EDAH Chapter 391


Chapter 391: A boss must have his servant

Ye Tian Xie said this and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members were all stunned.  Son of Heaven pale white face suddenly turned black and that middle aged man’s face also sunk.  There were many people who knew this girl’s identity, but there were only a few people that knew this girl’s true position in the Yun Family.  There was only her parents and people with direct blood relations to her.

Son of Heaven finally flew into a rage.  He took a step forward and roared, “You better give up your wishful thinking!  If you dare touch a single hair on my little sister’s heard, I, Yun Xi Hai……”

“Don’t say anymore.”

Son of Heaven did not finish speaking before he was cut off by the young girl’s soft voice.  She softly shook her head and slowly said, “Big brother, you’re not a child anymore. You are good at everything else, but you are too impulsive and arrogant, thinking of yourself as infallible.  But because you haven’t met an enemy you couldn’t defeat, your negative personality traits became worse and worse, being hard to constrain. The Wings of Shrouded Heaven does not just belong to you, it has already become the lifeline of our entire family.  If a single action can save the entire Wings of Shrouded Heaven, there is nothing that is impossible. Big brother, if you think that this is a sacrifice to me, I can only hope that you can seriously reflect on this…..What you should do and what you shouldn’t do.”


After saying this, her eyes looked over at Ye Tian Xie and she began to move.  She stood in front of him with her back facing Son of Heaven and the other Wings of Shrouded Heaven members as she slowly kneeled down.

“Little sister, you……Get up quickly.  You don’t need to do this, how could he be worthy of letting you…..”

“You don’t need to say anything.  This is my life’s…..most correct choice.”  She revealed a faint smile before taking Ye Tian Xie’s hand.

Son of Heaven was stunned in place, feeling helpless.  He could not understand why she would say this is the “most correct decision of her life”, but the proud and mysterious her was actually kneeling in front of a man.  Also…..His heart was like it was struck by lightning because everything had been caused by him.

He had been too arrogant because he was the Yun Family’s eldest son.  He had a large background and much power in his control, so almost no one could go against him.  He thought he was infallible because of the strong power he had that enemies could not resist being stomped.  It was as if there was nothing he couldn’t do…..Up to this day, meeting Xie Tian, he finally tasted all the negative feelings that…..his disaster brought.

The young girl moved Ye Tian Xie’s hand to his lips and suddenly revealed a faint smile.  She said in a voice only Ye Tian Xie could here, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“You’re so smart, can’t you guess?”  Ye Tian Xie also used a voice only she could hear to reply.

“You want me to remember you for my entire life?”  The young girl closed her eyes.

“Because you make me feel fear.  So, I must…..make it so you will never become my enemy in your life.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile. His eyes wavered on the young girl’s face as if his eyes could penetrate her mask, seeing her face.

“……”  The young girl smiled again, but there was a trace of being hurt on her face, “It’s you that makes me feel fear.  In front of you, it isn’t that I don’t have the strength to struggle, but rather…..I don’t want to.”


“Do you have demon magic on you?”  She said like she was sleep talking.

“If you think I do, perhaps I really do.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a faint smile.

“Actually, I don’t even need to do this because……The bomb in your hand is fake.”

After saying this, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes suddenly stiffened.  She slowly stuck out her tongue and it licked Ye Tian Xie’s hand, slowly going from his middle finger to the back of his hand……It did not leave his hand and it went back from his hand to his middle finger.

“The first time you made me lick your lips and this time you made me lick your finger…..You, do you like making girls use their purest soft spots to like your body?  Next time, do you want me to lick there?” She was still kneeling on the ground while grabbing his right hand with a faint smile on her face. From her usual calm eyes, he saw an unexpected trace of charm that shouldn’t have appeared.

“How did you know that the bomb in my hand is fake?”  Ye Tian Xie asked. He did not deny it and also knew there was no use in denying it.  Since she knew it was a fake, why did she still stop him? Would it be better to let him throw it out and make himself look like a fool?  Why did she stop him like he planned and not only not expose him, but also follow his extremely presumptuous condition……

“You should be more clear than anyone on the terrifying might of this bomb after using it.  This should be a bomb that explodes on collision, so it will explode if it touches any kind of material.  At the same time, if you hold it very forcefully, there is a chance that it could explode. Last time, when you took out this bomb, you held it very carefully.  Up to the final moment when you threw it, your movement was very careful because if you weren’t careful, you would have blown up yourself first…..As for this, you’ve been holding it very casually since the beginning and you never controlled how much force your hand was using…..These can only be considered doubts.  With a bomb with this kind of might, it should have a compact structure and a heavy weight. When you were about to throw it and I grabbed your hand, I could not feel any weight from your hands at all…..This told me that, the bomb in your hand is just an empty shell with the same appearance. Are my words right?”

Ye Tian Xie was speechless for a while.  No wonder she specially stood up on her tiptoes to grab his hand and did not directly block his body or his hand.  He bent over and helped her up as he said with a faint smile, “Why did you do this?”

He already understood, but he still wanted her to say it.

“With only my words, big brother will listen.  I hope that he can clearly understand what he should and shouldn’t do regardless of any provocations and what will be the consequences of the things he shouldn’t do.  Other than that……I want to become the reason you don’t dare go against the Wings of Shrouded Heaven and the reason you help the Wings of Shrouded Heaven. Are you satisfied with this answer?”  She did not hold anything back as she spoke into Ye Tian Xie’s ear. As for whether it was really like this and if she added a few things or took out a few things, only she knew.

But at least the series of movements between her and Ye Tian Xie…..It was intimate and natural, making all the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members including Son of Heaven stunned.  They did not seem like enemies, but rather lovers flirting with each other.

Ye Tian Xie did not reply to her, he was already more and more surprised by this young girl’s thoughts.  Only, his intuition was telling him that she shouldn’t be as simple as how she seemed. That profound eyes that were like the endless stars and the bottomless sea, could it be easily seen through?  Just what was hidden inside……

He looked up and kept silent about this matter as he coldly said to the people in front of him, “The second condition…..Alright, give me a bit more compensation for my mental losses.  I’m too lazy to give a price, so give one yourself, but if you give me a price that makes me angry, I would not mind exploding right now!”

The seven sins greed made Ye Tian Xie’s heart fill far beyond normal greed, otherwise he wouldn’t keep blackmailing the Wings of Shrouded Heaven like this.  But the sin of greed did not completely show itself on him…..Otherwise, he would make the Wings of Shrouded Heaven prefer death over living.

The Wings of Shrouded Heaven members were silent and not a single person said a word.

On Ye Tian Xie’s side, Xing Bao Er suddenly vanished.  Because she finally understood…..where Xie Tian’s four billion actually came from, so……

Of course she knew that the bomb in Ye Tian Xie’s hand were fake and was made by her.  Moreover, that acting skill, that appearance, that aura, that movement…..Wa! He really was the boss, he was too powerful, too fierce, too intelligent, too…..shameless!!

It was no wonder he was the boss that suddenly earned four billion and that she was the little servant that only earned a bit of money.


“One…..One billion!”  The middle aged man gave this number with difficulty through gritted teeth.  Last time Ye Tian Xie took four billion from them, the entire Yun Family was shaken.  Even the ever calm Yun Family’s head, Yun Ba Fang almost fell from his shock. In just a few short day, they had to bleed again…..Last time it was four billion, how much would it be this time?

If Ye Tian Xie demanded five-six billion all at once, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would be filled with rage.  Even in the face of being exploded, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven would still fight back. But this time, Ye Tian Xie used reason and blackmailed them in an orderly manner…..For example, this time, naturally they wouldn’t want to throw away four million like last time, it was fine if they could only lose one billion.  At the very least, they didn’t want to throw four billion away like last time……

“Very good, two billion then……This time, I can give you a bit more time, thirty seconds.  Two billion is an astronomical number others can’t obtain in their entire life, but to your respected Yun Family…’s just a tiny amount.  Immediately!”

The middle aged man’s lips move, but he couldn’t speak in the end.  Last time he learned that he shouldn’t bargain with Xie Tian because not only would he be wasting his breath, if he accidentally angered him, the price might even become higher.

Counting in last time, adding both times together, they had given Xie Tian…..a total of six billion!

How big of a number this was.  This number was already enough to establish a Wings of Shrouded Heaven that was of equal size.  But they had no other choice, last time they gritted their teeth to preserve their Wings of Shrouded Heaven with four billion.  If they didn’t agree, not only would the Wings of Shrouded Heaven be destroyed, they would have also wasted four billion. This time, they only needed to use two billion to protect the Wings of Shrouded Heaven……

“Give him the money, he won’t come here again.”  The young girl spoke. She who knew the bomb was fake was currently agreeing to Ye Tian Xie’s second condition.

When she spoke, the middle aged man nodded without any hesitation and picked up his communication device.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!  Wait a minute, wait a minute……”  The middle aged man did not even get to stalk before a clear as water hitting crystal voice sounded out.  Xing Bao Er had reappeared and she was smiling as she stood behind Ye Tian Xie. She suddenly squatted down and her hands waved…..Instantly a large group of items poured down on the ground in front of her.

“Hee, hee!  When you’re giving boss his money, can you also give me a bit?  Otherwise, even if boss doesn’t blow this place up, perhaps I will.”

Looking carefully at the things on the ground, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven members had faces that were ash white in colour as most of them had chins that fell to the ground.  Even the middle aged man and Son of Heaven were shocked to the point of their heart beating fast and their pupils shrinking.

Because in front of Xing Bao Er was an entire pile of……That’s right!  An entire pile, a giant pile of several dozen Ultimate Large Star Bombs!

Ye Tian Xie’s head was covered in black lines…..This little girl just left……She actually went back to make these toys!

Models, they were all models!

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