EDAH Chapter 432


Chapter 432: Venomous tongue

When Ye Tian Xie saw Liu Qi Yue the first time, he was certain that she was an enchantress that cut men’s lives short.  He could clearly remember that when he met Liu Qi Yue, he whose heart would never falter in front of a beauty felt his eyes remain still for a long time……He even could not feel his own heartbeat.

It wasn’t just her outer appearance, even her voice was like the whisper of an enchantress, so charming that it moved people’s souls.  Although he had heard it for many years, each time he heard it, he would still feel parts of his body become weak.

An expert’s attack could take people’s lives, but her voice could instantly make countless experts lose their ability to fight, making it impossible for them to attack her.

For the current Ye Tian Xie, hearing Liu Qi Yue’s voice almost made his blood completely boil.  In his mind, the appearance of Liu Qi Yue’s snow white rich body appeared, before having her clothes torn to pieces and being pressed down on.  He was wildly playing, ravaging, and devastating her……


Once the flames were lit, it was like floodgates breaking causing an unstoppable flood.  Ye Tian Xie’s breathing clearly became stronger and the breath he exhaled was hot to a frightening degree.  He forcefully shook his head and suppressed the thoughts appearing in his mind. He then took out the communication device and said in a forced calm voice, “Elder sister, I’m in…..Heavenly Sun City.”

Liu Qi Yue seemed like she couldn’t hear the strangeness in Ye Tian Xie’s voice.  She laughed and said in a persuasive and mysterious voice, “You’re on this early, you really surprised elder sister.  When would my family’s little brother Tian Xie would learn not to be so fond of sleeping……Hee, hee, relax, elder sister does not want to find you, there is a little sister here that needs you…..Do you still remember the high level chef I introduced yesterday?  We’ve agreed that if it succeeds, you have to be with her for a day. Now, that day has already started, we can’t break our word…..She is already on and has encountered a little problem. Little brother Xie Tian, you have a chance to rescue a beauty and capture her heart…..”

Liu Qi Yue gave a gentle and seductive laugh before telling him where Situ Luo Yu was.  Without waiting for Ye Tian Xie’s reply, she turned off the communication device.

Ye Tian Xie had not seen Situ Luo Yu before.  As for whether Ye Tian Xie went or not, it really was his choice like Liu Qi Yue said.  If he went, they would keep their promise…..It would be better if he didn’t go, there wouldn’t be the chance that he would be hooked by the big breasted little sister and she had countless ways to deal with that little sister.  What she wanted to do was just pass the word on because once Situ Luo Yu came on, she would call Liu Qi Yue when she met any kind of trouble, asking for Xie Tian’s protection…..Moreover, she already knew that Xie Tian was online.

It was clearly Situ Chana who told her when she logged on.


To the north of Heavenly Stellar City, in a place that people rarely gathered in this game.  There were two rivers that intersected here at a lake and there was a lush deep green field around the lake, as well as many natural gardens.  The air was very fresh and pleasant. Although there were many small animals here, there was not a single one that was naturally aggressive.

This was a place for players rest and enjoy, a place for them to take walks in, not a map for leveling.

Situ Luo Yu had logged off here yesterday and when she logged on today, she did not leave.  She sat down by the little lake and continued her carefree fishing from yesterday afternoon.

Fishing, it was also a Life Skill.  Although this seemed like a leisure Job when one heard of it, in the Destiny world, there were no useless Life Skill Jobs.  On the contrary, each Life Skill Job would have a powerful point to it. The Fishing Skill of course mainly focused on fishing things……Situ Luo Yu was currently at the Beginner level and was soon about to reach the Intermediate level because most of her time in the Destiny world was either spent on cooking or fishing, so her progress was very quick.

Beginner Fishing allowed one to use low level poles and bait, which allowed them to catch fish which weren’t too high leveled, as well as some crabs, shrimps, turtles, and etc., but also a large amount of algae and useless items.  The biggest use for these things were to be used as ingredients or to be sold in stores. With the increase of one’s Fishing level, the things they caught would become more precious. If a legendary Overlord Fish was sold to the store, it would be worth over ten thousand gold coins…..When that time comes, the things caught would not be as simple as just fish, one could even catch some strange items.  Among them, there would be quite a few precious items rarely obtained anywhere else like rings, necklaces, earrings, and etc……In the Lost Continent legends, there was a divine fisherman that appeared a hundred years ago that caught a Mysterious God Grade Item in the Lost Continent’s eastern sea!

Just last week, in the Full Moon Lake to the north of Heavenly Stellar City, there was a Beginner Fisherman that caught a Silver Necklace which sold for a sky high price.  Catching a Silver Item with the Beginner Fishing Skill was like the chance of Mars hitting the Earth, but after this matter, countless fishers came in swarms as they fished in Full Moon Lake day and night.  The ten thousand square meter area of Full Moon Lake was completely surrounded, creating an incomparably magnificent scene. This was because if one could really catch a Silver Item, the income they would make could support them for several years.  If they could catch a Gold Item, then it would be even more incredible.

But honestly, with the skill level of a normal Low Level Fisher, this probability was even lower than buying the winning lottery ticket for a ten million dollar drawing.  But with the drive of luck and interest, this situation did not end and there were frequent large and small fights over taking another person’s spot. However, there still hadn’t been a second person that had caught a Silver Item.

Situ Luo Yu was a very unreasonable and rude girl, she should like lively places with this personality, but actually, Situ Luo Yu was a girl that loved peace.  She liked to sit here and fish in peace while being filled with expectations. Even if she fished like this for an entire day, she would not feel bored. The fishes that she caught would become ingredients in her hand.  Out of all kinds of ingredients, she was most skilled with using fish. Even the most normal steamed fish or spicy fish that she made would make people praise its flavour and finish the entire dish. In order to eat the fish she made, Situ Chana would beg like a pitiful little wife and agree to a series of unfair conditions.  Even Situ Wu Qing would stare straight at the fish she made.

Today, her luck was clearly not good.  After fishing here for just a few minutes, there was a flirtatious voice that came from behind her.

“Little sister, your body is not bad.”

Following there, there was a series of laughs and whistles that came from behind her.

Situ Luo Yu’s figure was more than just not bad.  She had normal delicate round face, floating long hair, large eyes, and a gracefully curved nose.  What made people shocked was that her face only looked to be around sixteen-seventeen, but her chest was so large that people’s eyes popped out.  Not only was it huge, it stood straight and proud, without a single bit of sagging to it. There was a slender waist underneath it and under that was a butt that stood proud, making people want to rush forward and rub their hands all over it.  This kind of immature face paired with this kind of stature, it created a large enticement that men were unable to resist.

Situ Luo Yu naturally knew how attractive her own body was and naturally it wasn’t her first time hearing a flirtatious voice like this.  She quickly took back her fishing pole and casually sent a private message to Liu Qi Yue before turning around, as she cursed, “What does this old lady’s stature mean to you!  Immediately scram for this old lady. Ruining this old lady’s enjoyable fishing, this old lady will throw you all into the lake and feed you all to the turtles!”

In front of her were more than ten people and the one leading them was a tender faced youth.  He had a face that could be considered handsome, but there was a sallow colour to it. His appearance, clothes, and expression…..There was only a sign that said “I am destined to be the tragic side character that will be stepped over” hanging over his head.  Of course, there was no sign. There was however a name over his head and that name was: Absolutely Beautiful Man.

When the words came out of Situ Luo Yu’s mouth, the men were all stunned.  They never thought that such a delicate looking little girl would be so fierce when she spoke, going “this old lady” again and again.  Absolutely Beautiful Man whistled and said with an obscene smile, “Oh! You’re quite fierce. Ze, ze, I like it, it like a woman with a bit of a temper.  Little sister, do you want to play with this big brother? Big brother promises to drown you with pleasure and call out ‘big brother’ in satisfaction, ha, ha, ha, ha……”

The people behind Absolutely Beautiful Man all gave lewd laughs as their eyes swept over Situ Luo Yu’s body.  There were quite a few people that couldn’t control the drool coming out of their mouths.

Situ Luo Yu was not angry as she looked at Absolutely Beautiful Man with a disdainful gaze before spitting out, “Oh!  With your thin physique, you don’t even seem to have a bulge between your legs. This old lady could dig up any worm that is stronger than you.  You wouldn’t even be able to satisfy a female dog and you want this old lady to drown in pleasure? Wo pei, why don’t you look at your ugly face in a pool of piss on the ground?  Your fucking ugly frog face is something even a female frog wouldn’t love.”

Situ Luo Yu’s words could be called poisonous.  Although Absolutely Beautiful Man still had an obscene smile, his face had twisted by a bit.  This kind of shaming, he couldn’t accept it even if he was a man, “Hei, hei, little sister. Daring to insult this big brother’s abilities, if father does not make you call me father today, father will write my name backwards!!”

Situ Luo Yu put her hands to her waist and stood there.  The two large masses on her chest began to move up and down with her heaving, “Oh!  What will you do!! Don’t you want to do this old lady, this old lady will stand here and you can touch this old lady if you have the skills!  If you don’t dare, you are the turtle child born from this old lady…..Wo pei! As if you’re worthy of being my son. If you don’t dare touch me, you are this old lady’s family’s dog son!!”

Female players were protected by the system, so unless they were willing, male players could not infringe their bodies unless they wanted to suffer punishment decided by the female player.

Absolute Beautiful Man’s face turned white from his anger, almost fainting from it.  He pointed a finger at Situ Luo Yu, “You, you, you…..” After saying “you” for a while, he couldn’t say anything else.  If he really touched her, that was no different from seeking death.

“Fuck!  Waste her for me!”  Absolute Beautiful Man couldn’t take his anger anymore as he roared out.

“Oh!  What’s wrong, don’t you dare touch this old lady?  Now a group of large men want to deal with a Life Skills player like me?  Waste that only dares to speak and not do anything, why didn’t your dad throw you against the wall in the past.  Even if your dad didn’t throw you, your mom would have pinched you to death. It truly is embarrassing to give birth to a group of trash like you!”

Absolute Beautiful Man almost spat out three liters of blood.  He had lived this long and had never been assaulted with such foul language before and he never thought that such a delicate looking young girl would actually have such a venomous tongue.  His face twisted as he roared out, “Kill her!!”

The group of men behind Absolute Beautiful Man roared out and a person wielding a large axe charged forward.  To deal with a female Life Skills player, there was no need for them to all charge together, otherwise it would truly be too shameful…..That person had only taken two steps before a person instantly appeared beside Situ Luo Yu with a flash of light.

Xie Tian…..The place he had appeared was so precise that it couldn’t be more precise, as he appeared beside Situ Luo Yu.  The fact that he could instantly teleport here was all because he usually brought Chen Xue here to play.

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