EDAH Chapter 390


Chapter 390: Two conditions

“Xie…..Xie Tian, don’t go overboard!!”  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members sounded incomparably flustered.  They had already experienced the might of the Ultimate Large Star Bomb twice now and were the only guild to have experienced its might.  That powerful attack that would certainly instant kill anyone, a single attack could cover several thousand people at the same time. When they saw it appear once again, a deep chill spread from every direction, making their bodies tremble.

Moreover, this bomb was not just powerful, it covered a wide area and it had a powerful destructive property to it.  Back in the Falling Wind Plains, the grassland was covered in holes from the explosions. Last time it was thrown in their headquarters, everything in its explosion range was horrible to look at.  Compared to its lethality, its destructiveness was much more terrifying in comparison. This was because this was the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s main hall and behind the main hall was the core room.  If this bomb was thrown and there was no doubt it would affect the sign with its range. With its destructive might, the weak guild sign would surely be destroyed…..

When the atmosphere became extremely tense, an excited voice suddenly sounded out.

“Hee, boss, I’m here…..Yi?  Where is this…..” Xing Bao Er appeared beside Ye Tian Xie, looking at the nervous people around her.  When the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members saw Xing Bao Er appear, it was like they had seen a ghost…..She actually suddenly appeared like Xie Tian.  This young girl, wasn’t she that girl from the Falling Wind Plains…..The one that had given Xie Tian the bomb!


Was there really a special method that could allow one to directly enter a guild?  If there really was one, it was incredibly easy to destroy a guild.

“Ah!  I remember now, this is the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  I recognize that person…..” Xing Bao Er looked for a while and suddenly pointed at a middle aged person in the crowd, “The Wings of Shrouded Heaven clearly have a lot of money, yet they can be so stingy.  Last time I sold them the Star Bomb, they only gave me…..” It was good that Xing Bao Er was smart because she instantly reacted and covered her mouth, stopping her words. She had sold it to Ye Tian Xie for three million and if he knew she had sold it to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven for three hundred thousand……

“Ah ya!  In short, they are very stingy.  It’s the boss who’s the best.”

With these words, even a fool could understand.  The terrifying items in Ye Tian Xie’s hands had been bought from this young girl for a high price.  Son of Heaven’s face began to twitch……He knew Xing Bao Er before Ye Tian Xie, but he never attached a great importance to her like Ye Tian Xie did.  Ye Tian Xie was smart enough to immediately use a verbal contract to trap Xing Bao Er to his side because he was clear just how much potential value she had.  Son of Heaven could only feel regret in this moment. If he had been able to recruit her into his guild, wouldn’t it be easy for him to go against anyone he wanted?

But at this time, the most important thing was not her.

“Xie Tian, you agreed last time to write off all grudges with my Wings of Shrouded Heaven!  What are you doing now!” The middle aged man from last time came out and spoke in a sharp voice.

Ye Tian Xie raised one brow and said, “You’re right, I did agree to write off all grudges with the Wings of Shrouded Heaven and I wouldn’t cause trouble for your Wings of Shrouded Heaven again.  The life or death of your Wings of Shrouded Heaven was not related to me. But now……your great young master was not willing to let go and began to push my bottom line. Ze, ze……Investigating my identity and residence, preparing to send people to cut my corpse into ten thousand pieces.  Ze, ze, if I don’t give you a display, I’m afraid your Wings of Shrouded Heaven will think that I am a soft persimmon you can squash at any time.”

Their conversation from before had all been heard by Ye Tian Xie using the multipurpose wiretapping communication device, so he chose to appear at the right time.  In addition to the black clothed man’s report, he had also heard Son of Heaven’s words and the young girl “Wingless Angel’s” words.

Son of Heaven’s investigation of him was within his expectations.  With his disposition, it would be strange if he didn’t do anything.  So he had Xing Bao Er make the model of the Ultimate Large Star Bomb just to wait for this day.

The young girl’s words, not a single word escaped his ear and his heart filled with incomparable shock.  This girl’s insight and computing power could be indeed described by terrifying. Her words were all direct and critical and he could hear that she had some clear reservations towards Son of Heaven’s words.  She must have guessed some important things about him from some clues, so she warned Son of Heaven not to go against him. Being hugged like him by this, she did not struggle at all.

What made him most doubtful was…..What that black clothed man said before, the people that investigated him had all disappeared without a trace……He did not notice any intruders at all and did not make a move…..Disappeared?  What had actually happened here? Could it be that Po Jun and Qiu Shui had people secretly protect him? It shouldn’t be and they already knew his strength, so there was no reason to do so. Even if they really did it, they would have told him beforehand.

Just what had happened?

Ye Tian Xie’s words made the middle aged man’s face fell.  He knew that they were wrong and he did not have time to think about why Ye Tian Xie knew everything they had just discussed as he immediately said, “Our young master was just feeling indignant and casually said it…..Xie Tian, in any event, we have already given you compensation of four billion just the other day and you said that you would not step in our Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s core or try to destroy our guild sign again!  Are you going against your word?”

Hearing the words “four billion”, Xing Bao Er’s eyes lit up like stars because she suddenly understood where Ye Tian Xie’s sudden income of four billion came from.

Ye Tian Xie tightly held the metallic tube in his hand as he casually said, “First, I didn’t enter your Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s core.  Second…..Hei, if this bomb in my hand comes down, what it will destroy is not the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s guild sign, but rather the entire Wings of Shrouded Heaven……Do you think I’m going back on my word?  Un!?”

Ye Tian Xie’s hand slowly raised and he seemed like he was going to throw the Ultimate Large Star Bomb…..model.  His lips had a cold and heartless smile on it, “Annoying me, Xie Tian…..I will make you feel regret for your entire life!  This time is only a warning, but if you dare move against me or my people, what awaits you is not only your demise in the Destiny world, rather you will lose…..your lives!”

After saying this, his eyes turned cold and his hands made a throwing action.  This action made the souls of all the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members fly out.

Only the young girl calmly looked at Ye Tian Xie and a strange light flashed in her eyes.  Because she was being hugged by Ye Tian Xie, there was inevitably a faint blush on her face.



The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members let out a terrified scream as their pupils all tightly contracted while watching Ye Tian Xie’s hand move.  The middle aged man who was the leader let out a roar as he recklessly charged at Ye Tian Xie, wanting to stop him……In all of that panic, a pair of hands suddenly reached out and grabbed Ye Tian Xie’s right hand, stopping him from throwing the bomb.

That young girl stepped on her tiptoes as she used her white as jade hands to tightly grab Ye Tian Xie’s hands.   Because she was standing on her tiptoes, her body could not stand straight and her slender body leaned against Ye Tian Xie’s.

The explosion did not ring as the young girl’s actions made all the Wings of Shrouded Heaven member let out a sigh of relief.  They were covered in sweat like they had just woke up from a nightmare. The large fright almost made several people so weak that they almost sat down on the ground.  The middle aged man stopped moving otherwise Ye Tian Xie might make a move again. He shouted in a fluster, “Xie Tian! Don’t do anything…..We can talk about this! It was indeed our young master’s fault, but I can promise that our young master…..Our Wings of Shrouded Heaven will not try to investigate you again!  I can swear on this to you! I ask you show mercy! I apologize to you for my Wings of Shrouded Heaven…..”

“An apology?  You want to settle this with an apology?  What are you treating me, Xie Tian as? An easy to pinch persimmon!?”  Ye Tian Xie coldly smiled at them. He had one hand tightly holding the young girl while his other hand had her hands around it as he slowly brought it down.

The middle aged man suddenly realized something and he thought of that tragic experience, suddenly wanting to turn around and run…..He used his eyes to hint at Son of Heaven, telling him not to speak or be impulsive before he said through gritted teeth, “Alright!  Xie Tian…..I have to admit, you are indeed a person who cannot be offended. Last time my Wings of Shrouded Heaven suffered maliciously by your hands…..This time, ai, I can only acknowledge our punishment…..Tell us your condition. As long as we can write this grudge off and your conditions are not too overboard, we will do our best to complete it.”

“Very good.”  Ye Tian Xie’s smile became more sinister as he slowly said, “To be honest, I truly appreciate your great and promising young master.  Not only has he added countless fun memories in my boring life, also……Ze, ze! Good, good, destroying your Wings of Shrouded Heaven does not have any advantages to me and if I can obtain an advantage, of course I would choose it.  To write it off, we can do that…..Two conditions.”

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members all had nervous expressions on their faces.  After the experience of having a large bite taken of them by Ye Tian Xie last time, it was hard for them not to be nervous.  Ye Tian Xie slowly said, “First……”

He turned around and reached out his hand.  He looked at the young girl in his embrace as his lips curled into an evil smile.  His right hand slowly reached out a finger and tapped her chin, “It’s very simple…..The first condition is……Little sister, kneel down and lick my fingers.”

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