EDAH Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Guo Guo

Peng!  The bathroom door flew open like it had been blasted by a gust of wind.  A snow white figure sent waterdrops flying as it came over.  It flew in front of Ye Tian Xie as it anxiously shouted, “Master!  Lollipop!  Lollipop!”

The minute Guo Guo appeared in front of him, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes popped out.  He subconsciously covered his nose as he groaned, “Guo Guo…..First put on some clothes!”

Guo Guo’s body was completely visible.  Her hair, arms, and little feet……Her whole body was covered in water droplets.  The two faint pink points on her chest were perfectly covered by water droplets, giving off a visual impact that made it more beautiful.  Guo Guo didn’t know about the relation between men and women, never having any scruples about not wearing clothes.  She would always strip naked when she goes to sleep, then she would lie down in a very awkward position beside Ye Tian Xie’s pillow.  As long as Ye Tian Xie turned his head…….Everything he shouldn’t see, he would be able to see clearly.  She had even less scruples when she took a bath……This was a type of torture for Ye Tian Xie.  A white flawless body that was petite and delicate.  But this did not decrease the charm that this simple and pure combination had…….Actually, the defenses in Ye Tian Xie’s heart were slowly being destroyed.

Ye Tian Xie didn’t think he was a good person, even less a gentleman.  If Guo Guo was a normal girl, then he would push her down with a fiery passion…..But, Guo Guo’s small body made him break out into tears.


“I was taking a bath so I don’t need to wear clothes!  Master, my lollipop…..Yi?  Weird, why haven’t I smelled the lollipop smell?”  Guo Guo flung off the water droplets on both hands.  He sniffed with her nose, her face was filled with doubt.

“The lollipops were sold out today, so I can only buy them tomorrow.  You shouldn’t eat sugar at night, it’s bad for your teeth.”  Ye Tian Xie acted like an adult talking to a child as he educated and comforted Guo Guo.

But if this kind of logic worked, then Guo Guo wouldn’t be Guo Guo.

As Ye Tian Xie expected, Guo Guo’s excited face instantly disappeared.  Her pink lips flattened and her eyes began mist over with indignance, as if she was about to break into tears at any minute.  Facing Guo Guo in this condition, only by meeting her request or by making a satisfactory promise – like buying 100 lollipops tomorrow.  Otherwise any other kind of comforting would not work.

Ye Tian Xie was about to speak, but the disappointment on Guo Guo’s face instantly disappeared.  She made an effort to blink her eyes that shined like stars as she said with pouted lips, “Master doesn’t seem to be lying to me…….Wu, then I won’t eat lollipops tonight.  Tomorrow you have to remember to buy lollipops for your cutest and obedient Guo Guo, oh……..Master, come take a bath with me.”

Looking at Guo Guo who was like a little butterfly spraying water around flying about, Ye Tian Xie froze in place for five seconds.

Late at night, inside a silent room.  The moonlight shined down like water flowing, shining through the white gauze curtain covering the balcony.  Shining onto the spotless floor, shining down onto the tiny and delicate face lying on the bed.  Guo Guo’s sleeping position was very casual, but her sleeping figure was so lovely that made people want to fiercely hug her like a doll.

Watching her from not far, that face seemed to become even bigger.  This was a very beautiful young girl, one that was around 12-13.  A fine immature young face.  A clear complexion, a beautiful face, and skin as white as snow.  On her round face was a little dimple, incomparably cute.  The little beautiful girl was lying down next to the pillow, lying on a small pillow that was proportional to her body.  Black hair scattered over the pillow, perfectly contrasting her exposed jade like face and red lips.  The snow white lotus like arms could tug at people’s heartstrings.  Her body was covered with a thin white blanket that Ye Tian Xie didn’t know where she ripped it from.  Her body was semi covered by the blanket that still gave off a deeply attractive feel.  Outside of the blanket, the upper half of her body showing was naked.  The skin was like frosted snow, clear as jade.  The bottom half exposed showed two legs that shined like butterfat, shining white.

Ye Tian Xie silently looked at this sleeping young little girl that was like cherry blossoms blooming, his eyes firmly set on her.  He had been together with her this many days.  This kind of peace made him feel as if he was inside deep illusion.  This young girl rushed into his life without any warning, filling his empty lonely world with another person’s shadow.  They had obviously just met, but this spirit like girl quickly became a part of his life.  She entered his house on the first day, and even made him unwillingly buy lollipops for her.  They also slept together on the first day…….All of it happened so quickly, but it all felt natural.  Even though she seemed to be silly, she actually had her own little intelligence and her own thoughts.  But towards her, he didn’t feel anything repelling, he was fully serious about acting as a parent towards her.  He could accompany, depend, and spoil her as her “master”…….He did not know where she came from.  Even now he didn’t know who this little kid was or the secrets she had hiding in her body.

As if she could feel Ye Tian Xie’s gaze, Guo Guo slender eyebrows slightly moved.  After a while, the little girl slowly began to open her eyes.  Her eyeballs seemed like beautiful black gems, glistening like stars.  Moonlight shined down on her otherworldly face, reflecting some of the hazy colour.  Lined with a pair of beautiful crystal like eyes, it gave off a dreamlike beauty.  The sleep glazed eyes looked over at Ye Tian Xie and her mouth gave a light mutter.  Then the eyes that had just opened closed once again and she fell back into her beautiful dream.

This was the first time Ye Tian Xie looked carefully at the little girl beside his pillow.  He could not help it, but his hand reached out to gently stroke her face.  As his hand was about to reach her cheek, he stopped.  He quietly withdrew his hand out of fear that he would wake up the soundly sleeping young girl.

Quietly lying down and blankly looking up at the ceiling, Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes as his consciousness slowly began to fade.  Guo Guo had a kind of energy and incomparable charm that normal people didn’t have.  This kind of Guo Guo could break down any kind of person’s mental defenses……And this kind of Guo Guo, was the kind of partner that Ye Tian Xie desired, but did not exist.

Lost in a dream…….



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    1. Yeah, I am seriously wondering how far the author is pushing the pedophile angle in this work, because to be honest it is getting disturbing. Even though it says it is in a almost parental sort of way; there is no reason to spend pretty much an entire chapter raving about how beautiful, and irresistible Guo Guo is.

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