EDAH Chapter 95


Chapter 95: Gu Ping Town

The weeds grew high and the rocks were rugged.  After running for a whole day and night, the Ferghana Horse’s speed did not decrease at all.  The fast horse’s steps sent bits of gravel flying around it as it sped forward.  He passed by countless small and tall hills.

Opening the map that the Heavenly Stellar City Lord gave him, Ye Tian Xie immediately found his location.  If he continued forward another few hours, he should reach a small town called Gu Ping Town.  To the south of it was the starting location of the quest – The blood coloured phoenix’s lair.

The phoenix, it was a noble beast that was in the same class as the dragon in Chinese legends.  Regardless of what world it was, it should be the peak noble existence.  Even if it was a boss, it would always be the strongest boss.  But, it had appeared prematurely in Ye Tian Xie’s «Destiny» career.  This made him feel a little awkward.

“Oh, la, la, this breeze is very comfortable.”  Guo Guo was sitting on the head of the Ferghana Horse.  Her long hair was dancing in the wind.  Her hands were still holding onto the lollipop that was inseparable from her, as she kept licking it.  Even now, Ye Tian Xie didn’t know whether she really liked eating lollipops or if she was just eating them to satisfy her strange pride of being a loli.


Probably, it was the latter……Because under the influence of Su Fei Fei, this tiny girl who used to never eat meat was now pouncing on it whenever it was offered.  She ate until she was full…….But he also never saw her with eating a large piece of meat every day.

Here in this desolate area, there were large and small hills scattered all over.  It was much harder to travel here compared to when he had first left Heavenly Stellar City.  And obviously, this was a dangerous place where monsters popped out all over the place.  So on the road here, Ye Tian Xie had not let down his guard and was always paying attention to his surroundings……Level 14.  This was a high level among players, but on the Lost Continent, it was still a very low level.  Moreover, in this kind of dangerous place, any monster that appeared could easily take care of him.

After finishing a lollipop, Guo Guo stretched out her tongue to lick her mouth for a while and then licked the last bit of sweet taste on the lollipop stick.  She flicked her small hand and threw away the lollipop stick.  Then she stretched, turned her body, and found a good place to lie down on the horse’s head, “Master, Guo Guo is gonna go to sleep, please look over me.  Don’t let me fall from here.  If I get hurt from the fall, Master’s heart will hurt.”

Ye Tian Xie…….nodded.  This little young miss continued to give him all kinds of presumptuous requests and he was already used to it.

Two hours later in Gu Ping Town.

Gu Ping Town’s name came from a hero from a hundred years ago named Gu Ping.  In the past, there was a very terrifying place to the south of the town named the Skeleton Cavern.  That place was the home of terrifying death element undead monsters and as time passed, the undead monsters slowly became stronger.  In the end, a powerful Undead Monarch had appeared.

Originally, normal undead monsters could only live in the darkness and never seen the sun, but the Undead Monarch had the ability to exist under the sun’s light.  So, the Undead Monarch left the Skeleton Cavern a hundred years ago and had followed the aura of living creatures to the closest small town…….The small town suffered a large disaster and at this time, a hero named Gu Ping had appeared.  He used his sword and shield to resist the power of the Undead Monarch and he had eventually defeated the Undead Monarch…….But to destroy it, he had paid the price with his life.

Undead Monarch…….A level one hundred Heaven Class Boss.

And that man named Gu Ping, he was one of the heroes known throughout the Lost Continent in the past – The captain of the guard of the Lost Continent’s cities.  A man who had obtained the Badge of Bravery and the Hero’s Badge.

And in that year, the Lost Continent learned of Gu Ping Town’s new name, which no one had known before.  And Gu Ping Town became a small town dedicated to a hero.

While Gu Ping Town was not prosperous, once one entered, one would feel a kind of incomparable tranquility.  Ye Tian Xie rode the Ferghana Horse as he looked all over the town.  Gu Ping Town was very small and it didn’t seem to have over one thousand people.  And since it was very isolated, most people knew each other.  If a person that was clearly from the outside came to the town, the people would instantly notice him.

“Hello, I’d like to ask you where is your mayor?”  Ye Tian Xie stopped beside a peaceful old man that looked to be around sixty years old as he politely asked him.

The old man raised his head to look at him and his face revealed a gentle smile, “Hello, adventurer from far away.  Welcome to Gu Ping Town.  I am the mayor of this town.”

Ye Tian Xie was a little startled and then he noticed the name above the old man’s head……Gu Ping Town’s Mayor.

His luck was too good……To be honest, he really didn’t deserve this twelve points of luck.

Ye Tian Xie jumped off the Ferghana Horse and at the same time, he grabbed the sleeping Guo Guo in his hand as he returned the Ferghana Horse.  This loud noise had unexpectedly not awakened Guo Guo.  Her small nose continued to take in little breaths as she slept.

“Hello mayor, I come from Heavenly Stellar City.  I was sent here by the City Lord to hear some things from you.”  Ye Tian Xie said.  At the same time, he couldn’t find a peaceful spot to place Guo Guo, so he could only hold onto her.

“Heavenly Stellar City, truly a place that one could envy.”  The mayor’s eyes shined as he sighed and said, “Brave one from Heavenly Stellar City, what can I help you with?  Please tell me.”

Ye Tian Xie nodded and said, “To the south of this city, there is a blood coloured phoenix lair.  Do you know about this, mayor?”

“I know……Of course I know.”  Gu Ping Town’s Mayor’s voice became excited, “It is a beautiful and terrifying phoenix that is the same colour as blood.  Three years ago, it suddenly flew in from the south and sprinkled blood red flames, burning the south part of our small town.  Then, in the past three years, it continued to flew past our small town, but it didn’t attack out town again.  But every time that it flew past, we all trembled in fear because if one day it accidentally released the blood coloured flames once again, our town that contains a hero’s relics would be turned to ruins.  A month ago, a group of brave warriors came from Heavenly Stellar City to find the blood coloured phoenix’s lair……but……Ai!”

Ye Tian Xie’s heart skipped.  He knit his brows and asked, “What happened to them?  They haven’t reported back in a while and the Heavenly Stellar City Lord has asked me to find their whereabouts.”

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