EDAH Chapter 428


Chapter 428: Fire Sprites

South of Heavenly Sun City, an unknown region.

The scalding hot feeling soared into the sky.  Ye Tian Xie suddenly leaving was not something he wanted.  Rather…..That intense burning feeling within him was approaching the border of him losing control, so he had no choice but to use other stimuli to distract himself.  Otherwise, he would not be able to imagine what kinds of things he would do.

Gluttony was not a sin that hurt others, so his unconscious resistance was not as strong and it caused him to fall into an uncontrollable abyss of gluttony.  As for lust…..The obscene thoughts in his mind, he had to go all out to resist them. Otherwise, the consequences would be terrifying…..

This was the place Ye Tian Xie had chased the Red Sheep to last time.  It was where he met that little fireball that was the size of a ball which had lighted the entire sky with flames and had been deeply embedded in his memory.


With the scalding hot feeling burning his body, it made most of his attention scatter.  He himself knew that this place was the south of Heavenly Sun City, the border of the Lava Prison……Last time the Red Sheep had teleported here and if it moved a bit closer, they would have been in the Lava Prison and they would have no choice but death.

For a complete Rainbow Dusk, he had already promised the Heavenly Sun City Lord that he would solve the southern Flame Sprite problem in just a month.  The Flame Sprites were nowhere else…..They could only be in the Lava Prison in front of him.

And when he appeared, there was the same black light coming from his right had like before.  The black light shined through the Demonic Dragon’s Fang. It was shaking like it was surrounded by a group of demons and it was desperately struggling to escape.

Ye Tian Xie raised his right hand and silently looked at it.  Last time, there was a faint black sun mark that appeared on his right hand in this place which disappeared after he left.  Right now, the same thing was happening…..It couldn’t be a coincidence, right?


Just what was hidden here?

In front of him, the same shocking scene as before began to occur.

The sea of magma with little waves suddenly seemed like it was blown up by a wild wind, as a giant wave of magma was raised with an explosive sound.  The scarlet magma began to twist up like an irresistible tornado……It charged into the sky, creating an incomparably terrifying curtain of magma. That scalding heat burned the entire sky…..

People far in the Heavenly Sun City could see it…..In the direction of the Lava Prison, there was a column of flames that soared into the sky, directly reaching the clouds.  It had a terrifying aura like it could crack open the sky itself…..

-100, -100, -100, -100……

That fatal heat made Ye Tian Xie’s HP begin to fall.  He quickly moved back several steps and looked forward.

In the curtain of flames, there was a little balls of fire splashing around, charging right at Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie dodged them one by one, but these fireballs did not immediately extinguish when they touched the ground, rather they kept burning…..While they were burning, they slowly floated up, coming together.

At first, there was only a single fireball, but it kept growing bigger until it was around a meter wide.  Slowly, the fireball floated up as two short arms of flame came out of the fireball. There was also a darker coloured flame burning on its head that looked like hair.  At the center of its body, there were two scarlet yellow eyes that opened.

Restless Fire Sprite: Level 56

HP: 5000

A spirit formed from active fire elemental energy.  Because of its purity and the fact it has no resistance to demonic qi, just a small amount of demonic qi is enough to make them go wild.

Innate Skill:

Fire Elemental Body: Does not have a material body, so it is immune to all physical attacks and can absorb all random fire attributed attacks.


Scarlet Flame Ball: Sends out a small fireball to attack a single enemy.  Although it only attacks a single enemy, it is very strong.


Fears water.  Water Resistance -100%.

Ye Tian Xie looked around and saw that there were twenty three of these Fire Sprites.  However, in the curtain of flames, there were balls of firing jumping around at an irregular speed, slowly forming more Flame Sprites……The terrifying little fireball from last time had not appeared yet.

The Flame Sprites causing a disaster for Heavenly Sun City the City Lord mentioned should be these things.  However, compared to the troubles caused by these Flame Sprites, what was even more terrifying was the terrifying heat of the Lava Prison.

Level fifty six…..With the strength of monsters at this level, the five thousand HP of the Flame Sprites could not be considered any lower.  However, in comparison, although they only had a single skill, the fire magic the Flame Sprites could release would be more than a level higher than that of normal players.

The Restless Flame Sprites corrupted by demonic qi began to move towards Ye Tian Xie, letting out balls of flames…..Only, in Ye Tian Xie’s eyes, the speed of these flame balls were not that fast.

Ye Tian Xie called out the Moment of Destiny and while raising his hand he shouted, “Water Guide!”

The “Rainbow Dusk” hanging from his neck released a clear as the sky blue light with his shout.  That light quickly spread before integrating with Ye Tian Xie’s body, disappearing without a single trace left…..However, the Rainbow Dusk that was originally glowing with seven colours had changed to a single blue colour.  It was clear that it was much brighter than usually, even reaching a dazzling level.

When the Rainbow Dusk turned a blue colour, it was adding the infinite buff “Water Guide” for its master.  It would turn all magic into water attributed magic and would add a water attribute to all physical attacks.


Looking at the Moment of Destiny with a faint layer of blue light over it, Ye Tian Xie revealed a satisfied smile.  He looked over and dodged several balls of fire flying at him. He then took a step forward and charged at the closest Fire Sprite to him, sending out a Dragon Rend Slash at it…..



When the Dragon Rend Slash hit the Flame Sprite, it did not make a “peng” sound, but rather it made the sound of water putting out fire.  However, there was nothing missing from that large damage figure as the level fifty six Flame Sprite was instantly killed.

The Flame Sprite’s body could disregard only pure physical attacks, but it could not disregard attacks with elements added to it……Water was fire’s natural enemy, so the attack with “Water Guide” attacked was a water attributed attack, dealing double damage to the Flame Sprite.  The attack damage from Ye Tian Xie’s base 1524 attack power, it clearly showed that…..the Flame Sprites basically had zero defense!

If it was a normal group of level fifty six monsters, Ye Tian Xie would need to use a bit of effort to take care of them.  Even if there were no “misses”, it would take him around five-six attacks to take care of them……With the buff from the Rainbow Dusk, it was enough for him to instantly kill them.  Although the Rainbow Dusk did not have any attack skills, the stats it had made it the nemesis of all elemental monsters,

The Flame Sprite disappeared with the sound of being extinguished.  After hitting the first one, Ye Tian Xie did not stop as he rushed at the next one, extinguishing it with another Dragon Rend Slash.  His body went through the dense field of fire balls without being hit a single time. Not even his speed of moving forward was impacted at all.





The Flame Sprites were extinguished one after the other.  With Ye Tian Xie’s speed and incomparably fine movement, the Flame Sprites were being extinguished at an incredible speed, but…..Each second that passed, there would be new fire balls dropping from the curtain of flames.  Although he was incomparably fast, the speed the Flame Sprites were being extinguished could not match the rate they were being formed. Gradually, there were more and more Flame Sprites around him, going from the original twenty three to over fifty-sixty of them…..They were all around Ye Tian Xie, with some close and some far away.



With more and more fireballs, Ye Tian Xie was finally hit by one of the Flame Sprites.  The damage figure that appeared above his head made him a bit surprised. The Flame Sprites had that weak defense and low HP, but their attack damage was something even Three Star Elites could not match.

Losing over half his HP, this attack could kill Ye Tian Xie with just two hits.  He swallowed a Sacred Spirit Herbs he had stolen from the Mysterious Merchant without any heartache, filling his HP.  When he wanted to temporarily move away, there was a sudden black glow coming from his right hand.

Ye Tian Xie stopped as he looked in front of him……There was a fireball that jumped down from the curtain of flames that was different from all the other fireballs……

That fireball……

When the round fireball fell to the ground, it bounced around several times like a rubber ball, making a “pu, pu” sound before finally stopping.  It did not float up like the other Flame Sprites and did not grow any hands or hair like the others. Rather it shook twice and the flames fell from its body like fur before it opened two crystalline eyes.

Ye Tian Xie looked right at it……

????:  A strange being that suddenly appeared in the Lava Prison three years ago.  Has an unknown name, origin, and ability.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

When Ye Tian Xie looked at it, that round fireball also looked at him.  When it suddenly appeared, Ye Tian Xie strangely noticed that the Flame Sprites who had been shooting fireballs at him had all stopped.  It was as if time had frozen in that moment.

The little fireball looked at him without moving……Last, it seemed like it was the same before…..

The feeling of death was released from the little fireball and completely surrounded Ye Tian Xie.  The surrounding temperature reached a terrifying level.

Without any hesitation, Ye Tian Xie’s right hand grabbed the “Rainbow Dusk” on his neck as he shouted, “Rainbow Destruction!!”


Like the sound of glass breaking, the blue glowing “Rainbow Dusk” suddenly released a seven coloured glow that seemed to block out the sky……

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