EDAH Chapter 83


Chapter 83: City Lord Palace’s unique quest (Part 1)

“Oh……No wonder you give me a kind of special feeling.  You were actually someone like Nameless of the past who could receive the Badge of Bravery.  In the past, Nameless used his incredible strength to solve a large disaster in Heavenly Stellar City, ultimately saving Heavenly Stellar City.  From that time on, I knew that brave ones were people worthy of respect and admiration……Young man, I am looking forward to the day you become a hero like Nameless.  If you need anything from now on, come and find me.  I’ll give you a thirty percent discount on anything in the items store.

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

Putting the tiger mask on his face, Ye Tian Xie thanked the item shop boss and walked out.  The tiger mask was just a simple tiger mask.  It helped block the face and there were two holes in the eye area carved out.  It did not obstruct one’s view and wearing it did not cause any kind of discomfort.

A fat large bellied man appeared in his sight, this was the Heavenly Stellar City warehouse manager.  Seeing Ye Tian Xie approach him, his eyes that were originally being swallowed by his fat narrowed and turned into two fine cracks, “Young man from another world, what can I help you with?”


“Help me expand my backpack to two hundred slots.”  Ye Tian Xie finished speaking and took out a hundred and fifty gold coins…….This kind of large amount was something a normal player would not be able to take out…..Indeed, at this stage, someone who had a hundred and fifty gold coins was equivalent to a real world millionaire.

A player’s inventory space could be increased by the warehouse manager of cities.  The most it could be increased is from fifty to two hundred.  Every time it was expanded by one spot, a gold coin was required.  This price was cost effective……It didn’t require any form of investment.  For the entire five hundred million Chinese players to fully max out their inventory slots, it would require an estimate of seventy five billion gold coins.  These gold coins would naturally all go to the mysterious Outer World Group…….Such small insignificant amounts can add up to become an astonishing amount, together they can form an unbelievable amount.  The wild move of the Outer World Group to give out free gaming equipment could be easily recovered.

“Alright, wait a min…..”  The warehouse manager gave a smile in compliance.  Suddenly his little almost invisible eyes turned into giant eyes of disbelief.  He pointed at Ye Tian Xie’s chest and said, “This…..This…..If my eyes aren’t lying to me, then is that the Badge of Bravery that Nameless of the past had the power to obtain!?””

This fatty’s exaggerated look of surprise was exactly the same as the old man from the item shop, even the words they said was eighty percent the same.  Ye Tian Xie could only take out the Badge of Bravery and said, “Yes, this is indeed the Badge of Bravery.”

“God, you’re actually an expert that could obtain a Badge of Bravery…….I’ve been too disrespectful.  Come, take back your money.  You’re someone that will definitely become a hero, to be able to help you is my honor, how could I possibly take your gold coins?  Let me expand your inventory space, I hope that it will be of help to you on your dangerous journey.”

The face of the warehouse manager was very honest as he returned Ye Tian Xie’s gold coins.  Then he expanded his inventory space to the maximum of two hundred slots as fast as possible.

Holding the Badge of Bravery on his chest, Ye Tian Xie really couldn’t help but want to kiss it a few times……When he had first obtained it, he was quite disappointed in its effect of just giving a trivial one hundred prestige…….The Abyss Level Trial, the reward from it definitely could not be something simple.  Although its inherent properties were very simple, the influence that it had continued to show up again and again in this short period of time.

“Do you really respect people with the Badge of Bravery that much?”  Ye Tian Xie probed by asking this question.

The warehouse manager raised his head, his glowing face lit up even more with an almost sacred light, “The Tower of Destiny is close to collapsing and the Eight Demon Kings have all fled, everyone on the Lost Continent knows that a large disaster is approaching.  So, we need a hero, we urgently require a hero to appear……We need heroes like you who can obtain the Badge of Bravery to appear to save the Lost Continent.  So, we will use our own ways to provide as much assistance as we can to a hero like you.

“So it’s like this……I hope I can become the hero you need.”  Ye Tian Xie said with a honest expression……His thoughts, only he knew.

The item shop boss had mentioned, Nameless had saved the entire Heavenly Stellar City by himself……No wonder Nameless’ fame was this high in Heavenly Stellar City.  Even the well known strongest Archmage of Heavenly Stellar City Kong Xiu even spoke his name with pride and so high spiritedly.

“That’s right, future destined hero, drop by the City Lord’s Palace later.  The City Lord has many difficult problems that require the help of you brave otherworlder’s help.  You can acquire the Badge of Bravery like the hero of the past, Nameless, you’ll definitely be able to take care of it.  The City Lord will definitely be happy to see you.”  The warehouse manager suddenly said as Ye Tian Xie was about to leave.

Ye Tian Xie eyes staring at the fatty turned a bit more earnest.  He was prepared to go and search for a quest, but he turned and went toward the City Lord’s Palace in the center of the city.

As soon as he arrived, he was astonished by the terrifying crowd of people already here.

The City Lord’s palace had been completely surrounded, it was as loud as ten different vegetable markets completely filled with people.  So far only a million people had changed jobs, if this happened a few days later, it would definitely be a scene that would be hard to imagine.  The reason why all these players had come was the same……to get a quest.

To the right of the City Lord’s Palace large gates there hung a giant board, on top were five quests…….And they were all quests that players on site were just qualified to do.  Under the board, there were several people dressed like officials in a row who were sweating profusely as they dealt with terrifying army that came for the quests.

Ye Tian Xie squeezed in for a while, but he couldn’t squeeze through.  He could only simmer as he stared at the large board.

Falling Wind Plain’s Flashing Lightning Rabbit:

Requirements: Level 10

Quest Grade: Ordinary

Quest Reward: 6000 experience points, 10 gold coins, 3 prestige, 10 pieces of special City Lord Palace Barbequed Meat.

Falling Wind Plains has a quick running Flashing Lightning Rabbit, its meat is very delicious and is one of the City Lord’s favourite delicacies.  Because the Flashing Lightning Rabbit runs very fast and is hard to catch, whichever brave person that can catch fifty Flashing Lightning Rabbit Legs for the City Lord, will gain his favour.

Black Forest’s Disfigured Monster King:

Requirements: Level 10 and 10 prestige.

Quest Grade: Ordinary

Quest Reward: 10000 experience points, 5 prestige, emerald earrings that adds 1-2 points to a random attribute.

In the Black Forest to the north of the city, there is a kind of weird green disfigured monster that often appears.  They frequently appear and scare little kids.  Their king appeared a few days ago and scared the City Lord’s son and now the City Lord hates the Disfigured Monster King to the depths of his bones.  If there is any brave person that could defeat the Disfigured Monster King and bring back its green hat (Author note: Yi?  Green hat?), then the City Lord would be very happy and give out a generous reward.  

Note: The Disfigured Monster King is a level 12 three star elite.  Players may complete this quest alone or with a party.

[TL Note: green hat means a cuckold.]

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