EDAH Chapter 433


Chapter 433: Violated

Ye Tian Xie’s sudden appearance had made that person with the large axe stop.  When he saw who had appeared beside Situ Luo Yu, he was so shocked that his mouth fell open……That attire, there was almost no one that didn’t know it because it belonged to Xie Tian!

This legendary person had actually appeared in front of them in this moment!!

Absolutely Beautiful Man and the people behind him were all stunned.  They all stared at Xie Tian, not knowing what to do. This was because they had heard of him, of all the accomplishments that filled people’s hearts with shock.  He was a person publicly recognized as someone who couldn’t be offended and had even become the god of the gaming world!

Even the giant Wings of Shrouded Heaven had been taken care of by himself, even eight of the level ranking’s top twenty had been swept away by him, causing a large change in the level rankings because of him alone.  Was there anything he couldn’t flatten! This person stood high above, standing at the legendary peak, it was not someone small worms like they could see, but he had appeared in front of them and……


Seeing Ye Tian Xie, Situ Luo Yu was also stunned.  After confirming this person was really Xie Tian, her face suddenly revealed an excited expression, but that quickly disappeared.  Even that arrogant stance she had before also disappeared and she quickly moved behind Ye Tian Xie. Pursing her lips, she revealed an indignant and fearful expression as she pointed her white fingers at Absolutely Beautiful Man’s group.  She said in a timid voice, “Wu, wu……Big brother Xie Tian, they want to bull me. Not only did they say obscene words to me, they even said that if I didn’t go with them, they would throw me into the water to feed the fishes. Wu, wu, I’m so scared……My big brothers ‘Zero’ and ‘Arrow Piercing the Heavens’ are both your faithful comrades, you’ll definitely protect me, right…..”

This was Situ Luo Yu’s first time meeting Ye Tian Xie and Ye Tian Xie’s first time meeting her.  When his eyes fell onto her incomparably attractive figure, it was like magma exploded inside his body, immediately wanting to throw himself onto her…..But the bit of reasoning he had left did not let him do so because there were outsiders here……

Now, no matter what kind of people these outsiders were, even if they were a group of buddhist saints, Ye Tian Xie would immediately make them scram!

Seeing Situ Luo Yu actually hiding behind Xie Tian, their hearts became tense.  Adding in what she had just said, their faces looked even more sick. This little girl actually had a close relation to Xie Tian and with the ruthless style Xie Tian had……Thinking of this, their heads were covered in cold sweat.  Back then, the siege of ten thousand Wings of Shrouded Heaven members couldn’t do anything to him, what did they count for.

Absolutely Beautiful Man’s face had already started turning red.  When he was faced with Xie Tian, he understood how terrifying the pressure that came from him was.  Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he firmly said, “Xie……What does Xie Tian count for. We have all these people, could it be that…..that…..”

Before he even finished, Ye Tian Xie had already made his move.  He could not hold on for another minute or even another second.

With a “Dragon Shadow Slash”, he charged forward five meters.  Absolutely Beautiful Man who had been speaking saw a flash in front of his eyes before a metal mask’s cold surface appeared less than half a meter in front of him.  Following this, he saw a black light slash down……

Peng!  Peng! Peng!

One attack, three people were caught in this attack and they were all instantly killed.  This man with a face filled with tragedy did not even have time to take out his weapon. A single attack killed three people, but Ye Tian Xie did not stop moving.  He flew forward with the Moment of Destiny and sent out another arc in front of him, causing three more players that couldn’t react in time to be instantly killed by the attack.

Under the influence of his desire, Ye Tian Xie move and attack speed reached his peak, so fast that his body left a clear afterimage.  The black arcs came one after the other and each time he made a move, people would fall. It was like a wolf in a pack of lambs…..No, it should be described as using an incomparably sharp sickle to cut down grass that didn’t have time to move.

Situ Luo Yu’s hands came over her lips and her eyes became circles that were filled with a look of excitement and passion.  She almost began to jump and cheer from her excitement. She witnessed Xie Tian dancing around like a war god, with several people falling with a single move.  That speed and that terrifying damage figure, it only belonged to Xie Tian! The more than ten players were like little ants in front of him. What made her heart beat faster was that……That person who was considered number one in the Chinese gaming world, the one worshipped be countless people, the one recognized as god by many was currently fighting for her!

This scene made her happy like she was in a dream.

Peng!  Peng! Peng……

In less than ten seconds, those people had all fallen to the ground.  This short period of time was not a fight, but rather an one sided slaughter for Ye Tian Xie because among them, no one had made a single move against Ye Tian Xie before they were cleanly taken care of.

“Wa!  Wa! Too handsome!  Simply stunning…..Big brother Xie Tian, I worship you!”  Situ Luo Yu finally shouted out with an incomparably excited voice, forcefully clapping her hands.  She even wanted to jump high up to express the excitement in her heart.

The corpses on the ground all disappeared and Ye Tian Xie was disinclined to even spare a glance at the things that dropped.  Situ Luo Yu ran over to him and those two large bags of meat on her chest jumped up and down as she ran. The swinging waves were enough to catch any man’s gaze and Ye Tian Xie’s final bit of reasoning disappeared like ashes.  He put away the Moment of Destiny and grabbed Situ Luo Yu with a sharp cry from her as he pushed her to the ground.

Situ Luo Yu’s eyes were trembling and she was completely helpless.  After the sharp cry, she felt a pain coming from her charming chest, as Ye Tian Xie’s hands were already ruthlessly kneading them through her thin clothes.  That tall and straight body releasing a terrifying heat pressed down on her rich and curvy body, as a burning thing forcefully touched her most sensitive place.  The clothes made collision as if it wanted to ram in without stop.

“Ah~~~Let go of me!!”  With her chest being assaulted, she immediately understood what the thing poking her below was.  Situ Luo Yu was completely shocked, desperately struggling while screaming. Ye Tian Xie was actually pushed away by Situ Luo Yu’s full force struggle and Situ Luo Yu quickly stood up from the grass as she began to run.  What Ye Tian Xie saw was a pair of full buttocks that rippled like white waves as she ran. His body became warms as his eyes filled with a wild and fiery gaze. He quickly charged forward and looking at Situ Luo Yu’s beautiful legs, he tightly grabbed her and pinned her to the ground again.

“Ah!!  Don’t. Let me go…..Let me go!  What do you want!” Situ Luo Yu was pressed down against the soft grass.  She wanted to struggle again, but this time how could Ye Tian Xie let her escape.  His hand was like an iron chain as it tightly held her jade like arms, as his free hand came down on her back.  Her two breasts under this force exhibited a shocking resistance and like a spring, her breasts did not get squeezed onto the ground.  Situ Luo Yu’s back was pressed down on and although her two little hands forcefully moved, she could not struggle at all. Her two legs below were also forcefully struggling.

With Situ Luo Yu’s legs struggling, her little waist swayed side from side causing her beautifully large butt to also shake.  It did not rub away the source of Ye Tian Xie’s desire, rather it was like taking the initiative to stimulate him, causing Ye Tian Xie’s lust to burn even stronger.

“Don’t!  You….You are Xie Tian….If you don’t stop, I really will be angry!”  She loudly shouted, using all her strength to struggle. On her face, there were even a few teardrops.

With how much Ye Tian Xie was assaulting her, she could call down the strongest Heavenly Punishment…..Only, she didn’t do it.

Because he was Xie Tian.

A man who was overbearing, had world renown fame, and unapproachable strength, which young girl didn’t dream about having a man like this by her side?  Situ Luo Yu was not the exception. She had also fantasized and even wildly thought about personally seeing him.

Only, she never would have thought it would be like this.  She did yearn for him, but that didn’t mean that she would let him play with her as he wished.  She was a girl who never dated before. Having been on the run for so long, she did not have any thoughts of liking a man.

When she wanted to call the Heavenly Thunder, she thought about the things Situ Chana had told her over the past few days……

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…..Little sister, did you see it!  Xie Tian actually trampled the Emperor Asura! He also has a day like this.  God damn, this is too satisfying…..But like this, Xie Tian must have an unsolvable grudge with the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation, hei……We need to join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries even more.  We can’t fight them in the real world, so why don’t we help Xie Tian. Un, it could be said that we’re using Xie Tian to deal with the same enemy in this world, to achieve the same goal. Little sister, with your charm, perhaps you can hook Xie Tian in your hands, how wonderful that would be…..Ah, ah, don’t hit me, I was wrong, I was wrong…..”

When she had logged on……

“Ha, ha, little sister, we’ve finally joined the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries.  Moreover, Xie Tian has met the assassins of the Blood Dream Paradise in the real world, but he didn’t die…..What does that mean?  Moreover, Xie Tian has even threatened to destroy the Blood Dream Paradise, damn! If anyone else said these words, I would use my feet to kick his head in, but when he said it, I could feel my blood boiling!!  The feeling he gives me….Perhaps, he can really do it!! Little sister, didn’t they say that Xie Tian would spend the day with you, it’s a good chance to catch him. If you can really do it…..Hei, hei, we don’t need to run for our lives anymore.  Moreover, Xie Tian is the dream lover of countless young girls, you have to do your best. Big brother will support you to the end, ha, ha…..”

Run for their lives…..What terrifying word.

Back then, for her…..Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing had led her to escape the Blood Dream Paradise.  Since then, they had lived a life of running for their lives…..All for her.

Although she didn’t restrain her temper in front of them, she always had a deep gratitude towards them deep in her heart.  She did not know how to make it up to them and repay them……They were the people closest to her.

If she really could be with Xie Tian…..

The Heavenly Thunder did not fall and slowly Situ Luo Yu’s struggling became weaker.

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    Twice was already bad, and now it’s a third time?
    Man, I know it’s not the translator that is doing it, but jesus the author has a thing for rape doesn’t he?!?!

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