EDAH Chapter 51


Chapter 51: The heaven defying items of the Beginner Village

“When Big Brother was still young, Big Brother started to travel around the Lost Continent for fun, from then on, all of Big Brother’s life was consumed on exploring the Lost Continent.  Gradually, Jianghu began fill with legends about Big Brother.  At that time Big Brother was still very handsome, beautiful as jade, suave and romantic, he was like a prince of heaven descended to earth and was called number one handsome man on the Lost Continent.  Add in his martial arts, no matter where he went he would be respect and feared 70:30, completely envied, other filled with jealousy.  Those that tried to win Big Brother over include Lost City’s emperor personally requesting, the Lost City’s emperor’s sister also wished for me to stay, but Big Brother still refused because what Big Brother truly wanted, Big Brother only wanted his personal freedom.

Looking at Yuan Que’s wrinkled old body and his even worse face, Ye Tian Xie’s stomach could not help but wretch, he began to debate whether he should stay and continue listening

Yuan Que shot a glance over at Ye Tian Xie’s face, his face revealed a helpless expression, “Big Brother’s past you’ll never be able to understand, forget it, it doesn’t matter.  Back then because of a promise, Big Brother stayed here, forever unable to leave, but, while Big Brother was travelling through the continent, through many hardships I’ve found countless Earth Shaking Rare Treasures that I’ve kept on me since…….But, as time passes, Big Brother also already has one foot in the grave, Big Brother does not want these Earth Shaking Rare Treasures to go to waste, but I do not want to give it to someone random, so I’ve always waited for someone with the ability to obtain the Badge of Bravery to appear…..Now, you’ve appeared, Big Brother can finally take out the Earth Shaking Rare Treasures.

Earth Shaking Rare Treasures…..thinking of how this old man didn’t even see through his fake compliments, Ye Tian Xie only had a little interest in his “Earth Shaking Rare Treasures”…….


A sort of ancient, but unique box was taken out by Yuan Que.  He placed it in front of Ye Tian Xie, slowly opening it, his face full of unwillingness and heartache as he said, “Brat, look carefully, if you want to buy anything then tell me, it’s only because you have the Badge of Bravery, that’s why I’m willing to take these treasures more important than my life out to sell to you, I’ll even give you a 0.4% discount on everything.”

Ye Tian Xie glanced in the box to look at the so called “Earth Shaking Rare Treasures”, but when he was the attributes of the first item his whole body shook, he rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming…..

Illusion!  Illusion……It had to be an illusion!

How could it exist……this kind of heaven defying things!

But, his eyes, his touch told him it wasn’t an illusion……Ye Tian Xie’s previous expression had disappeared, his eyes passed over each one of the items inside, the expression on his face became more and more exaggerated.  The wide open mouth did not close for a long time.

In the box were things of all colours thrown all around, there was a jar, a bead, there was even a grass green object……but each of them was worthy of the two words “heaven defying”.

Big Dipper Fruit: It came from the south of the Lost Continent grown from a tree that lives above lava and under the Big Dipper, each hundred years only one fruit is produced, the fruit contains the power of the lava, can bring out the potential of a life form and promote the life form’s strength.  Yuan Que picked 10 from the tree under the Big Dipper, after consuming it permanently increases Strength by 10, the effects are stackable.

Price: 200000 gold coins per fruit.

Tears of a fairy:  The tears shed by a fairy after it is born, contains the purest magic in nature.  Yuan Que collected 10 drops in total.  After consuming, each drop will permanently increase Spirit by 10, the effects are stackable.

Price: 300000 gold coins per drop.

Water of Life: From the springs of life on Heavenly Sacred Mountain.  In the past, Yuan Que risked his life fighting the guardian beast to obtain 5 drops, he used one drop on himself and regarded the other four as important as his life.  After consuming, each drop will permanently increase HP by 1000, the effects are not stackable.

Price: 1000000 gold coins per drop.

Wind Pursuing Grass:  The smallest plant on the Lost Continent, only around the size of a needle, will only grow when the wind blows, but will lose it’s like in the wind making it extremely difficult to catch.  But in each piece of Wind Pursuing Grass is a light energy, Yuan Que did everything possible to catch these 10 pieces, they are sealed in Water of Life.  After consuming, each piece of grass permanently increases Agility by 10, Move Speed by 5, and Jump by 0.1, the effects are stackable.

Price: 500000 gold coins per piece.

Lucky Leaf: A mysterious leaf that has three colours, it does not come from any plant, rather it randomly appears, on a random plant.  It is said that those who notice the leaf will receive good luck.  Yuan Que owns 10 Leaves of Luck.  After consuming, each leaf will permanently increase Luck by 1, the effects are stackable.

Price: 100000 gold coins per leaf.

Flower of Elegance: A strange flower with petals in seven different colours, rumours say that as long as you can eat the flower petals of this flower, you’ll release an aura that attracts other people.  Yuan Que owns 10 flowers.  After consuming, each flower will permanently increase Charm by 1, the effects are stackable.

Price:  100000 per flower.

Ye Tian Xie’s mouth was dry……the small things in front of his eyes, each one was stronger than the other completely shocked him.  These……were all items that permanently increase stats, and most of them didn’t just add 1 or 2 points, rather they added 10 points each time!  The Water of Life increased HP by 1000 each time!  The most terrifying thing was, other than the Water of Life, the rest of the items were all stackable.  Eating a Big Dipper fruit would increase Strength by 10 points, eating 10 would add 100 points of Strength!

The Beginner Village actually had these heaven defying things!

But the prices of these heaven defying items made Ye Tian Xie clench his teeth, this was his first time being angry that currency exchange did not begin with the launch of the game.  That way, he would have been able to buy all these things without hesitation.  To an ordinary person these were sky high prices and an ordinary person would never use this much money to buy something like this in a game, but to a strong person with financial strength, influence and ambition, facing this kind of heaven defying items, even if the price was tenfold, they would still fight for it.

Ye Tian Xie calmed his heart, looking in the corner of the box, there, lied two relatively old objects.

Rusty old key:  Yuan Que found this key in the spring of life, he grabbed it while he was obtaining the Water of Life.  It seems to fit into some sort of gate.

Price: 10000 gold coins

Key……Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped, looking at the last item……it was an old knife, the handle was the length of a finger, the knife was also the same length, the blade was in a strange twisted shape and the knife’s edge was a strange triangle, its shape was like a snake crawling…….moreover it was a venomous snake.  The twisted blade is the snake’s body and the triangle tip is the snakes triangular head.

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