EDAH Chapter 84


Chapter 84: City Lord Palace’s unique quest (Part 2)

The lost glass ball:

Requirement: None

Quest Grade: Normal

Reward: 3000 experience, 5 gold coins, 2 prestige, 3 favorability with the City Lord, and 10% chance to receive a level 10 bronze equipment suited for one’s class.


Several days ago, the City Lord’s son was scared by the Disfigured Monster King and lost the three glass balls that he had played with since his childhood in the Black Forest.  Could any brave person please find it and return it.

Seeing these three quests, Ye Tian Xie did not have any interest in looking at the fourth one which was written in the same white colour.  But as he turned his head to look at the last one…….he saw that it was a quest written in blue font.

White meant that it was the most common grade quest that anyone could take.  And blue coloured……

Investigating the whereabouts of the city guards:

Requirement: 200 prestige

Quest Grade: Unique

Reward: Unknown, awarded depending on the degree of completion

Please consult the City Lord for this quest.

Unique Quest!

A Unique Quest.  It was a quest that once a player accepted it, no other players could accept the same quest.  Usually the requirement for these quests were extremely harsh and the quests themselves would be extremely difficult……At the same time, the rewards for the quest would be hard to imagine.  So, when a Unique quest appeared on the City Lord Palace’s board, it was hard to guess how many players’ hearts were seething with excitement……But, the quest requirement of having 200 prestige was a gap that they could not overcome, one that completely killed all their hopes.

To be able to accept this unique quest, one first had to have a prestige of over 200.  When the prestige rankings opened, the eyes of all the players who knew of this quest fell onto the name in first place.  That name with the incomparable “220” was their final hope.

Not far from the level rankings, on top of the prestige ranking, the three figure digit was like a crane soaring above the rest of the other nine players.  Not to mention the last player, even the player who was second place, the difference between them was close to ten times.

And the name Xie Tian……This was the name that had caused China, even the entire «Destiny» world to be in a stir from yesterday until now……A single person, just by himself, had passed the Abyss Level Trial!  Today, there was no one on the Chinese server that didn’t know the name Xie Tian.  Even the other countries have started paying attention to this name from the Chinese Server.  This name could be called a legend, or even an unbelieveable myth.

Ye Tian Xie forced himself to be patient as his body swam through the crowd like a fish.  Not long passed before he arrived in front of the official NPC.  He let out a light breath and then said to the NPC, “I’ve come to take the investigating the whereabouts of the city guards quest.”

The busy official just stared at him.  Right as he was about to say that this quest required a prestige of two hundred, Ye Tian Xie took the initiative to show him his status window.  On the prestige panel, there was a “220”.

The official was visibly stunned.  From his understanding, there was no way for these otherworlders to even reach over a hundred prestige.  Two hundred prestige was impossible.  But the appearance of Ye Tian Xie caught him off guard and made him wonder whether his eyes were still functioning properly.  He tried confirming several times in succession before finally saying to Ye Tian Xie, “…….You indeed have the qualification to take this quest.  Please come with me, I’ll take you to the City Lord’s Palace.”

City Lord’s Palace.

The City Lord’s Palace was extraordinarily big, it was bigger than what Ye Tian Xie had anticipated.  From the peaceful atmosphere here, Ye Tian Xie was certain that he was the first player to enter the City Lord’s Palace.  Following the official wandering all over the place and going around in several circles, he finally arrived in the study room that the City Lord usually worked in.

“Sir City Lord, this brave otherworlder is here to help Sir City Lord investigate the trail of the city guards that disappeared last month.”  The official respectfully said as he brought Ye Tian Xie in front of a middle aged man that was currently reading and frowning.

The Heavenly Stellar City Lord looked to be around forty years old.  His complexion was as clear as jade, and he looked without a doubt like a high and respected official.  Hearing the official’s report, he looked up and was astonished as he said, “What?  You’ve found a person with over two hundred prestige this quickly?”

His eyes fell onto Ye Tian Xie as his gaze swept up and down his body.  Then he shook his head and said, “Young man from another world, your current ability is too weak.  You don’t have the power to complete this quest.  Wait until you’re over level eighteen before returning again.”

Although this unique quest didn’t have a level requirement, but the prestige requirement should closely represent the level requirement…….Because of this, the City Lord presumed that for one to have over two hundred prestige, one must at least be at level twenty.

But he never thought that this Ye Tian Xie would appear at level eleven, but would have a prestige of over two hundred.  With his strength at level eleven…….If he goes to that place, it was basically the same as seeking death.

Ye Tian Xie didn’t leave, rather he slowly took the Badge of Bravery from his chest and said, “City Lord, level does not absolutely represent one’s strength.  I don’t know if this, can help me prove my strength to you.”

“Brave…….Badge of Bravery!?”

The indifferent Heavenly Stellar City Lord suddenly jumped up from his chair in surprise.  His face was full of surprise at he stared at the Badge of Bravery Ye Tian Xie held.  Once the official that had brought Ye Tian Xie in heard the name “Badge of Bravery”, his face revealed an honest shocked expression.  Suddenly the eyes that had looked at Ye Tian Xie had completely changed.

Ye Tian Xie slowly nodded his head.  The exaggerated expressions of the item shop owner and the warehouse manager had already let him know……There was a trick to this thing.  The Badge of Bravery, it was more incredible than he could even imagine.

“A person that can obtain the Badge of Bravery, is definitely someone powerful……There’s not need to doubt this kind of power.”  The Heavenly Stellar City Lord’s face relaxed as he quietly sat down, “No wonder you could get two hundred prestige so quickly, he, he.  You truly aren’t a simple young man……then, can you help me with a big favour.”

Ye Tian Xie nodded his head, “City Lord, please speak.”

The City Lord nodded his head, then he gave a gentle sigh.  A touch of worry floated into his brows, “It’s like this……My Heavenly Stellar City is located on the east side of the Lost Continent.  This place is the most peaceful place on the entire Lost Continent, there is no lack of food or resources.  Because of that there are no battles and the beasts outside will not leave their territories to enter the city.  Even though the Moment of Destiny has disappeared and the demonic qi seeping out of the Tower of Destiny is affecting the Lost Continent, Heavenly Stellar City is still a peaceful area.”

“But three years ago, the sound of a giant bird resounded across the sky of Heavenly Stellar City……It was a large bird.  Then, we knew that it was a phoenix that shouldn’t have appeared here.  The phoenix, it is a beast that is as honored as the dragon on the Lost Continent.  It is beautiful and sacred, representing honor and prosperity, it is deeply respected by our people.  The phoenix is said to exist in the south of Heavenly Stellar City, but no one has ever seen it before…..But that day, that was definitely a phoenix.  A phoenix who had a blood coloured body!”

“Blood coloured phoenix?”  Ye Tian Xie was amazed.  In Chinese legend, a phoenix was always rainbow coloured.  Later, there were even some tales of golden phoenixes.  If one relied on myths and legends, there were even flame coloured phoenixes…….As for blood coloured phoenixes, it had never been heard of before.

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