EDAH Chapter 420


Chapter 420: Meeting in reality

When the black clothed person was temporarily dazed, Ye Tian Xie made a move as fast as lightning.  His right hand were like iron pincers as he grabbed her left hand and with a twist and a cracking sound, the black clothed person’s left hand was also dislocated.

“Alright, you don’t need to take out the thing in your palm.  I did it for your good because even if it is a small bomb, it would only turn you into a nonexistent corpse and it would at most only slightly injure me.”

Ye Tian Xie patted his hands and looked down at her with a cold smile on his lips, “Speak, who sent you.  Forget it…..I already guessed that you wouldn’t answer, so just let me guess. Your actions aren’t bad, so you should not be a simple person, otherwise I would have killed you just now…..Now, I am very interested in your identity.  Alright, let me thing. To have abilities of your degree, in the entirety of China, there aren’t many people. The Murong Family’s Murong Hong Yi is very strong and even I have to fear him a bit, but he wouldn’t send people to deal with me.  There isn’t the feeling of a Power User on you and you seem to be on the path of taking people’s lives. To reach this degree, it makes me think of the Blood Dream Paradise that everyone panic from hearing the name of……”

His voice stopped and he looked down, staring at the black clothed person as he spoke, “You should be from the Blood Dream Paradise.  Blood Dream Paradise has countless experts in killing, but there aren’t many at your level. It seems like they have properly estimated me…..I don’t need to confirm and I don’t think you would agree.  Speak, what is your name. Tell me your name and then you can die!”


When Ye Tian Xie spoke, he clearly saw the body of the black clothed person tremble.  Even when he forcefully dislocated both her wrists, she did not make a single sound, but her face had changed just now because of his voice.

“Oh?  You are a woman?”  A faint surprise was revealed on Ye Tian Xie’s face.

As the rain fall became stronger, the black clothed person was completely soaked.  That black clothing was very thin to begin with and it was tightly hugging her body after being soaked, perfectly outlining the curves of her body.  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes strangely filled with flames and reached the point of magma exploding. When he finally carefully looked over her body, he finally found that not only was she a woman, she was a woman with enchanting body curves.

Her body figure was simply that of a devil.  Of the women Ye Tian Xie had seen, other than Liu Qi Yue who could compare to her, there was no other girls that had curves as proud as hers.  Seeing her, he knew that was a truly abundant butt and breast. Her breasts were incredibly big, making the black cloth on her chest stand tall and proud.  The tight black clothed outline stood tall and did not sag at all, with a perfect shape that could make people’s nose bleed. That large butt inside the tight black clothes also stood proud, making people imagine the shocking softness and elasticity it had.  However, her waist was slender and thin, making people afraid that her slim waist could not support the weight of her giant upper body. Those breasts, that butt, and that waist, the most beautiful parts that women wished for had all appeared on her body. This perfect union without the slightest bit of inconsistency released an ultimate charm that seemed like magic.

Ye Tian Xie’s breathing became wild.  This kind of body, even if not a bit of it was revealed, it was enough to ignite a fire in a man.  This kind of fire, even the coldest air and the wild rain was not enough to extinguish it. Not to mention…..He was currently suffering from the baptism of lust and any bit of stimulation…..Whether it was visual, audio, or touch, it would create a lust that could not be controlled in Ye Tian Xie.

Taking advantage of a girl when bored was something Ye Tian Xie had done before, but Ye Tian Xie never had this kind of lust for a woman before, even lust for a girl that had come to kill him.  But now, this woman who could make any man’s blood veins burst, a body that could draw people in that could not draw them in any more had ignited an intense flame in him in just a short period which couldn’t be put out at at all.

He revealed an evil smile on his face.  The black clothed person looked up and those ice cold eyes perfectly saw that strange smile on his face, feeling a deep unsettled feeling.  When Ye Tian Xie spoke the first time, that voice that only belonged to him that had a tone of being lazy and confident and the way he controlled everything and looked down on everything made her no longer doubt who he was.

No wonder they didn’t let her know who her target was this time.  It was…..

It was actually him……

She thought that they would never meet again and even if they did, she would choose to ignore him, but she never thought…..The real world outside of that world, they would actually meet again and it would be in this kind of situation.  As for her, she could completely recognize it was him…..The same strong man that she looked up to.

She…..was Blood Dream Paradise’s Charming Asura, the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s, Meng Yu Yi!

She had been with Ye Tian Xie for all those years and she was incredibly familiar with everything about him.  Only, the previous Tian Mo Xie and the current Ye Tian Xie was just like her, never revealing his true appearance.  But just based on his eyes, she could recognize him. But Ye Tian Xie…..His reasoning was completely enveloped by lust and at this time, his eyes were completely attracted by her body and he could not recognize her.

Ye Tian Xie slowly squatted down and suddenly reached out, pulling the black cloth from her face.  Instantly, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes were stunned and in that instant, he could not hear anything in his ears and couldn’t feel anything around him…..The wind stopped, the clouds scattered, and the rain no longer fell.  Even the dark night seemed like it had been suddenly illuminated because of this beautiful face.

Having this kind of devil’s body, Ye Tian Xie thought that this girl’s face wouldn’t be lacking at all.  However, he never would have thought that the terrifying assassin sent after him in this dark night would be this beauty that was not inferior to a hundred flowers.

The previous Li Xian Er’s beauty was like a fantasy, Liu Qi Yue was a nation collapsing beauty, Chen Xin was fresh and beautiful, and Xiao Xi was fine without fault…..He had seen the peak of beauty and had a resistance to beauty far above that of normal people, but seeing the exposed face in front of him, he lost his mind for a short time.

That smooth skin, those ice cold eyes, that tiny and straight nose, those rose petal lips, that divine face without fault, and that slender, beautiful neck…..Her entire face, it was beautiful without a single trace of contamination, so beautiful that Ye Tian Xie did not know how to describe it.  That beautiful face did not seem real. If one looked at her eyes, lips, nose…..As long as one looked at any part of her, they would be assaulted by a different kind of beauty. Every part of her face, every inch had a flawless beauty and coming together, it was a beauty that made one hold their breath.

Meng Yu Yi whose face was revealed looked at Ye Tian Xie in a daze.  The ice cold her was actually feeling helpless at this moment. Although she was pressed to the ground, her rich body still revealed its charm and slenderness.  The black clothes on her was scratched and her smooth calfs revealed the crystal white skin. Even though her mind was in chaos, those eyes were still like thousand year old ice that did not melt.  In the ice, there was an elegance and pride that made people feel ashamed of themselves. It was filled with confidence and filled with soul stealing charm…..Her hair was like a ribbon fixed to her head, loosely hanging down.  It was light and faint like a cicada’s wing, outlining her absolute beautiful face, revealing a moving gentle style.

“It seems like I need to change my method of retaliation.”

The flames in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes became even more intense, as if he could burn himself up at any moment.  He had been bitterly hangin on in his heart, but he never thought that he would meet this kind of absolute beauty.  It was like the heavens were giving him a tool to vent himself on, causing him to reveal an evil smile. For this female assassin, he would not take pity on her like with Xiao Xi.  He greedily looked at her body filled with endless charm and his hand went forward, grabbing that snow white mountain range hidden underneath the black clothes. His five fingers grabbed on tightly and he enjoyed the feeling of her flesh flowing out of his fingers.


Meng Yu Yi’s mouth released a weak, soft moan, that was still audible in this large rain.  Her eyes were still ice cold, but her voice was not cold at all. Instead it was as gentle as the heavens, making Ye Tian Xie’s hand freeze and his bones almost melt.

Meng Yu Yi never spoke.  It wasn’t that she couldn’t speak, rather with her cold personality, there were times when she wanted to speak…..Rather, it was because her voice was just too disproportional to her personality and style.

Who would have thought this never speaking only killing person known as the “Beautiful Asura” in the gaming world, and the powerful killing weapon known as the “Charming Asura” in the real would would actually have a voice as gentle as a doll.

Her voice was as delicate and tender as a thirteen-fourteen year old girl.  It was immature, but there was an indescribable carelessness and a trace of natural seduction to it.  The people who hear this voice would feel their minds sway and their souls fly out, following this voice.

She felt unsettled from Ye Tian Xie’s burning gaze, but she never thought that he would make this kind of movement against her.  Those mountain peak like breasts were gripped by a man’s large hand for the first time and she who was as cold as thousand year old ice couldn’t help moaning.  There was a peach like blush that came over her cheeks as her mind instantly turned blank.

Those tender and full peaks entered his hand and that feeling made Ye Tian Xie fill with desire.  He instinctively grabbed the proud peaks with force as he played and pinched them as he wished, not bearing to let go for a long time.  Although there was a layer of black cloth over it, he could clearly feel the tender and delicate touch from those jade like breasts. Separated by layers was like this, so if he really were to touch those tender and soft breasts, what kind of indescribable feeling would that be.

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