EDAH Chapter 416


Chapter 416: Fuzzy picture

“Master!  Xiao Xi, she’s bleeding…..Master, you actually…..went in there.  You went in…..How can you do something like this…..Xiao Xi’s bleeding, her body will break!!”

Guo Guo who was already scared spoke in a flustered voice.  There was fear and a deep curiosity in her voice. Xiao Xi’s body was small compared to Ye Tian Xie and they did not seem like they came together, rather it looked like Ye Tian Xie was stringing her up.  Guo Guo did not know about the matter between men and women at all. She only saw her master suddenly enter Xiao Xi and then Xiao Xi began to bleed, scaring her until her little face turned pale.

“Big brother…..pain…..”  Xiao Xi tightly hugged Ye Tian Xie and her frozen body did not dare move.  There were crystal like tears covering her face. Ye Tian Xie’s hands were holding her back, stubbornly resisting the desire that was about to collapse again…..Xiao Xi’s body was too small and could not withstand it.  This was the most painful time for her and if he didn’t control it, it would be truly devastating for her.

“Xiao Xi, no matter who you are, I will not let you leave me.”  He patted her back and spoke in a soft voice in the young girl’s ear.  In those fire red eyes, there was a deep pity and a hidden strange look of confusion.


……Actually, like Xiao Xi, this was his first time.  This was his first time in his twenty one years.

When he was with Li Xian Er before, she had given everything to him, but she never let him cross the line of the matters between men and women.  But faced with a woman like Li Xian Er, how could Ye Tian Xie with the Evil Dragon’s disposition not lose control. But every time this happened, Li Xian Er would use her soft hands or her fragrant lips……She used every possible method, but she did not let him touch her body.  Ye Tian Xie also never forced Li Xian Er and never complained to her. At that time, he always believed that he would have the perfect first time with her.

But, he never thought……His first time together wouldn’t be with Li Xian Er, but rather this mysterious, blind girl who almost didn’t have the ability to speak.  Everything was because of the lust baptism.

When he finished speaking, he felt the hands holding his neck become tighter once again.

“Big brother……”

These were the two words Xiao Xi said the most and the words she always said.

“Big brother…..Big brother…..”

She called again and again.  Her voice was like the whimper of a snow white jade kitten.

Under the effect of his desire and his mind struggling, Ye Tian Xie’s mind was in a state of extreme chaos.  Xiao Xi’s calls easily broke his defenses in his chaotic mind, directly reaching the depths of his mind. Suddenly, a sharp pain filled as a vague image appeared in his mind without any warning…..

This was a handsome looking tall man, but everything was fuzzy and he couldn’t see what he looked like.  He could only vaguely see that he seemed like he was wearing a set of gold armour and there was a long golden spear in his hand.  Even though it was fuzzy, it couldn’t suppress his power…..The ground under him was white, a cloud coloured white.

“Big brother, do you need to leave again?”  In the picture a young girl appeared. She was that small, not even reaching half the size of the man…..Although he also couldn’t see her face, the colour of her clothes was the same cute purple colour.  As for her voice, why was it like Xiao Xi’s.

“Un.”  The man replied.  His voice was soft, but it was filled with affection.

“Big brother is so strong, you will definitely beat that Asura bastard away again.  Big brother has never lost a battle before! I will be the same as before, I’ll be folding flowers waiting for big brother to return.”  The girl looked up and she had an innocent smile on her face. In her voice, there was a deep confidence and reluctance towards her big brother, as well as pride.

The man had a faint smile as he squatted down, reaching out his right hand covered in the golden armour to gently stroke the young girl’s face.  He said in a soft voice, “Xiao Xi, when I come back, you can’t become thing and you’re not allowed to cry, understood…..Big brother will bring many beautiful things for you.”

The girl forcefully nodded and then forcefully shook her head, “I don’t want any beautiful things, I want big brother to quickly beat the bad people and quickly come back…..Without big brother hugging me, I can’t sleep.”

The man rubbed his hand over the girl’s head as he revealed a helpless and loving smile.  Then he stood up and turned around, walking forward with dignified steps……His eyes were ten thousand times sharper than an eagle in flight.

“Set off!”

These were two calm words, but it strangely spread over a thousand meters.  With his voice, there was a loud roar and in front of him was a giant army.

As for him, he was the commander of this mighty army.

The army set off into the distance and the girl stood there by herself, watching her brother leave with a reluctant gaze.  Gradually, the image became more fuzzy and that girl began to fade away. She slowly began to fade more and more…..Until she disappeared…..never to be seen again.


The entire picture disappeared in an instant.

“Xiao Xi.”  He unconsciously gave this call in a panic as a sharp pain of unknown origins appeared in his heart.  In his mind, there was the girl’s fuzzy image stubbornly imprinted inside…..However, when he came out of the picture, other than the figure of that girl, no matter how he tried remembering it, he could not remember the picture he just saw.  This memory had clearly only appeared a few seconds ago, but a strange power had erased it from his mind and only left a vague picture.

“Big brother…..”  Another soft call entered his ear.  When he was in a slight daze, a sound that could make him softly moan came from beneath him.  Xiao Xi seemed to have slowly recovered from the pain and she gave a soft moan as her little butt began to twist slightly.  She was gently moving and provoking him.

That picture just now had slightly distracted Ye Tian Xie, allowing him to leave the control of his desires.  He was afraid Xiao Xi would be in pain, so he reached out to hold Xiao Xi’s butt, urging her to stop her moving.  However, Xiao Xi whose butt was grabbed still kept moving her little abdomen, continuing to rub the spot that Ye Tian Xie had entered her by.  That movement made it slippery and that groan coming from her became a moving moan. Xiao Xi after all was not a normal girl and the things her body could withstand and adapt to were not things normal people could compare to.

Being provoked by Xiao Xi like this, Ye Tian Xie could not control it.  He held the two round and firm peaks of her little butt and began to move slowly.  Xiao Xi’s voice clearly filled with pleasure and not only did she not reject him, she began to move faster.  Instantly, Ye Tian Xie’s final scruples disappeared as his movements went from slow to fast, losing control once again.  He did not hold back and his movements exploded, enjoying this kind of shocking pleasure.

This wild movement did not make the newly plucked Xiao Xi reveal a look of pain, but rather the moans from her mouth filled with even more pleasure.  Her tender butt began to move even stronger and her body unknowingly twisted, as her slender jade like legs tightly clasped around Ye Tian Xie’s waist.  Her snow white toes curled up as she slammed her butt down even faster. She made “wu, wu” sounds while biting her lip, as her legs arched like a bird’s.  Because it was very smooth, there wasn’t any twists even with the violent movement. This repetition did not make people think of the size, but it was still very attractive.

The torrential rains outside covered Xiao Xi’s moans and the sounds of their bodies slapping together.  In the next room, Su Fei Fei looked out the window after being awakened by the thunder, but she did not know that there was an intense storm in the room beside her.

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