothespin is currently being researched by Precious Star.

The items made by Xing Bao Er, not a single name was normal, but they all had astonishing effects.  This seemingly normal clothespin was a terrifying item that could forcefully take off another person’s equipment……Of course, although the function was strong, the effects were quite weak…..Because it could only be used on equipment below the silver grade.  There really wasn’t that much a use for this…..So, this was a complimentary gift, a gift that Xing Bao Er had generously given away! Because this was a failed product of when she tried making a high grade clothespin.

But this clothespin, it had a very large use currently to Ye Tian Xie.  He opened the clothespin and clipped it onto the black cloth on “Tian Mo Xie’s” face……The clothespin tightened and he pulled back.


The mask had been given in the beginning and did not contain any stats at all.  This mask that wasn’t even considered a white equipment, it was inevitable that the clothespin would have a 100% chance of taking it away.  With a pull of the clothespin, that black mask was pulled off and it revealed the pale face of a middle aged man.

Ye Tian Xie pulled up his head and let everyone see his face.  He said in a sinister voice, “Look carefully……This person is the real face of this so called Tian Mo Xie.  All of you, look closely!!”

At this time, no one cared about what strange item Ye Tian Xie used to pull off the black mask on “Tian Mo Xie’s” face, their eyes all stared at “Tian Mo Xie’s” face with a deep shock.  “Tian Mo Xie’s” name had been known for several years now, but no one had ever seen his real face, no one had even been able to secretly investigate him. At this time, when they saw “Tian Mo Xie’s” mask being ripped off, all those eyes impatiently stared at his face.

However, when they saw “Tian Mo Xie”, all they felt was disappointment.

He had the name “Tian Mo Xie” above his head, but his current appearance had instantly shattered the great image of Tian Mo Xie in their minds…..His face was very ordinary, even calling it “ordinary” was being kind to him.  This was a thin and weak face that had black spots and wrinkles. There was no aura of an expert from this face and it was completely pale, having dull eyes that were not focused…..It seemed like a beggar that had been beaten up on the side of the street, how could it be worthy of the prestigious Tian Mo Xie.

“Reality” was far from their imagination, it was so big that the crowd of people, especially those that worshipped and wanted to protect Tian Mo Xie unable to believe their own eyes.  They would rather believe that this was an illusion…..They would rather have never seen this person. Several years of worship collapsed in this moment. This feeling, it was really hard to accept.

On the contrary, Ye Tian Xie beside “Tian Mo Xie”…..That straight body, that not angry and strong pressure, and that aura that made even the courageous people unable to breathe too loudly……Although they couldn’t see his eyes, people could imagine how sharp and overwhelming his eyes were.  The bottom half of his face, it seemed like it was carved from a knife. The curve of his mouth seemed so natural that it didn’t seem to need any fixing, not having anything that people could be disgusted it. It was not something an ordinary person could have.

“Tian Mo Xie” and Xie Tian, these two people stood together and the difference was too big.  It was like one was the emperor in the clouds looking down on mortals while the other was an unknown little clown that was covered in sludge.

“Look clearly and look clearly again…..Firmly remember this face for me!  The entire world will memorize this face for me! This is the “Tian Mo Xie” you are using your life to protect, as well as the pride of China, the one that makes the world tremble, “Tian Mo Xie” that you speak of.  Ha, ha, ha, ha……” Ye Tian Xie grabbed “Tian Mo Xie” as he broke out in a laughter filled with disdain. The people that surrounded Ye Tian Xie and wanted to save “Tian Mo Xie” looked at each other in blank dismay, not being able to say a single word.

This kind of person…..Was he really that arrogant and evil emperor that always acted alone, that Tian Mo Xie called the “Undefeated Evil Emperor”?  They were not willing to believe this, there was no one willing to believe this.

After laughing, the smile on Ye Tian Xie’s face suddenly froze as it instantly froze over.  His voice also became very heavy, “Tian Mo Xie, Tian Mo Xie…..What is Tian Mo Xie! The meaning of these three words is not to warn people not to be evil, but rather…..It’s to say that even god can’t exterminate my evil heart!  As long as one has a clear conscience, as long as one feels like they should do something, whether it is right or wrong, even if they have to become the enemy of the heavens or kill ten thousand innocent lives, there is no need for hesitation!  This is true evil. Walking between good and evil, disregarding good and evil, only caring about one’s own desires……” Ye Tian Xie’s hand suddenly moved as he slammed “Tian Mo Xie” into the ground. Looking down, he said in a voice that could almost be described as cruel, “You…..Are you worthy!!”

In the crowd, a person poked another person and said with a pleasant expression, “I’ve said it before, this is incredible fate.  In just a few days, we have already seen his demonstrations three times. If this isn’t called fate, what is it?”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

Situ Chana continued to say, “That heartless trampling, that intoxicatingly cold voice and aura…..If I was a woman, I would be madly in love with him.  Sour face, I think that our little sister Luo Yu needs a man like this. If there is only a single person in this world that can suppress our cute and terrifying little sister, I think it would only be him.”

Situ Wu Qing glanced over at him and said nothing before looking back at Xie Tian…..When he stepped onto that “Tian Mo Xie” again, he had already guessed something.

“Alright, alright, let’s not talk about this…..”  Situ Chana’s eyes turned and looked at Ye Tian Xie as he said, “Can you see it yet?  That large difference and that strong anger. This kind of anger, there is only one reason…..That person that doesn’t know their own strength actually stole the name belonging to Tian Mo Xie.  So the real Tian Mo Xie became Xie Tian and had a deep hatred for the person that stole his name. Oh! I think this is clear to the point that it can’t be any clearer. What is the real “Undefeated Evil Emperor”, is there a need to doubt that?”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

“I think, we……No, it’s the chance for me to appear.  Sour face, it’s time for your handsome and wise big brother Chana to take the stage.  Just wait for Xie Tian to gratefully invite me into the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, I will surely also pull you in.”

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

Situ Chana waved his hand and squeezed his way into the crowd with a smile.  When he came out and appeared in front of everyone, that proud smile on his face had disappeared without a trace and it was replaced with an expression filled with shock…..The change was so quick that it was simply incredible.  Even the people winning oscars would be shocked.

When he appeared from the crowd, he pointed at “Tian Mo Xie” that looked like a dead dog and shouted, “I knew it!  I knew it! That Tian Mo Xie must be a fake! Isn’t that right! The real Tian Mo Xie is the strong Undefeated Evil Emperor, the handsome man that has charmed tens of thousands of young girls, the handsome man that has appeared in the dreams of countless women.  He is cool and aloof, the mountain we look up to, the chinese hero countless people worship, how could he be this dry faced and black spotted middle aged man that people would vomit for three days after seeing. He certainly must be a fake! And…..Xie Tian is this angry, isn’t it…..Isn’t it because you are the real Tian Mo Xie!”

When Situ Chana called out, Heavenly Stellar square…..Even the entire chinese server paying attention to the actions of Xie Tian through various methods, an uproar went through them.  With these words, a deeper understanding of Tian Mo Xie was formed. It was like waking from a dream and having the clouds part.

That’s right, this kind of person, whether it was appearance, aura, achievements, or feeling, which part of it was like that “Undefeated Evil Emperor’ that shocked the entire world.

In comparison……

When he appeared in «Destiny» the first time, the world knew Xie Tian’s name in just a short month…..His strength, his aura, his achievements, and style…..Even his voice…..They were close….No, it should be said that it was exactly the same as the previous Tian Mo Xie.

Before, there were many people that compared him to Tian Mo Xie because with how similar they were, there were many people looking forward to a fight between these two experts…..But now, they were all thinking in their shock: Why is Xie Tian’s style so similar to Tian Mo Xie, even being an exact copy?  Why did “Tian Mo Xie” who always acted alone join the Wings of Shrouded Heaven in the «Destiny» world? Why did Xie Tian treat Tian Mo Xie like this…..If this “Tian Mo Xie” was fake and Xie Tian was the real Tian Mo Xie…..

How perfect of an explanation would this be!

The discussion of the crowd became louder and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven higher ups as well as Son of Heaven, all their faces fell.  “Tian Mo Xie” joining their Wings of Shrouded Heaven had brought an enormous harvest for their Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..But if this information was exposed, the consequences would be even more terrifying than what they imagined!

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