EDAH Chapter 79


Chapter 79: Are you sure you aren’t mistaken

“Lunch…..Lunch!  Lollipop…..Lollipop has left again.  Master……My lollipop!”  Guo Guo was standing on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder, forcefully pulling on Ye Tian Xie’s hair.  Her voice sounded like she had just suffered a large grievance.

“Wu…..Master, you just said that after those people left you would give me a lot of lollipops to eat.  Master didn’t keep his word……Master is the worst.  You aren’t the slightest bit nice to Guo Guo.  Not even a little bit nice……Wu, wu……”

Ye Tian Xie was defeated again as he ran after Su Fei Fei.

“Young miss Su.”


Su Fei Fei had just descended the stairs as she turned her head around.  A pair of visibly angry eyes stared at him.  Perhaps it was arranged by destiny that the two of them would move so fast, so easily moving into the same house.  Moreover, they did not have the kind of strange feeling that strangers would have when living together.  What was even more strange was the fact that they didn’t even talk courteously to each other.  Rather they always bickered and they bickered so naturally.

They were like quarrelling lovers with Su Fei Fei and Ye Tian Xie’s characters combined.  But, perhaps they weren’t aware of the fact that although they had been fighting since the beginning, the two of them didn’t hate this feeling.  Instead, the two people who originally would have never crossed were drawn together into this kind of wonderful atmosphere.

“That…..Can you give me what you took from me yesterday……Hai, give me back my lollipops.  You seem to have them on you.”  Ye Tian Xie braced himself and finished his words with extreme difficulty.  Afterwards, he thought of smashing his head into the wall several times.

Su Fei Fei revealed a strange expression which made him want to smash his head against the wall again.  She didn’t say anything as she seriously looked at Ye Tian Xie’s dodging eyes and his embarrassed expression.  Then, she finally couldn’t keep it in any longer as she held onto the staircase’s handrail.  Doubling over in laughter as she trembled.

“Ha, ha…..Ha, ha……I……Ha, ha, ha, ha……”

Su Fei Fei held her waist as the little rabbits on her chest trembled.  And Ye Tian Xie’s face turned darker, gradually turning as dark as coal that had never seen the light of day before.

Laugh…..Laugh as hard as you can!  Laugh until you die!  Laugh until you suffocate, laugh until your waist twists……Laugh until you’re pregnant……It’d be best if you laugh until your chest goes flat…….Ye Tian Xie used a variety of curses that could be called “venomous” by women.

Finally Su Fei Fei bit her lip and tried to stop herself from laughing.  Then she took out a lollipop from her backpack and clamping it between her delicate thumb and index as she placed it in front of Ye Tian Xie.  Swinging it as she charmingly said, “Come, little brother.  If you call me elder sister, elder sister can give you this lollipop to eat…..Ge, ge, ge, ge……”

“Elder sister!  Elder sister!  I want to eat lollipops!”

……Of course the person who said this wasn’t Ye Tian Xie.  Rather it was Guo Guo who was so eager that tears were about to fall down.

It was a pity that her body could only been seen by Ye Tian Xie, and that meant only Ye Tian Xie could hear her voice.  In another person’s eyes and ears, she did not even exist.

He had to endure what couldn’t be endured.  Uncle could endure what the aunt couldn’t endure, the aunt could endure what Ye Tian Xie couldn’t endure……He suddenly stepped forward and while Su Fei Fei was caught off guard, he almost collided with her body.  Then……A shadow appeared in front of Su Fei Fei’s eyes and the lollipop in her hand disappeared.  At the same time, her bag was obviously lighter.  She immediately found that all fifty lollipops in her bag had disappeared.

This incomparably strange and even impossible thing made her heart jump.  In her heart, she couldn’t help but replay the memory of the night he had used his body to block a bullet.  Then in the blink of an eye, he had caused four people to fall down……He didn’t injure them or knocked them out, he had killed the four of them.  He had easily killed four people.

Killers…..In this era, people who killed always gave off a “terrifying” feel.  To young girls, they made them feel terror and fear and Su Fei Fei was not an exception.  But facing Ye Tian Xie, Su Fei Fei did not have this feeling, not even a trace.  That kind of wonderful feeling was hard for her to describe.

“You like eating lollipops that much?”  Su Fei Fei covered her bag with her hands as she gave him a strange smile.

“I don’t like them!”  Ye Tian Xie replied stiffly.

“It doesn’t matter.”  Su Fei Fei smiling eyes were like two thin moons, “Men with cute habits are even more loveable, there’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“…..”  Three black lines appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s forehead.  He wisely chose not to say anything, he took the fifty lollipops……Actually it should be fifty one lollipops and put them all onto the table behind him.  Right now, even if he had a hundred mouths and a thousand reasons, Su Fei Fei wouldn’t believe that this wasn’t his special hobby.

“Hey!  What you want are the fifty from last night……That orange coloured one, give it back.”  Su Fei Fei rushed forward and shouted.  Facing Ye Tian Xie’s questioning look, her face turned pink as she quietly said, “This lollipop is a present that a little brother named Lei Feng left for me in the dark night.  I won’t give it to you……”

She suddenly snatched back the orange lollipop and then giggled as she ran away.

“Oh la la!  So many lollipops.  All of these are for me, oh la!  Master is good……That sister is even better.  I really like this sister with all the lollipops.”

The fifty lollipops were all tapped by Guo Guo’s hand and strangely disappeared.  It was unknown where they had disappeared to.  She was cheerfully saying “la, la, la” as she floated into Ye Tian Xie’s room to enjoy her treats.  But the words she had said had made Ye Tian Xie want to cry into a blanket.

You’re kidding me……I was the only who bought the lollipops and asked for them back…..That Su girl is the bad person that took them away……How come she is better than me now……

Dong, dong, dong……

Dong, dong, dong……

His ears heard someone knocking on the door.  Usually Ye Tian Xie’s house was incomparably peaceful, peaceful to the point where there didn’t seem to be life living in it.  Compared to that, today it was unusually lively.  Ye Tian Xie went over to open the door and, as he had expected, there was one of Su Fei Fei’s bodyguard standing outside.  He didn’t enter and politely said, “Hello Mister Ye, I am surnamed Du.  Boss Su has sent me here to bring some of the things that young miss Su might need…..Also,”  He took out an ordinary piece of paper and placed it in Ye Tian Xie’s hands, “This is the boss’ private phone number.  The boss said that if there were any problems, you don’t need to hesitate and call him……Other than that, the boss has said that the first payment has already been transferred into Mister Ye’s account and Mister Ye could confirm immediately.”

Taking the piece of paper, Ye Tian Xie didn’t find it surprising how fast the first payment of three hundred million had come.  Su Luo was the most successful businessman.  It wasn’t an accident that he was that successful, it was because of how he conducted himself…….For example, as soon as he could finish something, he would not put it off until later.  He had said that the money would be in his account before 9 am……But that was his latest possible time.  The actual time would be much earlier.

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