EDAH Chapter 402


Chapter 402: The shocked Yuan Ya

The moment the prompt sounded, the Star Picking Glove had finished its mission and disappeared from Ye Tian Xie’s hand.

Ye Tian Xie held the long feather in his hand that seemed like it was burning, as well as a strange stone releasing a silver glow while being unable to suppress the satisfied smile that appeared on his lips.  With the effect of all those factors, his final steal…..It had completed an incredible miracle!

Actually obtaining stealing two items at once.  Moreover, one of the two was the incomparably precious Other World Divine Stone of which only three existed on the Lost Continent.  The other was the inheritance of the sacred beast, the Vermillion Bird, the Mysterious God Equipment, the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage!

With the strength of the Mysterious Merchant, even with the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny, the Berserk Fighting Will, and the Heavenly Blessing Wall to pull together the difference in strength and using the Dark Demon’s Curse to decrease his luck…..However, the high grade of the Other World Divine Stone and the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage made them hard to steal.  Just stealing one was hard, but to steal them both at the same time…..If this wasn’t a miracle, what was it!


The Mysterious Merchant did not say a word, but there was a chaotic aura coming from him…..Ye Tian Xie could already imagine what kind of expression he was showing and what mood he was in.


There was still one thing that was lacking that he really wanted…..

The Beginner Village Return Scroll.

The price of this return scroll even surpassed that of the Mysterious God Equipment, the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage, so it could be imagined how valuable it was.  This price also showed how much of a significance it’s existence had. A total of fifteen hundred crystal coins, the thing that this price proved was just how hard it was to return to the Beginner Village, but also it proved…..In the Beginner Village, there was a large secret hidden that made people long to return, so it had this exaggerated price attached to it.

……How could he obtain this scroll?

He couldn’t steal it anymore.  Perhaps…..after stealing from him, he could kill him…..Wait for that return scroll to drop?

Ye Tian Xie put away the Other World Stone and the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage.  He walked in front of the Mysterious Merchant who was about to lose control of himself and said with a faint smile, “Your luck isn’t bad today.  If I had thought of this method earlier or your Star Picking Glove was in perfect condition, you would have even lost your underpants today…..As a merchant, how could you not wear underpants.”

First plotted against and then robbed…..Then he says he was lucky.

“How about discussing a deal with you?”  Ye Tian Xie tapped his nose and then took out all the crystal coins he had just stolen.  He then honestly said, “I am very interested in your Beginner Village Return Scroll and that scroll shouldn’t be much use to you, right?  If you accidentally use it, you’ll be trapped forever in the Beginner Village, how dangerous. But if we players go back to the Beginner Village, we can still come back.  So, this return scroll, selling it to me isn’t a bad idea…..Alright, for seven hundred crystal coins of various colours, sell that Beginner Village Return Scroll to me…..This is a very good deal, right?  Fifteen hundred crystal coins? You have thought of such a steep price.”

The Mysterious Merchant’s breathing had clearly become very heavy as he coldly said, “…..I have wandered the continent for several hundred years and have met countless experts, but I have never met anyone that can force me into a situation like today’s.”

“You don’t have to feel frustrated, you being caught like this today is not strange at all.  This is because of the vine trapping you, even if you were ten times stronger, you still shouldn’t think of breaking free.  Otherwise, even if I was a hundred times stronger, I would never be able to force you into this situation.” Ye Tian Xie curled his lips and spoke in a casual voice…..He spoke the truth.

“What kind of treasure is this vine?”

“If you give me the Beginner Village Return Scroll, I’ll tell you.”  Ye Tian Xie moved closer and spoke with a grin.

Mysterious Merchant: “……”

“Victory is victory, defeat is defeat, one can’t blame others.  You being able to take those things from me is because of your skills, so I won’t take them back.  However, those crystal coins were collected by me over a lifetime! Give them all back to me, otherwise next time we meet, we will be enemies!”  The Mysterious Merchant coldly said.

A person that had lived several hundred years, not only was his mood very calm, his heart was also very broad…..He directly defined it as Ye Tian Xie using his ability to obtain something and did not blame anyone.  He even said that as long as Ye Tian Xie returned all the stolen crystal coins, he would not ask for the stolen items, including the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage and Other World Divine Stone back. Otherwise, next time they met, he would steal it back…..or even kill him.

If Ye Tian Xie was not affected by greed, after weighing all the pros and cons, he would certainly return all the crystal coins back to the Mysterious Merchant.  But the current Ye Tian Xie…..He shouldn’t think of taking a single coin back.

“Since the crystal coins are that important to you, then just sell that scroll to me.”  Ye Tian Xie played with the crystal coins in his hands as he spoke.


“Are you not afraid of me killing you after stealing from you?”  Ye Tian Xie raised the Moment of Destiny and pointed it at the Mysterious Merchant.  At this time, he still had the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny and the Berserk Fighting Will.  The surrounding blood mist and his aura was incomparably frightening…..Those devilish eyes sparkled as the Moment of Destiny approached, making the Mysterious Merchant slightly tremble.

And at this time, an unusual sound rang out.  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes focused and he could clearly see that there were small fissures that appeared on the Wishing Tree’s Vine holding the Mysterious Merchant.

This was the sign that the Wishing Tree’s Vine was about to snap!!

But the time since he had been trapped had not reached five minutes yet…..

Less than five minutes…..

Could the strength of the Mysterious Merchant actually be close to……the Mysterious God Grade!?

This idea completely shocked Ye Tian Xie.

On the Lost Continent, there were only twelve publicly recognized Mysterious God Beasts.

As for humans…..Although humans had a high intelligence and potential, their innate talent could not compare to those wild beasts because human grades compared to peak beasts were not just lacking in terms of one-two grades.  There was also the limit on human lifespans. So, the strength of humans, the number of humans that could reach the Mysterious God Grade was pitifully small. As for those that had reached the Saint Extermination Grade, one had never existed…..Other than those Illusory Beast Spiritual Gods that had used unusual methods to possess Saint Extermination power.

On the Lost Continent, Ye Tian Xie only knew a single human that had strength at the Mysterious God Grade.  It was the number one expert of the Lost Continent, Nameless. Having strength in the Mysterious God Grade would make one a peak expert among humans.  Perhaps the number of humans in the Mysterious God Grade on the Lost Continent did not exceed three.

And this Mysterious Merchant, he had actually broken free of the Wishing Tree’s Vine binding in less than five minutes…..This meant that his strength far surpassed the Heaven Grade.  This is because if he was in the Heaven Grade, he would be at least trapped for ten minutes!

This person, was he really just a merchant!!

Ye Tian Xie in his shock, he put down the Moment of Destiny without any hesitation……He did not have any thoughts of really killing him at all.  Stealing from him wasn’t a good thing, so if he killed him…..He wouldn’t be able to face his conscience. This was because if a person of the Lost Continent was killed, they would really die and couldn’t be revived like players.  Moreover, even if he really wanted to, with the Mysterious Merchant’s strength, he could not do it at all.

Ye Tian Xie moved forward and his expression did not change at all as if he didn’t see the vine about to break at all.  He casually patted a hand on the Mysterious Merchant’s shoulder and said, “Relax, I am not a bad person, I won’t want your life.  But these things….Like you said, I obtained them by my skill, so they also belong to me. Then, it’s like this…..I think, we won’t meet again.”

He raised his hand.  On the back of the Mysterious Merchant’s shoulder, in the place he couldn’t see, he had already quietly placed a Ten Thousand Mile Tracker.

Then, Ye Tian Xie waved his hand before returning to the city.

Less than ten seconds after Ye Tian Xie left, the vine around the Mysterious Merchant exploded and turned into pieces of dried vine without any power at all.


“Hu…..So close, so close!  If I hadn’t noticed the fissures on the wines, the consequences would have been hard to imagine.”  Ye Tian Xie let out a sigh of relief when he returned to Heavenly Stellar City. Thinking about it, his heart was filled with a bit of fear.  After all, the abilities of that Mysterious Merchant was definitely not ordinary. He could not use his Evil Dragon’s Soul for now, so if he broke free, it would have been hard for him to run.

Calling out the Seven Star Gourd and the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage, Ye Tian Xie considered it before running to the appraisal shop.

Yuan Ya was lazily sitting in his chair and when he head someone come in, he looked up before slowly sitting up.  He said in a weak voice, “Oh….It’s you again. You wouldn’t have obtained some more incredible items, right…..Quickly take it out, stop disturbing my afternoon nap.”  

Afternoon nap?  Ye Tian Xie looked at the sky…..It didn’t even seem like it was past nine in the morning.

“Big brother Ya, help me appraise this equipment.”  Ye Tian Xie moved a few steps forward and took out the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage before placing it in front of Yuan Ya.  He spoke in a casual voice before waiting expectantly for Yuan Ya’s reaction.

As expected, Yuan Ya lazily looked it over twice before jumping up like his butt was on fire as he said in a shocked voice, “Vermillion Bird’s Plumage!”

“That’s right.”  Ye Tian Xie said in a very calm voice before saying, “Big brother Ya, I’ll have to trouble you to appraise it.”

With his huge shock, Yuan Ya stood there without moving like he was made of wood.  His eyes were not staring at the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage in his hand, rather he was staring right at Ye Tian Xie.

Just a few days ago, he had brought the Azure Dragon’s Ring that had left him in shock for several days.  This was because the Azure Dragon’s Ring was not a simple Mysterious God Item, the things it implicated was much bigger than just that.

And…..In just a few days, he had actually taken out the Vermillion Bird’s Plumage that had disappeared from the Lost Continent for who knows how many years!!

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